Got pain? No matter what, KEEP MOVING

Most of us become so frightened when pain shows up that we begin to shrink our world. We stop our favorite activities, swap running for walking or biking or swimming or vice versa.

First of all – sometimes it’s wise to stop a certain activity while you heal an injury! So I am in no way suggesting that you keep moving blindly, causing further damage.

However most of us are CAPABLE of moving after injury far sooner than we actually begin to move. We’re stuck in the fear spiral.

We’ve become afraid of movement, believing that movement is what caused our pain! I assure you, it was NOT your movement that is causing your current pain or injury. It was a lifetime build up of stress, tension patterns, maybe even trauma that’s gone unhealed.


Also, your brain interprets you not moving as you approaching DEATH. Yep, death! The more sedentary you become, the more your brains tarts to cue end of life processes.

So wherever you find yourself on the healing journey, keep moving.



Roll over like a baby on the floor.



Climb a tree.



Do yoga, power or gentle – let your body decide!

The choices are endless.

You have far more choice than you probably believe you do if you’re injured.

Right now my dad is recovering from TWO amputation surgeries due to diabetes related neuropathy. I’ve been gently urging him to keep moving. Even he can move his legs in bed, wheelchair dance with his upper body and hips…there are a lot of choices!

If you’re just now getting BACK to activity after an injury – please know it might feel scary, you might not know how to interpret what your body tells you yet. It would be normal to feel shaky, weak, get sore faster…all of which can become an excuse to stay limited and not move more.


If I had to pick whether you received fascial release or movement in order to heal yourself – it would be movement every time! That might surprise a lot of you. But there you have it.

Thankfully you don’t have to choose, and using BOTH is the magic formula 😉

Share your commitment to movement below, I just know you’ll inspire someone else who needs encouragement right now!

  • Patty Goett says:

    I really appreciate your openness and your dedication to helping people. Especially those in pain.
    I’ve been utilizing some of your techniques thinking I wouldn’t be able to do them (i. e. to work my quads on the foam roller) thinking’ my back might spasm. However the opposite is true, and I do believe the pain I’ve been experiencing for over a year is finally reducing in severity and occurrence.
    Thank you Elisha!

    • That’s amazing to hear Patty! I applaud you for taking the risk to get down on the foam roller, a lot of people are scared it will make their back pain worse but your story will hopefully inspire other people to do this because it’s actually the primary cause and as you’re experiencing releasing that fascia brings relief to your back! Great job 🙂

  • Lynn Orange says:

    You nailed it exactly! Thank you for the encouragement.

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