Fascia Release TOO Painful or NOT Producing Results? Watch THIS to Find Out Why and Break FREE

I’m so excited to bring you today’s video! If you’ve been putting in genuine efforts at releasing your own fascia and find yourself struggling with the intensity OR your efforts aren’t yielding the results you wanted…today’s video is for YOU. 

I want you to feel like every moment you spend investing in your body and learning fascia release has a pay-off. There’s nothing worse than putting in a lot of effort only to come up short in results, right?

This video breaks down the two most common reasons you’ll get frustrated with fascia release and your self-healing efforts: either its too painful to even get on a roller or ball, and you have no idea why or what to do about that, OR you’re not getting any results. 

We’re talking about each of these and the most common reasons you’ll struggle, plus how to break free. 

Fascia release, while a very physical method, is about so much more than your body.

When you understand your nervous system and its protective patterns, why fascia release is painful and what you can do to make it more tolerable, and when you understand the role your subconscious and psyche play here (in terms of beliefs and potentially stored emotions or trauma) you’ll become a fascia release ninja. 

Getting to know your body is an intimate, vulnerable, sometimes scary process. No one likely taught you what you’re made of inside, how this body of yours is supposed to feel when it’s fully healthy or how to be with uncomfortable sensations, feelings, instincts and impulses…but when you befriend your body with the intention of making everything unconscious conscious, there’s nothing you and your body can’t do together. 

Heal trauma? Check.
Heal physical pain rapidly? Check.
Prevent injuries? Check.
Optimize and become practically superhuman? Check.
Harmony of mind, body and spirit? Check. 

Watch today’s video and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll meet you there!


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  • Penny says:

    Discovering fascia release has been such an incredible relief. Thanks for your work, your courage and your insight. The toxin – fascia connection is a huge lightbulb for me. Giant thanks!

    • You’re welcome Penny! Thank YOU for being here, and sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad the toxin fascia connection was big for you!

  • Thanks Michael! I agree, it’s one of my best. I LOVED creating this video for you and everyone else. So glad to hear it was impactful for you.

  • This is your best video yet Elisha!
    Your relaxed manner in relating such a well prepared and diverse range of associated subject matter on dealing with pain of all kinds reveals your expertise extremely well.
    I am sure that many will profit both emotionally and physically from this lecture for many years to come!

    • jackie says:

      Good morning
      This was inspiring for me
      Thank for your advice

      • Hi Jackie – you’re welcome, thank you for being here and sharing, I’m so glad to here this was inspiring for you!

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