#fascianista EP12: Bringing Back Movement After Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Still Draining, Planning 2020

I’m moving my body again! And it feels soooooo good. 

Knowing I was ready to move again a few weeks ago wasn’t enough to get me out the door. I think I was scared to overdo it, set myself back, and scared of how hard it would be because…let’s face it, I am severely out of shape compared to my norm. 

Right now it feels useful to take stock of the stats. I’m not usually a fan of scales and weight or even looking at fat as a bad thing. I prefer to focus on activities I love, foods that feel nourishing and make me feel alive and health has always been an outcome of that focus. 

But this feels different. I want to measure my progress, because I’ve never been this out of shape; I’ve never been 39 looking at getting pregnant; I’ve never had to detox so intentionally, or look so deeply into my own psyche in order to carve the right path for my physical healing. 

I’m 5’3”, and currently I weigh about 165lbs. Until the mercury poisoning I had never weighed above 160, and at my fittest I weighed about 145. 

What feels even more important to notice, for measuring progress from now on: 

My eyes still feel a bit blurry, which I think is a byproduct of toxicity and a reciprocal relationship between my posterior neck muscles/lymph/fascia and my eye muscles, in addition to my anterior neck fascia blocking blood to the ocular nerve. This is something I want to work on strategically right now. I can do this by releasing fascia in these key areas and monitoring my vision. 

My gut health has been awful since 2018 and the mercury poisoning, whereas previously it was 95% most of the time. Right now, after reintroducing movement, my gut feels better again. How much is gut health related to consistent movement? I will let you know if you keep following! I also plan to track my gut health by doing a gut zoomer test (which measures bacteria and fungus in the gut), and diet. 

My back: I recently got a massage and it reminded me that this back issue does seem to be muscular or structural in some manner, or fascia related. I just haven’t cracked the code yet. I will be exploring the relationship between my gut and my back, my organs and my back, my back fascia and the back pain, and the relationship between these things and my left shoulder/left hip compensation patterns. More on this in a future episode. 

I’m teetering on a size L in brands of clothing I’m normally a Medium or even small in. Medium feels like a great goal to get back to. Please know I’m not ashamed of my fat, I’m grateful to my body for storing toxins so intelligently; this is about feeling at home in my body, and I don’t feel comfortable with these extra 20lbs of fat and muscle loss from a year of inactivity. 

Right now I’m so grateful I am moving again, and that it’s not setting me back. I’m introducing movement gradually, so as not to overwhelm my nervous system. But so far, this feels like the next phase of detox for me. Movement is necessary for detoxing, but I had to heal my adrenals first. 

As always, thank you for watching/reading! Share any thoughts or takeaways in the comments below, and wishing you well on your own healing and life journey. 


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