#Fascianista Ep 02 – ALL About Mercury Testing, Finding the Right Doctor, Blood Test Results, Enlarged Spleen?

My hope is this information serves you in some way. This one is long, but I share some really important information about testing for mercury. In my experience the last year and a half, most doctors, phlebotomists, labs and clinicians don’t know much about mercury or how to test for it in broad spectrum with accuracy. 

I share a shocking discovery about the Mayo Clinic’s view of mercury. Honestly, what I discovered is so mind blowing it makes me 100% distrustful of anything the Mayo Clinic says or does and I will never consult them again for medically accurate data. 

Watch this episode if you’re interested in:

  • Mercury poisoning, testing accurately and detox
  • How to find a good doctor
  • Blood test results
  • Connecting symptoms and personal experience to clinical data
  • Honoring the body’s timing, honoring your soul’s timing
  • Following my healing journey including the nitty gritty details

SNEAK PEAK about what’s coming in this series:

Sometime in the next few episodes I’ll share my own trauma story, what I’ve done to heal from that trauma, what worked for me and didn’t work for me and how all of this is impacting my health now; nervous system patterns – you’ll get an in depth look at some of mine, and what I’m doing to rewire myself; you’ll find out who I end up working with and why, and get to follow along with that process of detox and restoring my body’s CO2 levels, white blood monocytes, spleen health and ability to engage in fitness routines again. Plus, we’ll show you my fascia release routines and at home Kinetix sessions with Stefan. 

Want me to cover something specific not listed above? Like – I’ve considered adding a “cooking show” element to this channel, because a not so public love of mine is food, nutrition and healthy/delicious cooking. Share your requests below!

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you learned something, and if you are struggling with mercury testing/detox PLEASE comment below so I can support you to the best of my ability. This is such a passionate issue for me. 

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  • Philip Jones says:

    Hi Elisha.

    I’m blown away by what you have been going through regarding mercury. It’s like watching a real time version of the Erin Brockovich film.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erin_Brockovich) I came across your site yesterday when watching a Tony Robbins live event (01/23/2021) and he mentioned getting mercury poisoning. I googled ‘testing for mercury poisoning’ and your site came up on the first page.

    You are absolutely right, there is a paradigm shift to becoming more of our real self. There is too much misinformation, deliberate avoidance or plain criminality and lack of education out there already.

    The ones causing all the pollution also have all the money and plan on keeping it with a centralised system of control. That means less or no freedom for the rest of us. This planed pandemic is more about conditioning people, surveillance training and control than health and the immune system. That is what is being put in place as I write this.

    https://planetlockdownfilm.com/ gives a good explanation and is being released in February.

    The economist Catherine Austin Fitts also explains it well on her site (because it’s been taken down on YT after 2M views along with other videos) https://home.solari.com/coming-thursday-2020-annual-wrap-up-theme-the-going-direct-reset-the-central-bankers-make-their-move/

    Finally a bunch of doctors, lawyers and economists are putting an International lawsuit together to bring people and corporations to justice.

    I hope this helps you with your current situation on changing direction and beginning a new chapter.

    On a personal note, you might like to try singing HU (www.hearHU.org). It’s an ancient mantra and it has helped me a lot to tune into Divine Spirit over the years.

    Best wishes on your journey and to creating a better normal.


  • Peg Futrell says:

    For detoxing/removing heavy metals, it is extremely helpful to do ionic foot baths. A Major Difference has the best model. It is expensive but worth it. It also removes other environmental toxins, such as Roundup/Glyphosate, which is so pervasive (even if one eats strictly organically and non-GMO) that one needs to remove it on a daily basis.

    In addition, there are two categories of stuff to take to remove heavy metals and other environmental toxins: Binders and chelators. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends various products, many of which are his own formulations, from Biopure and his own clinic, Sophia’s. Downside, they’re expensive. Also check out Wendy Myers (Myers Detox) products and her protocols.

    Fortunately there are lots of safe and effective binders. These should be considered a part of life, at least life in the modern era, to be consumed every day.

    FYI – Mozart died of mercury poisoning, due to medicine containing it for the treatment of Syphilis. Before he died he shared his suspicion with his nephew that he had been poisoned. (His doctors stated he died of Syphilis itself, but his symptoms were of mercury poisoning.)

  • Claire Beach. says:

    I missed this one some how and just catching up. Iv’e had to take a break so am way behind on the course. Anyway. Wow Elisha you have a lot to contend with. I think it’s good for your subscribers so see your vulnerable side and that we don’t often have all the answers and need help from else where. When anyone talks about detox I immediately think of fasting. Knowing my body I don’t think this is something I could do or want to do unless there was no alternative. Not because I like my food too much but I feel faint when I’m hungry. It’s that low blood pressure feeling like your’e going to faint. The person you saw who said, she didn’t think you’d dealt with your past trauma. Obviously didn’t listen or understand you. When I dealt with my trauma in my teens it came back to me when I was bed bound with my back i felt helpless and hopeless. It was a real surprise to have it again. I spoke to a friend about it and that helped it go again. It’s a natural thing when you really look at it, that when a huge trauma happens you go through a process. It’s not scary if it happens again because we have had it before and we have had to go through so much to get past it maybe years in some cases that all the hard work has been done and it’s using your emotional intelligence to process it and move it out. Doctors. What can I say. I have a good one now but my past experiences have been so negative……. “what do you expect me to do for you” “You’ll just have to put up with it. “Don’t you think the problems could be in your mind” I lost count how many times people said that to me. My Doctor made me see a psychiatrist. I thought at last some one will listen to me, understand whats going on and find me help. “don’t you think the problems could me in your mind” His reply. At this point I felt suicidal . I had a follow up appointment with him and he had students with him. He was an arrogant bugger and was showing off in front of them and he said again. Don’t you think the problems could be in your mind. At this point I visible got angry and said I was an amateur athlete, trained everyday. Coached children and adults different sports and now my life is laying in bed in chronic pain, because a car knocked me off my bike. The students asked what actually happened and ware more interested in my story than the “top” psychiatrist in Cardiff. I complained to another Doctor that my Doctor wasn’t taking me seriously enough and was treating me like a time waster . Next time I saw my own Doctor, he recorded everything I said. So much for confidentiality. Like yourself with your different tests, I took int upon myself to rule out certain things. The one that gave me great pleasure was a female gynecologist I’d seen her before as we were having troubling conceiving. Now it was never going to happen as I had the accident shortly after. She looked at my lower spine after looking inside and said you haven’t got a gynecalogical problem causing your pain but it’s clear to me just looking at your lower back that you definitely have a back problem. This went on for years, so I understand the frustration. A diagnosis is as good as the person you see.Talking about diagnosis. One person said to me why is it so important for you to have a diagnosis. for f—- sake. when I went to see yet another back specialist all private, I saw a physio who had seen me at a rehabilitation centre. she said, not you again.

    and walked away. She thought I was a time waster. I could go on but Iv;e share my experience of Doctors. All the best with this new Doctor.

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