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Glute Activation: A Western Epidemic

A few years ago I remember hearing Tiger Woods on national television saying his poor performance was due to his glute not activating. Now if I were to speculate, I would guess that there were more than

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Free the Balls: Can tight fascia cause testicle pain?

Guest Post: Stefan Cox Doc, I’m not exactly sure how to say this, but… my testicles are in a world of hurt. Sound familiar? Let’s hope not, especially for our ladies in the audience,

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Fascia and the Nervous System

Guest Post: Stefan Cox The nervous system: Holy shit, where do we even begin? It’s connected to everything. Every pain sensation, pleasure sensation and everything in between. It’s connected

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If you’re not breathing, you’re dead! Learn how to breathe better and easier with a few simple tips

It’s pretty obvious, right? If you’re not breathing…you’re dead! Yet…we’re kinda walking around half dead or half alive every single day. So many of us suck in our

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Athletes – Increase Your Efficiency & Power Potential as a Mover by Up to 10x

What if I told you that you have as your birthright the ability as a mover and athlete to feel weightless, springy, even buoyant? What if I also told you that the same way you access this birthright

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The One Rule of Effective Fascial Release, And Why Massage Doesn’t ‘Release’ Fascia

Have you ever wondered why massage therapy doesn’t “release” fascia? I mean…those deep tissue massages hurt! They must be doing something, right? I want to let you in on a little

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What to Do For ‘Pulled’ Muscles or Strains – and How to Prevent Them!

Have you ever been playing a sport or doing your favorite activity when suddenly a muscle goes into spasm and quite literally “grabs” your attention and steals your movement mojo? If so then

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