From Unstoppable to Stuck as F*ck, and Back Again: a Love Letter to 2018 (and Mobility Mastery)

Hey there, adventurers!

Happy 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚

First, some logistical business: we won’t be doing any more Mobility Mastery Monday blog posts/videos/newsletters. Before you go cry into your foam rollers, listen up…

We’ve got bigger, better, bad-ass plans for 2018 and we want to take you along for the ride!

Before I divulge our secrets…

My wish for all of us is that we do away with the typical resolutions that are often punishing or shaming.

I am, however, a HUUUUGE (yuge! :P) fan of setting big, dreamy, FUN personal and business goals each year. Then…I love getting real about who I need to become in order to climb those mountains. A lot of the time, my goals are moonshots. In other words, perhaps just a teensy bit unattainable, if you’re of the persuasion to think like a rational human being. I, however, refuse to be rational! I am a dreamer. What about you?

I have just ONE question for us to start 2018 off:

Am I / are you in INTEGRITY with (y)ourself?

At the heart of everything I do, teach and try my best to practice is a core belief that when we’re in integrity with ourselves – body, mind, heart and spirit – we can soar through life with far less resistance (and pain) and a whole lot of grace; and when we’re NOT in integrity, our body and life will try to get our attention – with pain signals, inflammation, gut issues, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, financial stress etc.

Today is a day of reckoning for me: of being willing to see myself (my habits, health, mental/emotional state), my business and my life as they truly are. To be honest…

I’ve been out of integrity.

2018 will be – for me and Mobility Mastery – all about alignment.

Have you ever had house plants that you barely manage to keep alive by watering them just in the nick of time when they droop (they look so sad, don’t they!?) Then you forget about them, until….noooo! They’re drooping again! So this time you drown them with water and their leaves turn yellow. Smh.

I love plants. They make me happy.

Unfortunately, that picture over there happens more than I care to admit.

Also unfortunately, for most of 2016-2017 I’ve treated myself the way I treat my houseplants: I worked way too much and far too hard without the fuel and conditions necessary for me to thrive. I’d take one day off and do all.the.things (hike, cook, read, do yoga). Or sometimes, do all.the.nothings.

I’d feel perky again, and…back to the grind I’d go. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve gained 10lbs.

I’m tired a lot.

I have pain that could be eliminated…if I just prioritized my time differently.

How’d I get here?

Once upon a time…

I’d like to tell you a story about a girl who went from broken in every way to feeling unstoppable…only to lose herself again in a painful twist of irony. (Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be ok – for her, and for you, if you currently feel stuck).

Our heroine was born with a wild spirit. She’s a seeker of truth(s), she craves wonder and wilderness and above all desires freedom (and love).

Her mother went into labor August 21, 1980 and in just an hour and a half she was earthside.

People who know her like to joke (ok, she’s the one who jokes) that how she was born is how she does life: always fast out of the gate, she tends to jump off of cliffs and find her wings on the way down. (The lessons do tend to hurt, but man it’s fun!)

This spunky little girl boss got thrown into a traumatic series of events in her childhood and adolescence, and after that she spent more than a decade feeling trapped inside a body and mind that she believed had betrayed her. (If you’d like to read about those events, click here. This story is about to jump ahead a few decades).

Once-gregarious, our brown eyed girl became introverted and full of anxiety. Plagued by gut issues and a nagging feeling that this wasn’t what her life was supposed to be like – this wasn’t what she was supposed to be like – she began a quest to rescue herself.

She devoured books on spirituality, nutrition/health, personal development and the evolution of consciousness; she found solace trail running and hiking. Being outside was the only place she felt remotely alive.

Mother nature was her refuge…until she “wrecked” her knees.

For 8 long years, our heroine couldn’t even run one block without stabbing knee pain; for 6 years she couldn’t hike.

She was haunted by things she had no idea how to heal, and wondered if she would ever know what it feels like to be happy, or at peace. With a hint of resignation, she began working out in a gym 5 days a week under flourescent lights and gave up her dreams of trekking the Himalayas someday; the whir of elliptical machines and the sound of grunting men had replaced the birds and winds of the wild.

