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#fascianista EP10: Kinetix Session for Lymph Detox, Scary Reaction Day After, My Body is My BEST Teacher

By November 21, 2019#fascianista

Ok – this week’s #fascianista episode includes a pivotal experience for me, as I grow my body consciousness and expand my ability to truly TRUST my body and my own instincts in relation to her (my body). 

The week after teaching my Kinetix students here in Durango, Julia Blackwell – one of my Kinetix Practitioners who sees clients in Golden, Colorado – stayed for a few days to discuss some projects we’re working on for all of you. (Hint: one of these projects involves helping you solve pelvic instability and get your glutes firing, yay!!!)

While she was here, Julia offered to step on me to help continue my detox through moving lymph with Kinetix. Of course I jumped at the opportunity…and, we filmed it for you! 

Similar to my session with Jason a few weeks ago, we worked from the tops of my feet to my neck. 

While there were a few “spicy” areas (that’s code for intense/tender while being stepped on), overall my body felt WAY better than when Jason worked with me. Something to celebrate! 

I wondered what would happen this time the day after, since last time my body’s reaction was so intense. 

Well…the next day brought me an experience I was NOT expecting! I got scared, and then Stefan got scared; because this was a sensation I’ve never felt before and it matched many of the symptoms of a heart attack. 

Watch the video to find out what happened, what I did about it and how this represents a new level of body consciousness for me. 

Share your thoughts below! 

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