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#fascianista EP13: Family Update, Los Poblanos + Doing the Right Thing is HARD Sometimes!

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

This is the series where you’re following along on my healing and optimization journey, as I prepare for pregnancy in 2020 (as a 40 year old) and try to live my best life. 

I’ve been slammed with teaching a Kinetix teaching weekend in Albuquerque and there wasn’t enough time to film a separate video about my family, so…I’ve decided to include the update here. Those of you that requested it were so heartfelt, I couldn’t refuse. Thank you! I love knowing how meaningful this series is for you, including specific topics like this. That’s why I’m doing this. 

Today you’ll hear about that family update (remember: I’m not talking to them right now, but there have been a few emails exchanged and personally I came to some new realizations that feel important to my healing specifically). 

You’ll also hear about one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to. Why? I’m outing myself as a foodie, and sharing how meaningful it is to me to find places like this to eat when I’m traveling and especially while teaching. This is self care. This is health to me. 

I’m also being massively challenged as I discover my own limitations and high standards for teaching Kinetix. I noticed a body pattern show up big time, so it feels relevant to talk about in this series. 

If you watch the update and have anything to share, please do so below! I hope you know by now, I LOVE hearing from you. Your comments are the fuel I need to keep doing this whole thing online. You’re important to me!

Thanks for watching, and see ya next week 🙂

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