Get Personalized Pain Relief and Mobility Instruction

How does it work?

  • You’ll fill out the form below and, just like with my in person clients, I’d like a full health history. So please write AS MUCH as you want, including everything you can think of that I should know in order to help you. Current pain, past injuries, surgeries, cortisone injections, other methods you’ve tried…I’ll read your whole message carefully before we talk so I’m prepared. Then, when we meet via Skype:
  • I’ll have you show me exactly what hurts and get any additional info that will help me know how best to help you.
  • I’ll suggest 3-4 techniques max for you to do over a 1-2 week period. I never give more than this because I want you to DO them and not feel overwhelmed. Plus, choosing the RIGHT techniques and doing them correctly is a much smarter plan than doing everything, or nothing.
  • I’ll have you try the techniques while we’re live on Skype to make sure you’re doing them correctly. I want you to get the MOST out of your self care practices and I can tell you this is often the BEST benefit my long distance clients get. If you’re not doing the techniques as recommended (which is OFTEN the case), your results won’t be as powerful and may take a lot longer. I want to show you how to get the fastest result possible with the least amount of effort required.
  • By the time we’re done, you should have a greater understanding of what’s happening and why, and a tailored plan for what to do.

What you need:

  • A computer with a webcam. If you only have a tablet or phone, you’ll need something like a gorilla pod or stand that allows for angling the camera in different directions as you move around. You will need to be hands-free for at least half of this session.
  • A Skype account.
  • Your foam roller of choice (I recommend ANY that don’t have the hard knobs on them). This or this is a good place to start. (I have no affiliation with these sellers and do not make money from linking to these products).
  • A lacrosse ball (not everyone will need this, but it’s a great tool to have on hand). If you have plantar fasciitis or pain between your shoulder blades, you MUST have a lacrosse ball for your session.
  • Notebook and pen/pencil (or a program on your computer). I encourage you to take notes. I’ll be personalizing my techniques for you, and you may think you’ll remember everything I tell you…but better to be safe and write it down for future reference! I’ll also be giving you homework for the week or two after we Skype.

Cost: $100

Every session is 45 minutes in duration. We may not need the entire time, but it’s yours if you need it. After we get off of Skype I will send you an email with a written summary of everything we talked about, a list of techniques and links to all the blog posts and videos. You won’t need to memorize anything! And – you now have email access to me and I encourage you to use it! I’ll reply as fast as I’m able, but it may be up to 48 hours after you hit sent.

Please note, foam rolling and mobility work is a great tool for self-care and relief from many types of pain, but is NOT an appropriate choice if you’re in a medical emergency. If you’re in a medical emergency, please see a doctor.

  • Optional. Select a preferred date and approximate time for your session. Date and time selected here is not guaranteed. We'll be in touch to schedule your appointment after placing your order.
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