Her spirit wilted.

Fear not! She always had a keen intuition, and her quest had only just begun.

One unexpected day in 2008 she was introduced to something rather bizarre that would change her life forever: a method of fascial stretching that involved being stepped on. Within seconds she knew she’d be ok. She knew she would run and hike again, and perhaps…peace might follow. (Happiness seemed a lot to hope for just yet).

She had to wait two years to find out if she was right.

You see, her gut was telling her to do things that didn’t make sense to her mentors, and she couldn’t do this alone; she needed a sidekick! When she moved to Colorado she trained her best friend to work on her, and everything shifted.

Within a few weeks she was trail running and hiking again.

Thus began a wild love affair with climbing Colorado 14ers – mountains that reach above 14,000 feet elevation (there are 54 of them in Colorado!) She started backpacking, made friends with adventure (and fellow adventurers), learned how to scramble class 3 and 4 rock and came came roaring back to life.

She fell in love with her body, and the human body in general; she faced her demons and reclaimed her true self (an extrovert by nature) and when she did…her gut issues subsided, the anxiety disappeared and she realized how profoundly our pain pulls us towards the truth(s) that will set us free.

Madly in love with life again, and in awe of the indomitable power of the human spirit, she’d found her calling: to help as many other people on a quest like hers learn to trust their bodies and the messages of pain that would lead them to freedom.

She became unstoppable.

She built a thriving private practice and became known as the go-to person in Boulder, CO if you had pain of any kind.

With the help of adventurous clients, she developed a new method of fascial release that combined breaking up soft tissue adhesions with principles of nervous system and brain re-patterning. (Kinetix Fascial Integration was officially born in 2015).

What gave her the greatest joy of all was helping people who felt so stuck or hopeless due to pain and injury that they thought they would never run, hike, climb mountains or do what they love again.

Knowing exactly how that felt, she was determined not to let this happen; not on her watch. Almost without exception, she helped them all find their freedom.


She spent every moment she could outside: hiking, climbing mountains (she climbed over 40 14ers in 3 years!), backpacking and trail running.

Feeling totally unstoppable after all those years of wondering if she’d even know what ‘happy’ felt like, she wished this experience on everyone who felt stuck, or hopeless or unsure if they can heal.

She had to share her discoveries with the world!

Naturally, she took to the internet and set up a blog and YouTube channel. Camera-shy and unsure what she was doing, she put off filming anything for almost a year. Then, she challenged herself to film 4 videos in one take each and committed to putting them on YouTube.

Convinced that at most, 50 people would ever see these first few videos, she did this mostly for herself: to get practice, and rip the ol’ band-aid off.


She put those 4 videos on YouTube and the blog, shared them once on her personal Facebook. Then, like any self-loving perfectionist, she promptly ignored them.


One of those little videos started to go viral.

Then more viral. Then…holy shite! 10,000 people had watched that video! 30,000! 100,000! 500,000!!!

What.the.fuck. just happened?! What should she do NOW?!

Clearly, the answer was: do more of these videos! People were getting out of pain. People were emailing her from all over the world thanking her.

By going online she was helping thousands of people all at once – without needing to work on them herself. This was the most incredible feeling in the world.

So our little cliff-jumper grabbed her faith by the horns, jumped onto this wild pony and took a giant running leap into the internet (and entrepreneurial) unknowns…

That was two years ago exactly.

Of course, I am talking about me; a wilder version of me I am in need of rescuing once again.

Mobility Mastery Monday was born January 1, 2016.

I had no idea what I was doing.

I had no business plan and no prior experience with video or newsletters.

If I had known then what the next two years would be like…perhaps I would have remained content to help a few hundred thousand people get rid of their plantar fasciitis, and left it at that. (Remember ‘the ONE stretch?”)

Like any good love story…

…if we knew ahead of time how hard it would be to build something beautiful, resilient, fully supportive, loving and in the end dare I say, easy (earned) – we probably wouldn’t make it past the fifth date! Amiright?

