Kinetix™ Live Immersion Event – Foundations

7 Days of Learning, Discovery, Exploration, Play, Practice + Personal and Professional Development.

START A NEW CAREER as a fascia specialist and start helping people get out of pain


Enhance an existing professional practice.

Become an approved practicing Kinetix™ Apprentice, enroll in the Practitioner Program to become fully Certified, or simply join the healing evolution and add to your toolbox as an already established healer.

  • You already have wisdom – dive deeper, share, explore and expand it.
  • You already have skills – add to your toolbox, practice and experiment in a safe and playful environment.
  • You (probably) have a sense of life purpose and direction – enhance, grow and evolve yourself within a community of growth-minded colleagues. Or, find your purpose here!
  • You’re already a healer – YOU LIVE IN A HUMAN BODY! That qualifies you as a healer, no matter your training, skill level, fears or blocks. Learn to tap into your natural abilities and (if you haven’t already), unlock the gifts you bring to your work that are uniquely YOURS.
  • You already have the greatest teacher in the world: your own body. Learn to use your own body as a guide, communication tool and support system as you help others with theirs.


Whether you want to become a fully certified Kinetix™ Practitioner or simply use what you learn to evolve your own practice as a massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, personal trainer, somatic psychotherapist or EFT practitioner etc, the goal is the same:

Explore FASCIA and its connection to all that we are as human beings through experiential learning:

Emphasis on Experiential Learning:

  • You’ll get all kinds of nerdy fun science data (I’m the biggest nerd) about fascia, muscles, bones, neuroscience, nervous system patterns and how all these relate to pain, mobility issues and what to do to help yourself and clients – but as much as possible you’ll be ACTIVE through this learning process.
  • We’ll anchor the science and biology of everything you learn in a live real-time setting. You will essentially become a client of mine and along with your body (and all of its patterns and stories) YOU will give everyone who attends (including me) the opportunity to learn. You’ll become a student and teacher at the same time, and my hope is that you take this philosophy with you into your practice and life, forever. (I still consider myself a student and apprentice to the body and the work, which allows me to keep learning, evolving and growing – personally and professionally).
  • Use this time to resolve your own body’s pain and mobility issues: in this way, each participant’s body will be a teacher for all of us during this time.
  • MAP your own body’s fascial patterns and learn how to map other people’s bodies too.
  • You’ll get to know your body and THE BODY – as a living dynamic ever evolving concept – in a really fun, experiential way.
  • Discover your nervous system TYPE, how this relates to fascia and fascial release work.
  • We’ll explore the idea of “doorways” to the nervous system, and how each of us respond to different doorways.
  • Learning these “doorways” will help you understand how you personally respond to different healing modalities (why some methods work for you and others never will), AND this will give you a very strong set of skills to use as a practitioner that will allow you to effectively help every unique person that walks in your door.
  • By the end of the week you’ll have a solid foundation of skills and experience from which to draw as you start a new practice, or return to working with your own clients.
  • Whether you’re coming with the intention to eventually become Certified, or simply want to deepen your own understanding of the human body, fascia, nervous system patterns and nervous system types, this course will give you some unforgettable experiences (anchored in your own body) that you can draw from for years to come.




Event Details:

(The loose plan)



*Tuition includes hot springs and facilities for the entire week, all supplies needed to complete training and ONE free post-event 1-hour coaching call or Skype session with Elisha.

– Does NOT include food or lodging –

There are paid and free camping options nearby, stay at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs (if available) or book your stay in one of the many hotels in nearby Buena Vista or Salida.

Click here to view the Arrowhead Point website, a facility that offers campsites, cabins, yurts and RV parking close to the hot springs resort.


Want more info on this event? The first step is to fill out the form below, and then we’ll schedule a phone or Skype call. I’d love to know what you’re doing currently for work (there’s no wrong answer ;)), what your dreams are, what inspires you and how you want to use this work in your own life and career.

Let’s make sure this event is the right next step for you!

If you you’re interested in becoming an approved Practicing Kinetix™ Apprentice, make sure to scroll down for details on the Kinetix™ Practitioner Program: Pursuing Mastery.

I look forward to talking to you!

~ Elisha


Kinetix™ Live Immersion Event - Foundations Application Request

  • What inspires you? What are dreams right now? How do you plan to use what you'll learn about fascia, nervous system patterns, pain and healing? Please add anything else you'd like to share, ask me or discuss in a phone or Skype call.



While I don’t have any requirements if you’re coming to help your own body and learn about fascia and patterns as a way to help yourself and/or friends and family, if you intend to use this method professionally, please know this isn’t a program that grants you a state issued certificate or license at the end. Currently, this work doesn’t have a regulatory board. In the state of Colorado (where I practice), it falls under the category of “assisted stretching.”

Each state (or country) has its own laws and regulations for bodywork and “hands on” modalities. You will need to check with your state or country to find out if you need additional certification or licensure to legally provide Kinetix™ services to your community.


