Quad and Hip Flexor Release – This ONE Technique Relieves Piriformis, Glute and Tailbone Pain, Pulled Hamstrings and Groin Pain

Recommended Tools: Medium Density Foam Roller What to expect using the above technique: Feeling more FREEDOM and space in your legs More efficient/better running, cycling, hiking, dancing, Oly lifting

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How to Relieve Pain Between the Shoulder Blades – Lat and Rhomboid Release

RECOMMENDED TOOLS for these techniques: Medium Density Foam Roller and Lacrosse Ball for Myofascial Release Most people I know experience this at least once in their life (if not repeatedly):

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Learn the ONE Stretch That Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain, Heel Pain, and Compartment Syndrome

If you have tight calves (and if you’re active you probably have tight calves) then your body will thank you for doing this stretch. First let me say that while this is a SUPER powerful

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Knee Pain – The #1 Cause (It’s NOT What You Think) + How to Foam Roll for Knee Pain

Knee pain. I know first hand how excruciating knee pain can be, and it stopped me from being able to run or hike for 8 and 6 years respectively. Little did I know there was one major cause that never

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Foam Rolling and The IT Band (Hint: It’s NOT the Enemy!)

“I have an IT Band issue.” I can’t tell you how many times I hear this from new clients who believe the IT Band is at the root of all their problems, from knee pain to back pain. Google

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What is Fascia and Why Should We Care?

  If I could have every person on this planet study just ONE thing to stay healthy, it would be the fascial system. In a previous post I shared a video by Thomas Myers, who is the fascia expert of

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