My relationship to Mobility Mastery certainly feels like a wild love affair that started off full of excitement, promise, novelty and fun…only to bring on all the usual hurts, old wounds bubbling to the surface, the hard (hard) work and wondering if it’s even worth it.

It’s often been said, and I couldn’t agree more, that the entrepreneurial path is the surest way to find out what you’re made of, who you are and how ready you are to grow. Dude. DUDE. It’s c-r-a-z-y. And, I love it. I am NOT one of those born entrepreneurs. I was practically thrust into it, and I wouldn’t call myself one – yet.

Like any love worth keeping…

When we’re willing to put in the time to get to know each other, get past all the initial awkwardness and messy communication and do the work to align ourselves to a vision and mission that’s in service to something greater than ourselves….the rewards can exceed our wildest dreams.

2016 and 2017 were about putting in that time, and doing the personal work necessary to earn what I feel in my bones is coming next. (It’s gonna be big and exciting and FUN y’all!)

When I started this blog, all I knew was I wanted to help as many people as I could experience the kind of freedom I had found, the kind of trust in my body, and the rapid transformation and pain-relief that’s possible when you know what to target and do it effectively.

I figured…if I could heal after all I’d been through and feel this much freedom, joy and gratitude, then anyone can. I wanted to help as many people as I could.

What I didn’t understand was just how much work this would be, and without a paycheck. In fact…

To date, this mission to help as many people as possible has cost me approximately $60,000 (in independent contractor fees, website design, legal help, etc). Wat!? (I didn’t even think I had that much extra money…but little by little it added up, like when you buy a bigger purse and somehow find a way to fill it).

I am not sharing this to complain. I share it to take responsibility.  Admitting this is embarrassing. I tend to go big with whatever I’m doing, and when I fail…I do so in epic fashion.

I’ve always promised to be transparent, and share my own health journey, because Mobility Mastery is – above all – about health…and I strive to walk my talk.

As you know (because you’re a smart cookie), our health is tied to everything else in our lives: our relationships, our jobs, our stress levels, our diet, movement, money etc.

During the last two years, my own vitality diminished little by little, day by day until I realized gradually throughout 2017:

I don’t feel alive anymore.

That wild fire in me had dwindled down to a tiny ember. In a painful twist of irony, by attempting to help other people feel wildly alive, I stopped living in integrity with my own values, needs and purpose…and wilted like my poor house plants.

Again, I’m not sharing this to complain. I want to take responsibility and steer this ship aright.

Meeting Stefan put all of this in perspective for me.

We want to have a family.

We both come from upbringings that included survival mode nervous system patterns. By the time we realized we were “it” for each other, I’d spent every extra dime to my name building Mobility Mastery into…


I didn’t even know.

I didn’t start out with a business plan. Or any plan for that matter.

While this blog has been a huge source of pride and joy (because I’m helping a lot of people all over the world), in a lot of ways I also became a slave to it, without knowing WHY I was even here (or why you should stick around, for that matter!)

Business isn’t my skill or passion (I am persistent as fuck though, and I am determined to become more business savvy).

Internet marketing isn’t my area of genius (cleeaaarly).

I didn’t know what to do with all the traffic coming to this site (there are so many people coming here to get out of pain!), or even how to convert that traffic into a community of people like you that I could build a relationship with….I just kept feeding the blog/YouTube/newsletter machine each week.

When I wasn’t with clients (which is what has miraculously paid for all of this) I was spending more and more time sitting (writing blog posts, newsletters, video scripts), and less and less time in the wild places that make me feel alive.

I only climbed one mountain last summer.

I didn’t do any backpacking at all.

2017 was all about growing pains and getting honest with myself so I could boldly (re)claim my why.

Facing my demons:

In 2017 I had to face some BIG inner demons I didn’t even know were there: a subconscious belief that I couldn’t depend on anyone but myself. I saw how this was showing up everywhere, from my relationship with Stefan to other relationships, this blog and my business entirely. (If I can’t depend on anyone, how could I have a healthy partnership, or have kids with someone? Hire the right help? How could I expect to make money online?)

