Sciatica: discover the low back pain pattern and how to find relief

Sciatica can be extremely debilitating, whether you experience pain in just the butt or hip region or all the way down your leg. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, running from the low back or posterior hip and all the way down the leg to the foot. Some people experience burning pain, others numbness or tingling and not everyone experiences the shooting pain all the way down the leg.

Sciatica is typically described as having symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling etc anywhere in the sciatic nerve pathway (and is assumed to originate in the sciatic nerve region regardless of where the pain shows up).

I’ve worked with hundreds of people since 2008 who walk in with either symptoms of sciatica or a medical diagnosis (where imaging was done to confirm the nerve was pinched). In all this time, sciatica has been one of the easiest forms of low back pain for me to eliminate, and it usually follows a predictable pattern.

Please keep in mind that in these videos I’m forced to generalize, and while I’m sharing a pain pattern I’ve seen repeatedly, I’ve also seen cases of sciatica and low back pain that do NOT follow the pattern I’m about to describe. So please use your own curiosity and detective skills to find the root cause of YOUR pain.

Most of the time I see sciatica occur due to a fascial imbalance in the thighs, which causes a pelvic shift that irritates or compresses (pinches) the sciatic nerve.

What side of your leg is the sciatic pain shooting down? Left or right? The most common pattern I see is a massive imbalance in the quad fascia, with the OPPOSITE side of the painful leg being the root physiological cause.

Typically, for whatever reason, the pattern also follows a more lateral route, with the quad fascia being adhesed or glued to the IT Band fascia in giant knots all the way from the hip to the knee.

The simplest solution for sciatica then is to release the quad and quad hip flexor fascia where it’s glued to the IT Band in that opposing leg.

IMPORTANT: this is the #1 technique I recommend, however it’s by no means a FULL solution. If you want to find the full solution, you’ll need to map your entire lower body fascia and find all the imbalances that could be pulling your pelvis out of alignment and causing the pinched sciatic nerve.

ALSO IMPORTANT: not every case of sciatica follows this pattern, so if you try it and feel no different OR you feel worse? Then most likely you’re on the wrong leg, or wrong muscle group. Try the other quad, an adductor, IT Band release or hamstring release. I also recommend including my TFL release for sciatica. You can use the search function on this blog or YouTube channel to find each of the above.

Share your takeaway below. And if you try this and get a great result, make sure to share it below because I know you’ll inspire someone else to get to work and find freedom from pain!