Fear of Pain is Fear of Coronavirus is Fear of Death is Fear of Freedom – My Thoughts on Covid-19

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I’m finally breaking my YouTube silence and talking about the current global situation we’re in. 

I feel very concerned about the extensive censorship currently underway, as well as the civil liberties we’re losing (at least here in America, but I suspect most other places as well). I’m concerned about medical and health freedom, and the militarization of medicine. 

Please click the link to my resources page to look at the various rabbit holes I’ve gone down during the last two months, if you’re inclined. 

This video is focused on what I believe is the most important thing: the current paradigm of fear and myopic thinking around pain, illness and the war we’ve declared on nature (viruses, bacteria, planetary biodiversity and biodiversity of thinking, sensing and experience), vs the potential we have to learn from pain, illness, the human body and nature. 

My mission here at Mobility Mastery has always been about primarily ONE thing: freedom. 

Which is itself a complex and philosophical topic for conversation. 

What is freedom?
Who grants us freedom?
Is it even possible to grant or deny freedom? 

Something I have been talking about for a long time is losing our fear of pain and learning to trust our bodies. 

Woven into every video, every course I teach and everything I do is a central teaching theme: when pain shows up, do you get reactive because it’s uncomfortable and you don’t like that experience? Do you immediately try to get rid of the pain? 

Or are you able to observe the sensations, emotions and stories coming up for you?

Are you able to get curious, gain greater awareness of yourself and your reactivity and orchestrate your actions from a higher state of consciousness? 

One of these leads to your world shrinking, while the other typically leads to your world expanding.

In today’s video I apply the same perspective I’ve applied to physical pain and healing to this coronavirus situation we’re in. 

What could we learn if we got curious instead of fearful?
What does nature and the human body have to teach us?
What do viruses have to teach us?
What IS a virus? 

Three months ago I couldn’t have described what viruses are or their function. Today I can describe both, and because I chose to educate myself about their role on this planet I have lost all fear of viruses, just as I lost my fear of pain by learning about the human body, mind body connection, neuroplasticity and pain science. 

When we’re willing to humble ourselves and learn from nature’s wisdom, an expansive beautiful and inspiring world opens up to us, where we can earn greater levels of consciousness and greater levels of human experience. 

Please share your thoughts below. 

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