Instead of standing strongly in my vision and creating a business around my real mission, I hid behind the free content that was so much easier to put out each week than risk being rejected if I tried to create an actual community or paid course around what matters most to me.

2018 is the year Mobility Mastery and I find – and live – our WHY (come join us!):

Most of us know what we need to be doing to feel healthier, happier, more fulfilled, less stressed…yet, we often get caught up in shoulds, other people’s stories, societal expectations or our own mind-spirals of fear and doubt.

Being in integrity (to me) means:

  1. My actions are in alignment with my values.
  2. My habits are in alignment with my goals.
  3. My goals are aligned with my mission.
  4. My life (activities, health, relationships, mental/emotional state, career etc) is a reflection of these habits, values, mission and goals.

In order to re-align with our integrity when we need to (because it’ll never be perfect, we’ll mess up and have to re-align ourselves), we have to define and re-define what our values are, what our goals are, what our mission is, and then make our life a reflection of these through habits, actions, relationships and work.

Here’s what I know right now:

My mission is…

To use the incredible opportunity that Mobility Mastery has become to help 10 million people by 2030 learn how to turn pain and adversity into their best allies for rapid transformation, personal evolution and lifelong resiliency on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

And…to create a life and family with Stefan built on the values listed below.

My values:

  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Truth
  • Adventure
  • Health
  • Playfulness
  • Connection
  • Contribution
  • Growth/evolution

My real work is about healing trauma, and honoring the pain that’s always trying to bring us home to ourselves and into a life of freedom.

My passion is in bridging the gap between the woo-woo and scientific, by translating key pieces of neuroscience, anatomy and nervous system wisdom into everyday terms and practical how-to’s for myself, my clients and you.

I believe:

  • The fastest path to physical, psychological and emotional freedom happens when we get curious about our pain instead of reactive to it. In other words: quick fixes usually don’t work, because we’re just trying to escape the pain. My approach is all about listening to the message the pain is trying to communicate, so in a weird kind of way…I’m actually a pain advocate!
  • We don’t have to spend countless hours on a therapist’s couch re-living our worst life experiences in order to heal emotional trauma. In fact, I believe that’s a potential trap for staying stuck there. I’m not anti-therapy. I’ve used talk therapy with great success for specific issues, but I believe it’s a lot faster and more powerful to access that trauma in a visceral way via the body, instead of trying to use our conscious brains to talk our way out of it. Our conscious brains are actually quite ill equipped to know the ‘truth’…because ‘truth’ can get twisted and warped by time, dissociation and compensation, whereas our bodies always know our truth(s). I want to show you how much faster it can be to free yourself from trauma that’s been stored or stuck in your body…by moving it out of your body.
  • Freedom is possible for all of us, no matter what we’ve been through or where we’re at, so long as we’re willing to be radically honest with ourselves and do the work to heal.

My goals:

I have two high priority FEELING goals for 2018: to feel wildly alive and deeply connected to this beautiful planet, to my own body, to Stefan, to my online and offline communities and to my mission.

I feel wildly alive when I’m: climbing mountains, hiking, backpacking, soaking in hot springs, meeting new people, teaching Kinetix, having sex, having amazing/fun conversations, taking risks, learning and evolving.

2018 Goals:

Mission/entrepreneur path:

