BEST Tongue & Jaw Stretch + Tongue Fascia Release for TMJ Pain, Tongue Tie, Anterior Neck Tension

Release WHAT?! Yep, that’s right. Today (inspired by a YouTube subscriber asking a question about tongue tie during my last Rapid Fire Q&A) I am showing you how to release your TONGUE FASCIA.

There’s a TON of fascia here. Your tongue is made up of eight different muscles! Each of these muscles has a ton of fascia of course, and where the muscles attach is a fascial cluster. Four of these muscles attach only to one another (rather than a bone like most muscles in the human body).

Then there are the nerves that connect tongue to ear, and tongue to mandible and face (which of course connect elsewhere).

Also important to think about is the LYMPH drainage of this area, because the tongue actually drains into your deep cervical lymph nodes.

If your tongue fascia becomes super restricted it may not be able to drain.

Implications for mouth infections, bacterial overgrowth or toxicity along the entire gastrointestinal tract which starts in the mouth? I think there are many…

So I encourage you to combine this release with my lymph drainage for the neck, subclavicular lymph ducts (it’s the pin and stretch portion of this video but doing all of it would be BEST!); and if you’re really going for it my self abdominal fascia release. When all of these are combined, you’re really opening up the critical lymph channels in your upper body.

You really have to watch the video on this one to know how to release your tongue. You can follow along with me (and feel free to laugh at me and/or yourself!)

This is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever demonstrated on YouTube. You’re welcome! Ha.

No seriously…this could definitely help a lot of you, so if you’re the one struggling with TMJ pain, jaw clicking, tongue tension/pain, anterior neck pain or under the jaw pain (in the soft tissue) or perhaps tongue tie…then give this a try and let me know how it goes!

Share your experiences below, and let’s all have a laugh at ourselves 🙂

  • Lena says:

    WOW, I have never ever thought about points in the tongue and how it made me feel after. I am an avid fan of pressure point therapy and I am thrilled about knowing about the tongue. As I watch you and am doing it, I can’t believe the knots in my tongue, and so many good feelings have happened since. Thank you for the great new experience in helping me, one who has suffered for so long.

  • Kylie G Riggs says:

    hey Elisha,brilliant stuff..Lions breath tongue stretch coupled with forceful exhale stimulates vagus nerve..just fyi..

    • Hi Kylie – thanks for sharing, I love knowing that! I knew humming and breathing stimulate it, but didn’t know that Lion’s breath does (but that makes sense).

  • Jordan says:

    You are BRILLANT!

    I was surprised at how painfully sensitive my tongue was during this release.
    I experienced immediate reactions to this protocol, which indicates to me just how important this protocol could be to help me heal from some complex injuries. My observations were that;
    My tongue fascia was thicker on the left side.
    My Suboccipital Triangle Muscles on the left side felt immediate spasms and heat;
    Splenius capitis
    Semispinalis capitis
    Rectus capitis
    Mastoid bone
    Left ear canal and entire ear are hot.
    Left side of throat
    Even the left side of my face and nose are activated!

    I am curious as to what you would suggest as the “companion” fascia releases that one could do on the back of the skull and neck in order to “work the issue from both sides”.
    So grateful for all you do to help us RELEASE whatever is stuck so we can ADVENTURE through life.

  • Who would think our wonderful tongue holds tension–After the release –it felt wonderful and relaxed–even taste improved–WOW–many thanks–Kathnell

  • Fiona says:

    Hi Elisha

    I loved this video. I am going to add it as a warm up with my pilates clients and especially for my Bowen clients with neck tension. Thanks so much for always sharing such super info on the fascia. The tongue…..who would have thought….

  • Marnyka Buttry says:

    Thank you. This was very helpful.

  • Patty Goett says:

    Wow! I love your ingenuity and your willingness to share so many helpful techniques!
    I was very surprised at how tender my tongue was while palpating it. The curling up and down was much easier than the side to side movements. I seemed to favor movement toward the left side rather than the right. I had to really concentrate to get my tongue to move toward the right side. It was also more jerky. Movement toward the left side was an easy glide.
    About five minutes have passed and my tongue feels totally different. More relaxed, wider and a little sensitive.
    I liked the lion’s breath exercise too!

    • Ha, thank you Patty! I’m here to serve! And yea it’s really surprising isn’t it, how tender this area can be? Thanks for sharing your experience!

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