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#fascianista EP18 – Mystery SOLVED! Health and Illness = You + Your Environment

By February 6, 2020 No Comments

Link referenced in the video: Awair Air Quality Detector

This week on #fascianista – we finally solved the house/air/illness mystery, and I feel FREE. 

Last week I mentioned suspecting a natural gas leak in our home, and it turns out…I was right all along. I suspected a gas leak shortly after we moved in, because I could smell that natural gas rotten egg smell every time we used our stove and oven, but I didn’t listen to my gut. I questioned the statistical possibility that I could be poisoned by natural gas fracking, only to end up in a home that poisons me via natural gas. 

The natural gas leaks we found were in our stove (the safety valve for the broiler was leaking every time we used the stove and especially the oven, which I use a lot); and the hot water heater in the garage. 

After both gas leaks were fixed, I woke up two days later feeling like a new human being.

My face de-puffed from chronic inflammation, my brain felt sharp for the first time in a long time (very much like I felt a few weeks ago before arriving home back to the poisoned air), and my nervous system relaxed because….I had finally listened to it, and taken care of the threat. 

I hope my story helps even one person investigate their environment instead of believing they are the problem and sick due to their own body’s defects. 

My certainty is unwavering now that in fact, I detox VERY effectively. My body alerts me to dangers immediately, because I’ve asked her to; my job is to listen, and I didn’t listen right away. I promise to listen from now on. I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities. 

Most of my symptoms are gone or diminishing rapidly. 

I feel healthier than I have in two and a half years.

Share your thoughts below, and as always – thank you for watching and supporting me on this journey!

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