Vagus Nerve Fascia Release – NEW Technique Targets Gut-Brain Axis, Abdominal Pain and Inflammation

LINKS REFERENCED IN VIDEO: Tailbone Fascia Release Abdominal Fascia Release with Hands If you can get into the position to do this technique (not everyone will be able to) you’re

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Pain Relief is For People Pursuing Lives of Lack (Find Out What I’m Pursuing Instead)

FULL TRANSCRIPT: I’m quitting the business of pain relief, and this video is my “coming out” celebration for the next phase of my life.  I may or may not continue producing

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The FASTEST Way to Interrupt Nervous System Patterns or Neural Loops to Rewire The Mind and Body

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Hey it’s Elisha, and welcome to our LAST video in this series all about nervous system patterns…otherwise known as our subconscious programming, neural loops, myelination

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This Powerful Mindset Shift Changed My Core Identity and Propelled Me Into a Life of Freedom

How do you perceive yourself? Your body? Pain? Emotions, sensations, comfort, discomfort?  How we perceive each critical element of life will determine the outcomes of our pursuits…for

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Nervous System Pattern: The Biology, Physiology, Psychology and Origin of Neural Loops

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Hey it’s Elisha, and welcome back to another conversation about something I call nervous system patterns.  Today we’re doing a REWIND and going back to basics,

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How I Healed 8 Years of Debilitating Knee Pain in 2 Weeks So I Could Run and Hike Colorado Mountains

The story of how I healed my knees so quickly is kind of like that 10 year overnight entrepreneur success story.  For this particular video (and blog), I’m not going to write much.

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Nervous System Pattern: When PAIN Becomes a Recurring Neural Loop

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Hey it’s Elisha, and welcome back to another deep dive into nervous system patterns, aka our automated behaviors that dictate our unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors

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Unhelpful Tips for Working With Fascia – 7 Simple Steps to Feeling Defective

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Have you ever asked me, or wanted to ask me:“How much pressure should I use?”“Your method seems more aggressive than the Melt method or Yoga Tune Up –

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Nervous System Pattern: Groupthink Drives Feeling of Biological Safety (Threats Won’t be Tolerated)

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Hey it’s Elisha, and welcome back to another exploration of nervous system patterns, otherwise known as our subconscious programming, neural loops or the ways we find

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The Body Keeps The Score – How My Physiology Mirrored My Unconscious Psychology (Trauma in the Body)

In recognition of Bessel Van Der Kolk’s wonderful work in the world, please consider buying and reading The Body Keeps the Score (if you haven’t already). FULL TRANSCRIPT: “The

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Try This Kinetix Technique to Release Grapefruit Sized Fascial Adhesions in Your ITB/Hamstrings

LINKS REFERENCED IN VIDEO: IT Band Foam Roller Technique 1IT Band Foam Roller Technique 2 I’m showing you one of my hardest to learn but most rewarding Kinetix techniques in

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