Get The #1 Technique For Pain and Mobility Issues From Head to Toe

Hey there, adventurer!

You are an epic story in motion, and your body is the vehicle through which you live that story every day. Your birthright as a human being is to feel physically buoyant, weightless, spacious and free.

My name is Elisha, and it’s my mission to share with you the resources and tools you need to understand why pain is actually your BEST ally for rapid transformation, personal evolution and lifelong resiliency on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Since 2008 I’ve helped thousands of people get out of pain and find their freedom. I started Mobility Mastery in 2014 with the goal of helping as many people as I can all over the world experience the kinds of results I was getting in my private practice here in Colorado. I like to think of myself as your secret weapon for effective pain relief, learning about your body’s (and your psyche’s) amazing ability to heal (no matter what you’ve been through), and your best adventure sidekick.

I’m here to help you decode your body’s signals by translating neuroscience and anatomy wisdom into easily digestible and actionable insight along with practical how-to’s. In plain English that means I help you effectively target the root causes of everything from plantar fasciitis and back pain, to nervous system patterns and wiring that could be keeping you stuck.

From foam roller and lacrosse ball techniques to learning Kinetix (the method of Fascial Release + Nervous System re-patterning I developed and teach) to re-thinking pain and trauma with an empowering spin…I’ve got you covered.

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What is Kinetix?

Become a Kinetix Practitioner

Become a Kinetix™ Practitioner and learn how to guide clients to freedom and resiliency on all levels: physical, psychological, mental, emotional. Supercharge the value you bring to clients, make a really good living doing something you love (assuming you’re passionate about health, freedom, personal evolution and getting people out of pain) and have fun through it all. Kinetix™ Practitioners and clients tend to laugh, a lot. Plus –you’ll optimize your own body/mind/spirit in the process!


After nine months of being sedentary due to tendinitis in my wrists and knees, thanks to Elisha's help, I am finally becoming active again. I did my first bike ride last week and spent the weekend digging holes in the dirt to plant bushes. And yes, prior to Elisha I had seen many PTs, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons.

Steven Herbert

I’ve been having knee pains since my 20’s (I’m 35 now) – I’ve been to a million physical therapists in NYC (where I’m from), applied kinesiologists, etc – basically, fancy f**king doctors. Nobody could ever get rid of my knee pain, only make it marginally better. Elisha’s the only person who’s ever eliminated it. Just try it. It’s worth it.

David Podorson

Elisha has been a god send. Her work and her approach to healing is brilliant. She has been the only health practitioner who has helped me heal the root of the various pains in my body stemming generally from years of athletics, thus eliminating it permanently. Before Elisha, I didn't know you could actually live without pain.

Ben Kaplan

Last July I tweaked a ligament under my right foot and it’s taking FOREVER to heal. After a second podiatrist apt where they told me orthotics would solve the issue (and I was skeptical), Elisha and I started experimenting with different target areas, including yesterday at my appointment. Today my foot feels fantastic (not 100% but damn close), even after playing tennis on it for 2 hours. So excited and grateful for Elisha the fascia super sleuth.

JB Brockman


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