#Fascianista EP04 – Fascia Release for Edema and Inflammation + Urgent Care and I AM FIRED UP NOW

I believe a self-healing revolution is already underway, and part of my mission with Mobility Mastery has been to fuel this revolution and help as many people as possible get access to critical information for self-healing pain and trauma. 

I am now passionately fired up about all the other aspects of self-healing, like testing/labs, imaging, detox and access to information that can help us find the root cause (and solutions) for everything from thyroid issues to autoimmune conditions and cancer. 

During the last 6 weeks I’ve spent thousands of dollars on lab tests, multiple doctors visits and one Urgent Care visit only to remain answer-less. No one has a definitive assessment/theory as to what’s going on inside my body (or mind-body space), and while we’ve ruled a few things out (low thyroid, giant tumor in my abdomen) I simply feel more confused than I did when I first decided to get professional help. 

I also feel re-empowered to be my own expert. I didn’t think I was qualified, given my symptoms. But no one I’ve seen yet seems qualified to find answers or solutions either. Everyone is giving best guesses, sending me down the line to the next professional or I’m opting for that myself. 

This experience has lit a fire in me to aggregate some resources for myself and all of you, for self-testing. If I had known how much money I’d spend not getting answers from the doctors I’ve seen, I would have used my money to order a more wide array of tests. 

I’m REALLY optimistic about my upcoming session with Dr. Mindy Pelz, a chiropractor and detox expert in California. I encourage you to check out her website and YouTube channel if you want information on detoxing, autophagy, fasting or the keto diet. 

My visit to Urgent Care cost me $320, and at least we ruled out a giant tumor in my chest cavity with an X-Ray (that I had to insist on, just to get something concrete ruled in or out). 

All of this is mirroring a lot of my trauma story, or patterns/threads that seem to be woven through my life. I’ve had many conversations with Stefan about this, and it’s been on my mind since the mercury poisoning. 

I will be sharing my trauma story, and some of the patterns I’m currently being confronted by, very soon. 

Please keep in mind that by sharing this healing journey I am not asking for your opinion or advice. I welcome encouraging words, support and your stories of self-healing. My intention by sharing this is to shed light on what it’s like to navigate the medical model – as it currently is, allopathic and alternative – trying to find good help and solid answers. Maybe, through this process, we can shed light on how to usher in a new paradigm where the patient has equal rights and access to testing that a medical professional has, where we’re empowered to follow our instincts and intuitions, really listen to our bodies and combine the best of western medical technology and diagnostics with natural and holistic healing modalities. 

Are you with me?! Please share your self-healing enthusiasm below. And extra bonus points if you want to join me in figuring out what the best resources are for self-testing, self-diagnostics and personal access to technology that can save our lives faster than trying to do it through medical professionals who may not have our best interests at heart. Got any ideas? Share them below!

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  • I facilitate a local self-help group for people with MS. At today’s meeting I reviewed the latest advances in research and your video made me want to share with you. Youre right, getting diagnosed with MS historically has been a long, frustrating process. Good news: its gone from an average of 6 years to be diagnosed to less than one. I was essentially diagnosed my first consult with neurologist, but i came in with my recent MRI results so Dr. already knew i had it. (So did I, ie: intuition. This was 20 years ago btw.) Advances in MRI imaging are part of whats helped. I’ve had bunches of MRI’s, even been part of studies for MS research. I’m curious- why don’t want to get an MRI?
    There is a camp that proclaims MS must be caused by mercury poisoning. A year ago i began researching symptoms of mercury poisoning, and came to understand this philosophy; the symptoms are uncanny. I don’t have a definite opinion either way, but in my case, as I researched my gut was telling me I already have mercury poisoning (several broken thermometers playing with murcury as a child, etc) I didn’t feel an absolute need for testing because I know; I played with mercury, had amalgams, etc. My mission became clear: find out how to detox mercury and other heavy metals (google synergy when mercury and aluminum get together in the body- wreaks havoc!)
    I joined several fb groups on detoxing heavy metals, including the Andy Cutler chelation method support group and learned a ton. I’d been warned not to chelate through a regular doctor because many folks have ended up in a wheelchair due to redistribution (when you chelate without having binders, the mercury simply redistributes to other organs in the body, and when it gets to the brain, causes many MS-like symptoms, sometimes paralysis.) I decided my #2 choice was Andy Cutler method, but I’d heard of a product that had been helping kids with autism, bit was pulled from market by FDA and is now undergoing clinical trials. I’ve been in touch with lady who started website “searchforthecausenotthecure” who has been saved by this treatment and wants to spread the word. Bottom line: its still in trials and you have to be treated by a doctor from one of 2 foreign countries to get access to the therapy while its in clinical trials.
    Enter Advanced TRS, a product to SAFELY chelate heavy metals including mercury, that was literally just being launched (at the time) by a former NASA scientist who had helped develop the recycling of astronauts’ waste back to clean potable water using zeolites (a fancy word for volcanic rocks, aka minerals) The zeolite molecules have an extremely strong negative charge, attracting heavy metals, toxins, and locks them within its cage-like strucure to be carried out of the body through normal elimination/detox systems (pee, poop, sweat) without taxing the liver or kidneys, and with absolutely NO redistribution (still a danger with Cutler’s chelation method). I can send you documents because I saved the scientific research because I, like you, have to understand how it works before buying into it.
    Fast forward; I am now a distributor of Advanced TRS because I knew 1) I’m mercury toxic from childhood exposure, and 2) Advanced TRS is legit. I was initially skeptical about because its available through MML (I hate multi-level marketing!!) but I was persiaded to keep looking into it after talking with guy who knew the NASA scientist. He told me that the inventor is getting old (in his 70’s I think?) and has absolutely zero interest in starting a company to market his product. Fair enough, I thought. And so I bought and tried Advanced TRS.
    I won’t get into the gory details of my ongoing detox, but I literally was having heavy metals come out in my earwax! I even saved the q-tip that clearly had copper on it, and took a pic of the grey metallic stuff I sweat onto bedsheet as I slept!! No joke this stuff works. And I’m already using a wheelchair, so going a route that circumvents redistribution entirely only made sense.
    Detoxing is a process, and no I’m not cured (yet?) But Advanced TRS seems to be clearing heavy metals from my brain, (thank the Lord!) As well as removed liver flukes I didn’t know i had, and is allowing my body to rid itself of overgrowth of Candida. You see, parasites feed on heavy metals, using and incorporating them into protective biofilms. This is why my Candida cleanses weren’t yielding results: the critters built biofilms to protect itself from the immune system! But you remove the metals with the double-positive charge ++ of the zeolite, clinipholite (- sp?) and now your immune system can do its thing, getting rid of parasites and overgrowth of Candida. Your body naturally knows how to detox, but things like biofilms (or methylation problems) can stand in the way. TRS can help.
    Btw Advanced TRS also detoxes glyphosphate, the cancer-causing toxin in Roundup.
    So……if you want to know more, message me, or better yet, call me because typing can be difficult for folks with MS.

    If you decide to buy Advanced TRS, would you please do so via my link:
    http://www.safemetaldetox.mycoseva.com ? Although I’m not actively pursuing this as a means of income, I would get some kickbacks, so I’d appreciate it .
    And let me know if you decide to sign up as a distributor, because you will probably be telling folks about TRS anyway! ????
    Caution about buying it off Amazon or ebay – there’s no guarantee that its not fake or contaminated. When you buy from a distributor, its shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

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