Best time to release fascia for YOUR body (sleep better, perform better, recover faster)

A question I frequently get asked about fascial release is, “Should I do it before or after a workout?”

My answer: it depends on how you respond to fascial release! If you’re someone who is energized by fascial release work (like me) then I recommend using the new energy and space in your fascial system by moving your body – whether that’s trail running, a gym workout, mountain biking or basketball. Whatever! But the idea is to get moving after you release fascia, even if it’s a brisk walk around your neighborhood. If you’re in this “type”, your brain and body likely want to integrate what just happened through activity, not rest.

However, if you feel TIRED after releasing fascia then your body is asking for a little bit of rest to integrate what just happened.

Maybe you were able to let go of something and your nervous system got just what it needed to finally relax. If you fall in this camp, I would suggest that you do some movement (10 minutes of slow walking) after your fascial release session to get the blood flowing and lymph moving, then listen to your body and rest. Take a short (or long!) nap. Or lay on the floor for 10 minutes.

OR, consider doing your fascia release routine before bed. Many people report sleeping a lot better after releasing fascia. If you’re someone who is in your head a lot and hitting the pillow means your monkey mind starts to chatter non-stop, this might be just what you need to get out of your head, into your body and start sleeping like a baby.

If you’re often restless at night, it could be a sign that your body and nervous system are still carrying a heavy load from your day, or perhaps your week, month or a lifetime…and releasing it from that neuro-fascial system will definitely help bring you back into parasympathetic response, aka relaxation.

No matter where you land on the spectrum, the most important thing is listening to your body and taking action towards what feels right for you.

Whether that’s playing your favorite sport or getting out of your head so you can relax and recover – your body will thank you. You’ll start sleeping better, performing better and recovering faster.

And remember – what’s true for you today might not be true for you a month from now, so please keep listening to your body so you can give yourself what you need right now.

Share your takeaway below, I love hearing from you! Are you going to be releasing your fascia before an activity? Right after? Right before bed?

  • Mary Bithell says:

    Hi, I’ve been following you for some time now. I often question my propensity to ‘beat my body up’ as my partner calls it, but I’ve been following my gut, and your ideas, and feel more in control. My overall pain probably hasn’t reduced that much, and the way it Manifests itself has definitely changed. The most important aspect is my attitude to my pain. I no long let it define me, mostly I now feel in control. I am grateful for your advice and coaching. You have taught me to trust my body more. regards.

    • Hi Mary! For some reason I’m only just now seeing your comment here. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m really happy to hear you’re learning to trust your body 🙂 What pain are you wanting to heal?

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