#Fascianista EP03 – Worsening Symptoms, Frustrations w/ Naturopathic Doc Cont’d + Another Mercury Test Shocker (Doctor’s Data)

This week feels a little boring, but nevertheless the healing saga continues with worsening symptoms for me (dizziness, extreme weakness/fatigue and increasing back pain). 

Last weekend I was in Albuquerque for the Kinetix Practitioner Program in person weekend (our first of ten total weekends that extend into 2020). This meant a lot of WORK for me, despite not feeling 100%. I’m really good at getting in flow no matter how crappy I feel personally…which is awesome, until it isn’t. Sometimes this means I crash harder on the other side, or my body lets me know how unhappy she is. 

I could NOT believe what the Naturopath told me about calling Doctor’s Data (to ask them if they test for ALL forms of mercury). This one made me laugh out loud. Does ANYONE know how to test mercury accurately? Or for that matter, answer a SIMPLE question about their testing procedures: Do you test for all kinds of mercury, and if not – which kinds do you test for? 

My appointment with the doctor left me feeling certain I’ll be moving on soon. Yet again. 

And – I am SO excited to be working with Dr. Mindy Pelz soon! We have our first appointment set for October 21. Cannot wait to share about that one! I have a feeling I’ll be really happy under her guidance. 

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Mindy Pelz, check out her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4cNjUPc2gQKucX3hLUayYQ

What do you think? How do you like being treated by a health professional? I actually think we all have preferences here (none are right or wrong), and choosing someone who can meet US feels so important to the process. 

I’m still searching for someone with a presence that helps me feel safe to share, confidence in direction and a mindset for finding the ROOT cause instead of being quick to respond with supplements or actions aimed at eliminating the symptoms. 

Share your thoughts below!

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  • Peg Futrell says:

    Elisha, I hope you’re not tired of going through all my comments to these very interesting posts you’ve made on your saga with mercury poisoning.
    I just want to state that when I discovered I had been poisoned, I rushed headlong in to remove the heavy metals before I understood anything about different types of mercury, since being told by an energy healer that I had one foot in the grave, which I had no trouble believing because I felt that way. Not trusting western medical practitioners at all, I was completely on my own by choice, since I knew they would say “you’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome”, or “you’ve got a thyroid issue”, or … some other pat answer. So I restricted my consultations with the great practitioners I discovered on line, and did a deep dive into their insights and protocol recommendations. I can honestly say Dietrich Klinghardt, through his videos and other instructional materials, saved my life.
    I have commented on other posts in this series, but if you or anyone desires information from me on these helpful folks or the therapies they recommend, I would be happy to provide.
    Bless you for tackling this politically unpopular topic in a public manner.

  • Sam says:

    Any practitioners in Albuquerque?

    • Hey Sam – not yet! BUT – Albuquerque is actually where I’m doing all of my Kinetix teaching this year, so every month my students and I are in Albuquerque. There may be an opportunity in 2020 to come and be a guinea pig client for my students while I am there overseeing, if you’re interested. And there is one student who lives near ABQ, who is in the current program. I’ll be announcing all of these kinds of opportunities to my email community and on YouTube, so stay tuned if interested.

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