  1. With gratitude for what got us here, I will stop running on this online treadmill and take the time to turn Mobility Mastery into something meaningful, fun, engaging and aligned with my values and mission. We’ll be spending a lot of time over the next few months creating a free resource library, free email courses, free challenges and yes – paid courses and programs. We’re inspired to create amazing content that can help all of us live our best lives.
  2. Place a high priority on connection: we’re doing this whole online thing in order to connect with you all, and I didn’t do a very good job of setting that up when I started. That is gonna change! We want to talk to you more, and create spaces for getting to know each other, for discussion, learning and sharing (hence #1 on this list). We’ll do this via the Facebook group, our upcoming paid courses, free challenges and by getting on social media more regularly.
  3. Turn this blog into a successful business: We’re preparing to launch our first ever online courses, and possibly a membership. We want to bring Kinetix online so you can learn how powerful this work is (it eclipses the self-help techniques).
  4. Connect and collaborate with 10 key influencers in the health/personal development field online and offline: we’ve been lone wolves long enough. We want to be part of a pack! Perhaps we’ll start a podcast, and/or get me on other people’s podcasts. There are so many awesome people out there doing great work, and we want to support them via Mobility Mastery as well. Who do you think we should collaborate with? Tell us in the comments!
  5. Teach Kinetix via Live Events: I want to teach Kinetix at 2-3 different live events in 2018. Last year’s live event was so much fun, and I learned a lot about how I want to get this work into the world. I can’t wait to see some of you in person!
  6. Income goal: $300,000 (gross). This feels scary to say out loud and put in print. We will have to work our butts off to make this happen. We’ll have to create something amazing for our online community (hells yeah! I’m excited). And, we’ll have to hire an incredible team to help us.

Personal goals:

  1. My #1 priority in 2018 is to feel wildly alive again. To that end my personal goals are to…
  2. Get outside as much as possible, and move my body every day.
  3. Read 2 inspiring books a month.
  4. Make a few hours every month for boredom (aka creativity).
  5. Make time for writing. I’ll be writing one big blog post per month on topics ranging from freedom to neuroscience for everyday humans. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Connect more with Stefan, friends and my community (this includes YOU).
  7. Travel to 3 different countries with Stefan. We have our sights set on Panama, Australia and Iceland. Where do YOU think we should go? Do you have travel goals for 2018? Please share in the comments!
  8. Go on LOTS of adventures. Climb ten 14ers this summer, go backpacking 3 times, and find mini adventures near home (like going to Jump City!)
  9. Get pregnant. Gulp. Whoa. So yeah, Stefan and I want two kids and I’m 37…so we plan to start trying sometime after my birthday this year (after August 21, 2018). I might be pregnant this time next year! Holy moly. Got tips for this period of calm before the storm? Share em below!
  10. Buy a house (aka, a nest). This feels like a massive goal since we have no savings (it’s all gone into building this platform), but I like dreaming big so I’m putting it out there. In order to pull this off, every single business goal we have needs to come true and then some. It’s time to stop my old pattern of spending every penny I make without a concrete plan to turn that penny into two (or three).

Now, my work is to align my daily actions and habits with all of the above.

Holy smokes, I thought this blog post would never end ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you made it this far, please share your thoughts, feedback and of course – your own vision for 2018, so I can support you!

What are YOUR big fat DREAMY mission, personal and life goals?

  • What do you know you need to do to feel in integrity with yourself?
  • How do you want to FEEL in 2018?
  • What kinds of experiences produce those feelings?
  • What are your values?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your mission?
  • What habits do you need to adopt so that your life reflects your values, goals and mission?

Please share in the comments so Stefan and I can support you!

BONUS question: What about pain relief/mobility goals? Is there an injury or issue you want to resolve for good, or discover the message hidden in it (like, if you have anxiety or gut issues or back pain that won’t budge no matter what you try?) Please share this too, and I’ll do my best to help you realize this goal.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2018 full of risk taking, triumph, adventure, freedom, love, connection, evolution and feeling wildly alive!

  • Dawn Marchand says:

    You go girl! Your candid sharing is an inspiration. I’ve benefited from watching a number of your helpful YouTube videos and reading your blog. I’m glad you’ve realized you help yourself and everyone best by not repeating 2017’s pattern. Burn out will mean we all lose and having just found you that would be sad. Do you have any provision for donations toward the expenses from people who have benefited from the free material you have posted? /DawnM

    • Hey Dawn – wow, thank you for this! I am planning to add a donate button as well as start a Patreon account – for people to become monthly patrons of my content, so I can keep producing helpful videos. I’m about to publish a blog post letting people know why I’ve been MIA since January. Your support at this time means a lot! For the time being, if you did want to make a donation you can use my biz email for PayPal: [email protected] Much love! Elisha

