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#fascianista EP11: Heart Attack or Blood Restriction, Doctor Visit & SIGNS of Healing

By November 28, 2019#fascianista

This week I have a brief update for you, since it’s a US holiday (Thanksgiving).

Even though my left arm felt better after releasing my armpit area fascia, I kept my doctor’s appointment at a nearby holistic medical clinic. I got a thorough physical that included a lot of poking around, checking vitals, assessing my spine and nerve communication, a breast exam and more. While not definitely giving me any answers, it felt good to rule things out. 

And, I am noticing some positive SIGNS of normal health returning! 

My period was the most “normal” it’s been in two years. Since the mercury poisoning it’s been irregular, lots of clotting, 2 heavy days followed by almost no blood for 2 days, and lots of pain, bloating, and feelings of being poisoned every time. Not this time! My normal period is back! Oh my god, I’m so grateful. 

Also – my nose has started to feel close to normal again (not 100%). For weeks now I’ve been sneezing many times per day, hacking stuff up from my lungs every morning, blowing bloody snot out of my nose….all signs of brain detox of mercury (or other heavy metals). 

I’ve been taking ALA (alpha lipoic acid) recently, after feeling confident that I successfully opened my detox pathways with Kinetix, liquid glutathione every morning and BIND at night. 

For nearly two years now I’ve had nasal congestion, irritation, and difficulty breathing out of just my nose (especially at night). This was NOT normal for me. I had trained myself to nose and belly breath naturally, and so it’s been distressing to become a mouth breather (which dries out my throat and doesn’t promote deep breathing and nitric oxide release like nasal breathing). 

I’m feeling better and better, and I think it’s finally time to test my physical body with strength training and yoga. Yay!!!

So that will be my next phase: get into my body again, build muscle strength back up, build my cardio back up, regulate my hormones and….in 2020, hopefully, Stefan and I can get pregnant. 

Thanks for tuning in as always, please share your thoughts below!

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