Find Your “Hot Spots” Faster With This Fascia Release “Rule”

After doing fascia release with clients for a few months when I first got started (way back in 2008!), I noticed a pattern: 

Muscle JUNCTIONS tend to get more restricted, or contain the most adhesions (or “knots”) and dense areas of stuck fascia.  

For example, where your hamstrings meet your IT Bands, or flexors meet your extensors (in your forearms). Then there are the smaller muscle bundles within a muscle group (for example, your quad has 4 distinct muscle bundles) and those junctions are usually where fascia bunches up and sticks together.

This is a simple fascia release “rule,” but it can yield much faster and longer lasting results. 

Give it a try right now: pick a technique to try from the bloc (you can use the search function to search for terms like “quads” or “forearms”).

When you begin compressing the fascia, or as you begin movement, rotate towards the outer edge of whatever muscle group you’re working on.

I can almost guarantee it’ll be more tender/sore/intense to compress and release. 

And, please keep in mind that while this is a general rule and is often true, there are exceptions. Sometimes the muscle belly itself is the most fascially restricted. As  always, get to know your body, your fascia and find out what works best for you.

Did you try it? Leave your comment below sharing what you discovered!

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  • Patty Goett says:

    May you and Stefan continue to have great joy in your beloved Colorado mountains. I’ve heard that Durango is a really cool city.

    Fortunately, I have beautiful flowers and bird feeders in my own gardens. I enjoy walking around my yard tending the gardens and amazed at how the weeds flourish!

    Love all of your videos and I share quite a few of them with friends, clients and Facebook. Thank you for the tip on finding the fascial junctions. Last night I was working on my quadriceps and the pain was quite unbearable. I had to pretty much continually move from place to place. I’ve been dealing with low back pain and stiffness in the lumbar’s and the pain radiating around into the obliques and the illiacus muscle along the inside of my pelvis. Sometimes the right side of my back will spasm while rolling the quads.

    I need to get my act together so I can have one of my friends step on my quads!

  • Chandra says:

    hi Elisha + Stefan !

    WELCOME HOME !!!!!
    I’m also a Colorado Lover ???? — yet I left the outskirts of Golden almost 6 yrs ago ! I’ve been living in Bali for just over three yrs now. It IS good — and it just ain’t Colorado! I felt so much for you2, when U found out re the Mercury… I just hope that Durango is free of that dratted fracking !!
    I want to come back to CO… and I absolutely refuse to purchase any health insurance ! I get by wonderfully, now, with World Nomads… at least, until my BDay in Feb, when my numbers become 70yo, when i’ll no longer be eligible.
    I LOVE all the great info you so openly + lovingly share ! I’m a non- practicing chiropractor, so I appreciate your work????….unfortunately, I am w*o someone with whom to partner-up for your Course.
    I am so happy for you2 to be back in Colorado !
    Take Care, and Be Safe !

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