  • OMG! My story is almost exactly like yours…I even have the brown eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ Two exceptions are that I’m twice your age, hence twice the built-up trauma and “stuckness” and I’ve already had 4 kids. I’m doing everything you are doing for an on-line presence and business too….except actually doing it! We have got to connect. I have been on a year long self-imposed cocoon working on learning and implementing herbal/plant medicine into my healing. If I can’t heal myself, how can I ever help others to heal themselves…right? Since I’m a totally nut case about learning everything, I have accumulated a great deal of useful information and I’m proud of it all. With a strong backgrounds in Medicine and Science, I can put things together intuitively that others might miss. I’m also too creative for my own good sometimes and it stops me from actually doing anything “out there.” You have really inspired me because of your work in the fascia component…it what has been missing from my complete picture. Great minds and hearts think alike as they say. I did pick up on a subtlety you alluded to here….(I’m also an empath)….check out Mike Dooley on tut.com for free “notes from the Universe”….I have a feeling you’ll like them. Much love and gratitude…WendySue.

    • Hey WendySue – so glad we connected a little bit, and look forward to more! Sounds like we’re approaching health and healing with a similar commitment and from differing starting points, which is always cool. I don’t believe there’s any one “right” way and I love learning from other people. Good luck with your own endeavors!

  • Trina says:

    Hi Elisha
    Totally understand and connect with everything you shared. Youโ€™re examples and openness help so many recognise their own issues and Iโ€™m so grateful youโ€™re honest enough to share them with us. You may think you have been missing integrity but what youโ€™re doing displays anything but that. Our journeys are full of twists and turns, who wants to travel a straight road?
    On a totally selfish note, I hope you make it to Australia and hold a workshop!!
    Thank you for your work, information and compassion. Keep rocking you. Youโ€™re doing brilliantly!

    • Hi Trina – thank you so much for writing and supporting me! And for the bit about me being in integrity. I appreciate that. Sometimes I’m really hard on myself, and it’s just really hard to do everything I want to do at once! We PLAN to make it to Australia! So many people keep writing us that we simply HAVE to make this happen. So stay tuned for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mel says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It is a very inspiring mission and set of goals that you have shared with us all. I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to use like a template to get some of the dreams out of my head and onto paper. I’m really excited to hear that you’ll be expanding your business to help more and more people through their pain. I have experienced a lot of relief and improvements from trying the techniques on myself and would love for their to be more people able to work on others as I think it’d be a lot more effective. I’m grateful that you connect the emotional and neurological aspects with the physical. The idea we can rewire ourselves gives me hope. I’d love to find a lot more mobility in my lower legs and work towards leaving compartment syndrome behind and recover completely from an ankle injury, which is, thank to your techniques, on its way.

    • Hi Mel – I absolutely believe you can rewire, heal and move with freedom again! Especially after working with you via Skype. I sooo wish I could work on you in person. Perhaps it’ll happen this year ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t mind at all if you use any of this to inspire your own goals for 2018, that’s why I shared! If you want to feel supported and held accountable to them – come back and share, I’d love to know what’s on your mind or in your heart for this year ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO

  • Jane says:

    Happy 2018. Thankyou for sharing your dreams and goals for the year ahead. Much food for thought from reading your blog. I feel you should come to Australia and run some classes, it would be amazing to have some practitioners in good old Oz (The Wizard is always welcoming!!.. lol). Having spent the past year giving loads of modalities a go for carpal tunnel, trigger finger and tennis elbow, I finally underwent surgery for all.of the above at one time. My recovery is.great and 6 months down the track (with the support of an amazing chiro/myotherapist/kinesiologist all.rolled into one) I feel 95% but am finding it hard to regain the 5% that eludes me. I have watched /read some of your materials and would love to be able to work with someone in Australia … i believe in what you are building and support your goals 100%. Good luck with all that is ahead..

    • Hi Jane – I would LOVE to come to Australia and teach! That’s actually on our agenda for this year ๐Ÿ™‚ We need a minimum number of people to commit ahead of time since it’s such an expense on our end to get out there, but I’d love to make it happen. Thank you for your support and belief in what I’m wanting to build, it seriously gives me the momentum to keep going! :))) Happy 2018 to you!

  • >