If you DO plan to become a practicing Kinetix™ Apprentice and eventually a Certified Practitioner, you MUST have prior training in anatomy and physiology, OR be willing to take a course and provide me proof that you’ve acquired sufficient knowledge to safely work with the human body (such as pass an online anatomy and physiology course and test or complete a course with a passing grade at an approved college or other continuing education facility).

If you’re already a certified personal trainer, massage therapist etc, you’ll need to send me pictures or copies of your license/certification.

What to expect AFTER you leave Colorado:

This event is open to ANYONE, and is meant to be a jumping-off point for furthering a worldwide discussion and understanding of fascia, nervous system patterns, pain and healing while evolving what it means to be a healer in this context.

If you’re simply coming for your own personal health, growth, study and evolution, you won’t need to do anything post event except take what you learn and use it as you see fit in your own life.

If you’re a massage therapist or practitioner that already works with people manually and your intentions are to use what you learn with your hands or otherwise plan to adopt some of the knowledge and philosophy with no desire or intentions to actually step on people, you aren’t required to do anything further. You will be asked to sign a few forms at the start of the week, including one stating you won’t be calling yourself a Kinetix™ Apprentice or Practitioner after you leave.

You’re more than welcome to change your mind and enroll in the Practitioner Program after the week is over!

Become an approved Practicing Kinetix™ Apprentice:

To become an approved Practicing Kinetix™ Apprentice, you will need to meet my (Elisha’s) best practices standards by the end of the Foundations Immersion week. Since we’re all different, with different strengths and challenges, there is no “one size fits all” approach to approving people. My decision to approve you will be based on your individual gifts and what you bring to the work, along with adequate acquisition of skills and demonstrated competency to “get” what this work is about, your ability to execute techniques safely and effectively, and a solid grasp of the philosophy behind the method. In order to move from an approved Apprentice to Certified Practitioner, you will need to enroll in the following program.

STEP 1: Start your private practice!

Go home and get to work! Start a practice. Get clients. Get invaluable experience working with real people in pain that have issues you probably didn’t work on during the week-long course. (This still happens to me by the way, even 9 years later!) This is the BEST and frankly the ONLY way to get the necessary experience in order to become really good at this work. Your abilities and skill should dramatically improve over the next few months as you begin working with more and more clients.

STEP 2: Join the community! Share, ask, learn, study, evolve, grow and support each other.

While you gain practical skills in a real world context, you’ll also participate in a 6 month online program designed to give you the tools and support necessary while you embark on this new adventure.

We’ll have a private Facebook group for community support, where you can ask questions of me or your fellow Apprentices, share success stories and pictures etc.

STEP 3: LIVE group coaching, Q&A and support calls.

We’ll also do monthly group calls, where you can ask me questions and get live support from each other for whatever challenges you’re facing while you build a practice. I’ll start each call with an offering designed to help you build a thriving practice. This could be marketing ideas for you, how to be with challenging clients, a new client story of mine if it’s a pain pattern I’ve never seen or something I feel could benefit everyone. This is your opportunity to ask questions that might benefit the entire group as well. While I plan to offer something as a jumping off point for every call, THIS IS YOUR TIM! Use it to ask me and each other questions. Everything from marketing to how to BE with clients, help with particular clients you can’t quite figure out or even what to charge; anything goes!

STEP 4: Once a month phone or Skype calls with Elisha.

This is your chance to address anything that’s coming up for you while you build a practice and start working on people. Use this time however you want: we can talk about your own body and nervous system patterns or blocks, talk shop or marketing or get direct help for challenging cases.

STEP 5: Attend at least one more live event.

Come back for at least one more live event immersion. You will need to demonstrate at a future live event the growth you’ve experienced by practicing on your own before I certify you as a Kinetix™ Practitioner.

Because every single week long event will be different, based on who shows up and the injuries/issues they/we have – don’t assume you won’t get even more value than the first time! You likely will get far more out of it the second time around. My goal is to make this as accessible as possible for returning apprentices, which will depend on some factors beyond my control. The cost of this piece isn’t included in the Practitioner Program.

Eventually, there will be higher level immersion events for those wishing to take their abilities and practice to the next level and truly master this work while contributing to its evolution in the world. Since this year (2017) is the inaugural event, I can’t predict what will happen or guarantee anything. Please know that my vision is to create a worldwide movement thousands of people strong, with gatherings on various continents multiple times per year. This of course will depend on destiny and commitment (mine and yours). I’m committed to this vision and will do whatever it takes to bring it life. If it’s meant to happen, it will.

PROGRAM COST: $750 paid in full, or $150 per month.

Additional coaching sessions can be added any time at $125 per hour.

Can’t wait to get started?!

Here are some resourced that will start to clue you in about what excites me, what I’m currently studying (that I’ll bring to this event), what my background is and where I go to learn more:

Fascia 101 with Thomas Myers:

On consciousness, the subconscious and how we’re wired:

On how we’re wired for story:

On movement as a way of life and practice: