#fascianista EP09 – Follow Up Dr. Appt, Hiking Moves Lymph + Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Body

This week I had my follow up Zoom appointment with Dr Mindy that I referenced in last week’s #fascianista. Overall there weren’t a lot of obvious red flags for me so I didn’t do any confronting. And…in the days that followed I allowed myself to notice what didn’t feel great on that call. 

On the one hand I’m questioning whether or not I’m really allowed to be that picky with my observations and desires for help with my health. I believe Dr. Mindy has all the qualifications and knowledge to help me, if she would push the pause button on her ready answers and head knowledge, and really truly listen to me. 

One thing I’ve been struggling to accept (that I’ve heard from pretty much every doctor I’ve seen) is this mentality that we live in a toxic world, and if you’re struggling to detox then it’s your genetics, or your family toxicity history, or something unique to you that’s preventing your full healing. Something about this feel so so wrong to me. I don’t feel ill equipped to detox; I feel unable to minimize the severity of toxicity in our world, and I refuse to blame myself for having symptoms.

There’s a quote I’ve been thinking about lately:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurta 

What if those of us that are “sensitive” aren’t defective or genetically unfortunate, but rather a clarion call to the rest of the society to wake the fuck up before we all get cancer and die? 

If all the sensitive symptomatic people in the world blamed themselves and their genetics, and never publicly talked about their symptoms or causes of ill health…what would we be missing out on seeing? 

What would have felt better to me (and more personal/tailored to me) was curiosity about why I might be experiencing these symptoms of toxicity given that I have done everything possible to minimize toxicity. Or maybe a curiosity about me having a high level sensitivity to (and awareness of) toxicity because I haven’t consistently exposed myself.

I touch on a few other things related to my detox strategy and how my body is responding after that 2 hour Kinetix session and toxic brain dump. 

I also had an incredibly powerful weekend with my Kinetix practitioners-in-training here at my home in Durango. What I felt during this weekend that has been a theme that keeps showing up for me is that the current model for understanding our bodies and health is NO LONGER serving us. 

There’s a glaring and increasingly obvious error in the system we’ve created, where the current model of licensure and legality mandates those practicing bodywork are never allowed to talk to clients about their emotions or mindset (because that would be “therapy,” which is the sole domain of psychotherapists and psychiatrists);  meanwhile, those legally allowed to practice psychotherapy and psychiatry are never allowed to TOUCH their clients. 

We separated mind and body to our great detriment, and we’re collectively paying the price now. 

Kinetix came into the world via collaboration with hundreds of my clients over a dozen years (since 2008), out of a direct need to bridge this gap between mind and body. It’s NOT therapy, nor will I ever claim it is. And it’s also NOT bodywork, as it’s currently known in the world. 

Kinetix is a modality that allows people to come home to themselves, to explore their inner terrain without story or agenda, with the express goal of being able to fully inhabit their bodies and lives with integrity and consciousness. 

What a life I live! I’m so grateful. 

Please share any takeaways or questions below. I LOVE hearing from you all. 


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