My name is Elisha Celeste and I help athletes and adventurers of all kinds (and all ages) eliminate pain – and the fear of pain – because I believe we all have the right and ability to feel unstoppable in our bodies and lives.

I have a full time private practice in Boulder, CO where I teach my clients how to master mobility and trust their bodies. The toughest cases are my favorites because I learn the most from them.

I’m on a mission to change the way the world thinks about pain, pain relief, injury prevention and unleashing our full human potential by empowering as many people as I can (starting with myself) to master their physical, psychological and emotional destinies.

High altitude mountains are my holy place, movement is my prayer, and I will never take either for granted ever again.

In 2004 I thought I had no choice but to trade my beloved hiking and running trails for fluorescent lights and elliptical machines when years of crippling knee pain caught up to me and became unbearable. For six long years I couldn’t even hike a small hill without stabbing pain. And running? Forget it. Ten seconds would literally bring me to the ground.

When I moved to Colorado in 2011 I committed myself to healing my knees so I could hike and run again. It only took two weeks before I could hike or run whatever I wanted, and now I have a burning passion for trail running and climbing the toughest of Colorado “14ers.”

While I still experience knee pain sometimes (rarely) I’ve completely abolished the fear that pain anywhere in my body will stop me from living the way I want to live.

Background, training and the making of a new method:

I am a Certified Health Coach and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I completed a 600-hour massage therapy course in Georgia in 2008, where I was then licensed for one year while I worked in a chiropractor’s office.

I learned several different myofascial methods that seemed very promising, including Myofascial Massage in the style of Thomas Myers, and Rossiter training. While massage was semi-effective, it didn’t compare to what could be accomplished ‘stepping on people.’ I quit massage in 2009 to focus full time on getting people out of pain and I’ve never looked back.

In 2012 I realized I was doing this work of ‘stepping on’ people very differently than I was taught. These differences were apparent in both technique and philosophy, and a new method was born, which I’ve named Kinetix™.

I started teaching a small group of first-time apprentices in February of 2016. They graduated in August of 2016 and my goal is to make these programs available worldwide (eventually) for anyone wanting to study fascia, nervous system patterns, how trauma is stored in the body and how this work can be used to create new neural pathways. This work will also be made available to those looking to start a new career helping people get out of pain, or anyone wanting to add to an existing practice such as personal training, massage therapy, Physical Therapy, chiropractic, etc.

By far the greatest training I’ve had has been working in person with hundreds of people over thousands of sessions on everything from the most stubborn back pain to tendonitis of all kinds. Together my clients and I solve puzzles that confound doctors and come up with new techniques that eliminate pain even faster.

Human bodies are fascinating to me, and while they often seem mysterious I’ve played detective long enough to know they’re not that mysterious after all; we just need to learn how to decode their messages and give them what they need. When we do that we can get back to our adventures and our lives, pain-free and unstoppable.