Dr. Andrew Kaufman: COVID Reveals Pathology of Scientific Materialism & Need to (re)THINK Health


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This is a special video for me and Mobility Mastery: my first interview! And I feel so honored that my first guest is Dr. Andrew Kaufman. 

Dr. Kaufman is a physician (medical doctor) who specializes in mental and emotional health as a trained psychiatrist. Dr. Kaufman spent time at MIT studying molecular biology before pursuing his doctorate. He has worked cancer patients, AIDS patients and spent time in pediatrics before pursuing forensic psychiatry as his speciality. 

As a physician who specializes in mental and emotional health, and someone who is clearly intelligent and open minded, Dr. Kaufman is the perfect person to help us learn about our underlying health crises during this time in 2020. 

We dive into mental and emotional health, what our response to covid suggests about our underlying psychology and programmed behaviors, as well the broader view of modern medicine and science generally in today’s world. 

Dr. Kaufman shares his insight from the inside of medicine, where he got a front row seat to the suffering and reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to “treat” patients who are rarely expected to recover, let alone find lasting healing (or be “cured”). 

While I’m not one to shy away from controversial topics (or so-called conspiracy theories), since Dr. Kaufman has already made the rounds repeating the same evidence and story about the PCR test, the uselessness of masks and other clinical topics related specifically to covid-19, I chose to go broader and deeper in order to try and make sense of the paradigm we’re in. 

What level of thinking has created all this pain we see in the world, whether physical, mental, emotional, social?

Why did we declare war on cancer (and now covid-19), only to rely ever more heavily on drugs that don’t work and why aren’t we willing to see the evidence that these drugs aren’t working? 

During our time together, Dr. Kaufman shares a story about cancer that helped to wake him up from what he calls the “brainwashing” he experienced in medical school. Since then he’s been exploring natural healing, and wishes to help people heal mind and body by natural laws and nature’s intelligence, rather than through pharmaceutical drugs as he was taught. 

This man is a true hero (to me). He was fired from his job for speaking out about the PCR tests and the fallacy of wearing masks. He is risking his personal reputation for a greater cause: to help people who are ready to reclaim their bodily sovereignty and be the sole authority over their health. This takes courage and responsibility for ALL of us, and he is certainly walking his talk as a leader in this way. 

At the end of this video Dr. Kaufman shares a moving story that fits so well with my mission her at Mobility Mastery: to be an advocate for all pain – mental, emotional, physical – because it is through our pain that we wake up, and if we’re willing to feel the pain and get curious about it (rather than reactive and resist feeling it), we can earn superpowers that last a lifetime. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and please share your thoughts below.

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  • Sumit says:

    एंड्रयू कॉफमैन जी आप बहुत शानदार और बहादुरी का कार्य कर रहे जितनी तारीफ की जाए कम है

  • Anna says:

    Thank you Elisha for always articulating the words, the questions, the answers I struggle with. I have never been a fan of taking a drug to block pain signals. What good does it do to numb the feeling never addressing the cause and putting yourself in potential of causing more damage, but you wouldn’t even notice because you’ve blocked your pain receptors with pain medication? I also struggle with relationship pains finding people that will, as you’ve said, “meet me where I am.” I hated the feeling of being dismissed or ignored or chastised or misunderstood when seeking help from friends or loved ones or authorities or medical professionals. This conversation helps me see that I can sit with the rejection without crumbling from it among other valuable things. Thank you. Thank you both. I have watched many of your videos and have resonated and found comfort with so much of what you share. I haven’t thanked you enough for all the gems of healing wisdom I’ve received from you. I am forever grateful.

  • Binra says:

    Pain of itself doesn’t wake us, but embracing and yielding to the being of what is rather than rejecting it, allows life move and ‘become’ what it is – from what we set it to be as a sense of control, limitation, and self-protective gesture for who we accepted ourselves to be in that moment.

  • Ama says:

    It was awesome! I enjoyed it so much as the ideas he shared were so in alignment with my own. I think all that is going on is a wake up call.Thank you and dr Kaufman for daring to speak and share the truth. The truth shall set you free…

    • Ama – thank you for watching and sharing your thoughts! YES indeed, the truth (no matter how painful sometimes) will set us free. 🙌🏽💜

  • Btm says:

    That was a great discussion. Thank you for sharing this. I want to go and read the paper where Fauci states that this covid thing is like the flu and it’s going to be a low percentage affected. I don’t know how he lives with himself.

    • Glad you enjoyed this! Dr. Kaufman has agreed to do a follow up with me, if enough people are interested. What would your questions be for him if we were able to do that second discussion?

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