#fascianista EP14 – Poisoned on Christmas? + Balancing My Primary Nervous System Patterns

Happy 2020! 

This episode of #fascianista includes a look back over the holidays, since I was on break and…I got a Christmas present I was not expecting. Not much of a present at all in fact, since I found myself huddled over the toilet for hours in the middle of the night, sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. 

My worst fear was that I’d poisoned everyone with my Christmas cooking, but as it turned out I was the only one violently sick that night. Which means I encountered some kind of poison my body immediately and violently rejected. Was it a result of the mega-presence of oil and gas in Texas? Was it mold in Stefan’s parent’s house? Or something else? I have no idea. 

Looking ahead to 2020, I am shifting my focus from what is “wrong” internally, to an externalization of an aspect of my personality and character that has been lost to me the last two years. 

I’m choosing to focus on play, adventure and creating environments that support my core 4 desired feelings.

Find out what those 4 are in the video, and how I’m planning to structure my life and schedule to create those feelings. 

I’d LOVE to hear what your core 4 desired feelings are, what triggers those feelings for you, and if you think this is a useful exercise to create your life from (at least in part).

For me, this is about balancing out my primary nervous system patterns around safety and protection, or DEFENSE. I’m going on the offensive in 2020 😉

My intention is to build up a protective buffer of inner buoyancy, through proactively engaging in activities that bring me health and vitality (rather than focusing on combating forces intent on depleting my health and vitality, which is defensive in nature and has a totally different energy). 

I’m already feeling a shift. Since filming this video I stopped a massive work project timeline that was sucking the life out of my and depleting my energy, rescheduled in a way that allows me to take time off for play and adventure, and though this seems minor in comparison to how I used to live my life…I’ve attended one yoga class and did a 2 hour hike, within 48 hours of each other. My body has responded exceptionally well to this, and I’m already feeling less inflamed and depleted. 

I’d love to hear from YOU! How’s your mindset and orientation to the New Year? Hows your health and vitality? What can you do to restructure your life, to intentionally create more of the feelings that shore up your vitality, rather than deplete it? 

As always, thanks for being here and I look forward to walking this path with you in the New Year!


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