#Fascianista EP01: Toxicity, Detoxing and Finding the Right Doctor(s)

#Fascianista is a new series that will follow my healing journey (from acute mercury poisoning), and give you an inside look at what I’m doing week by week to take care of my fascia, my mind/body space, and more. Stefan and I want to have children, and I’m 39.

We plan to get pregnant next summer and I’m on a mission to get as healthy as I can before that time. 

Today I’m giving you some background, about what I’m up against right now after experiencing acute mercury poisoning from an airborne source of mercury in 2017/2018.

If you want to read about my experience of getting sick and investigating the source of mercury toxicity (which led me to the theory that it came from fracking), check out these two blog posts from 2018:


The #Fascianista series was inspired by two goals I have (and I’d LOVE your input, so please comment below!)

1. Filming these each week will hold me accountable to doing my own self care and taking action on optimizing my mind and body. And,
2. You’ve asked me to show you what it looks like when I do my own fascia release, or which Kinetix techniques I prioritize to do with Stefan. My goal is to give you an inside look at how I structure and implement my own fascia release routines, in addition to all the other factors that influence our mind/body space, like healing trauma, rewiring the nervous system, finding the right doctor/practitioners, mindset and so much more.

Do you want to see something specific in this series? Comment below so I know what you’d like to see in future episodes!

  • Randhir says:

    Can I buy your videos for fascia release for me to follow at my home on my body

    • Hi Randhir – I do have online courses you can join 1-2x per year, which have all the videos professionally filmed with wide angle and close up shots. Keep an eye out for the next open enrollment in spring 2020. Otherwise, it’s my YouTube videos for now 🙂

  • Riva West says:

    Hi Elisha,

    You might want to consider reading Dr. Cynthia Li’s book, “Brave New Medicine”, in which she shares her healing journey as a medical doctor who healed her major illnesses by looking into and working with alternatives after realizing that the allopathic system did not have all the answers. She mentions the importance of her qi gong practice working with Master Ming Tong Gu. I have been following his system of qi gong (there are many) and finding it helpful. In the end, I find you have to go with what calls to you. We are complex systems and working with all these systems as you have talked about takes opening to information that comes our way and learning. Which leads me to Feldenkrais movement, my other passion for releasing long held tensions in our systems. The very best of luck in finding your way.

  • claire beach says:

    HIya Elisha, sorry to hear your time off didn’t go as planned AND YOU’RE EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BACK AND THINGS YOU JUST CAN’T PIN DOWN. I’m with you all the way on everything you said. You also know your own body super well. If you can’t solve it You need help from somewhere, someone. I’ve had five or six MRI scans over the years and I focused on peace of mind rather than any adverse effects. I also want to tell who I see the problem I’m having and them to tell me a course of action, on what I’ve told them. I would have done the climb as well, . You need answers. Your’e intelligent enough to have the tests done yourself and to interpret what you’ve learnt to assess what maybe is going on. Especially if that also saves you money. I have to be really confident in a person and their approach to go and stay with them. In the past, Iv’e given people too long. we live and learn. It sounds like you’re struggling to find the right person. From what I’ve seen of you and why I decided on you was you articulated everything I felt and continue to do so. You don’t want someone just to agree with you, You want answers. If you have to travel and see someone maybe that’s your best option. I know your’e busy with courses now but your own health comes first. You really do know best and maybe you know what you have to do.

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