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Meet Elisha

After a series of traumatic experiences in adolescence – including sexual abuse at the hands of an adult neighbor followed closely by the death of her best friend – Elisha entered adulthood wondering if she would ever know what it feels like to be happy or at peace. She also had a nagging knee injury that became debilitating and, rather than face it and heal, she gave up trail running and hiking for 6+ years (two of the only activities in life that gave her solace). Her pain ultimately sent her on a years-long quest and in healing herself she discovered there is always a gift in our worst traumas. For Elisha, that gift came in the form of a clear calling and a life filled with meaning: armed with a belief that joy and freedom are possible for all of us, no matter what we’ve been through in life, she’s on a mission to help ten million people learn how to turn pain, trauma and adversity into their best ally for rapid transformation, personal evolution and lifelong resiliency on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Elisha built a thriving private practice in the hyper-competitive healing arts hub of Boulder, Colorado by developing an evolutionary bodywork method that helped her and her clients return to the activities they love, face their worst fears and come fully alive. For her that meant running, hiking and climbing mountains. Combining idealogies of neuroplasticity, nervous system re-patterning and fascial release, her method is named Kinetix™.

Through her writing, YouTube channel, private practice and teaching programs, Elisha has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world get out of pain and learn to trust their bodies so they can adventure through life with confidence.

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What is Kinetix?

Become a Kinetix™ Practitioner and learn how to guide clients to freedom and resiliency on all levels: physical, psychological, mental, emotional. Supercharge the value you bring to clients, make a really good living doing something you love (assuming you’re passionate about health, freedom, personal evolution and getting people out of pain) and have fun through it all. Kinetix™ Practitioners and clients tend to laugh, a lot. Plus –you’ll optimize your own body/mind/spirit in the process!

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Steven Herbert
"After nine months of being sedentary due to tendinitis in my wrists and knees, thanks to Elisha's help, I am finally becoming active again. I did my first bike ride last week and spent the weekend digging holes in the dirt to plant bushes. And yes, prior to Elisha I had seen many PTs, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons."
David Podorson
"I’ve been having knee pains since my 20’s (I’m 35 now) – I’ve been to a million physical therapists in NYC (where I’m from), applied kinesiologists, etc – basically, fancy f**king doctors. Nobody could ever get rid of my knee pain, only make it marginally better. Elisha’s the only person who’s ever eliminated it. Just try it. It’s worth it."
Ben Kaplan
"Elisha has been a god send. Her work and her approach to healing is brilliant. She has been the only health practitioner who has helped me heal the root of the various pains in my body stemming generally from years of athletics, thus eliminating it permanently. Before Elisha, I didn't know you could actually live without pain."
JB Brockman
"Last July I tweaked a ligament under my right foot and it’s taking FOREVER to heal. After a second podiatrist apt where they told me orthotics would solve the issue (and I was skeptical), Elisha and I started experimenting with different target areas, including yesterday at my appointment. Today my foot feels fantastic (not 100% but damn close), even after playing tennis on it for 2 hours. So excited and grateful for Elisha the fascia super sleuth."

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Kinetix Practitioners

  • Jason Boulder, CO
  • Jason

    Boulder, CO

    Phone: 303-882-6375
    Location: 555 30th St, Boulder, CO 80303

    We, at McFit Fitness Inc, are here to create an enjoyable, challenging, and extremely rewarding experience for you.

    To Jason, you aren’t just a client. You are a part of his family. Jason really cares about your well-being, and he will work with you on a personal level to help you achieve your goals. He has had extensive experience with athletes from numerous sports and those recovering from injuries. He has worked with novice, recreational and professional individuals from various walks of life.

    When you make an investment in personal training and Kinetix, you make an investment in yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live? Let McFit Fitness Inc. help put you on a healthy and pain free road.

  • Julia Lakewood, CO
  • Julia

    Lakewood, CO

    Phone: (513)319-2421
    Location: 1250 Simms St #103 Lakewood, CO 80401

    Julia’s mission is to get you out of pain and feeling the best you’ve ever felt! She understands what it is like to feel trapped in your body, after suffering extensive nerve damage to her right arm at birth. Kinetix has been the sole modality that helped her regain movement and it is her passion to help you get there too! Her unique combination of Kinetix and corrective exercise as a certified personal trainer can get you to your goals.

  • Kerry Boulder, CO
  • Kerry

    Boulder, CO

    Phone: 303-877-0554
    Location: Boulder, CO

    Kerry is passionate about helping people cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies in order to live and move with confidence and joy. She is an avid martial artist and world traveler, and loves spending as much time as possible outdoors. Kerry worked closely with Elisha Celeste, the founder of Kinetix Fascial Integration, before becoming one of Elisha’s first four apprentices. She now enjoys her own thriving Kinetix practice based in Boulder, CO and is pursuing her PhD in Jungian psychology.

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