How I Healed 8 Years of Debilitating Knee Pain in 2 Weeks So I Could Run and Hike Colorado Mountains

The story of how I healed my knees so quickly is kind of like that 10 year overnight entrepreneur success story. 

For this particular video (and blog), I’m not going to write much. I encourage you to actually watch and listen to this whole story if you want to learn what is most important to take away from my journey. 

What I will tell you here is that pursuing “the freedom to” (the freedom to run and hike again, in my case) is a different path than pursuing “freedom from” (freedom from knee pain, trauma etc). 

And what you will hear in my story is how the freedom to run was achieved once I set my mind on that goal, let nothing stop me, celebrated every win no matter how small and how this happened very quickly when I partnered with the right person.

There are two primary factors that go into any healing journey:

The external factors (who, what, where, when, how), and the internal factors (our beliefs, mindset, perspective, focus, persistence, curiosity, gumption etc). 

If our internal factors are not in alignment with our external environment, achieving freedom becomes difficult or impossible. However, when we consciously choose to align ourselves (internally) with external factors that match who we are and what our goals are…practically nothing can stop us. 

And in the end, the truth is – the only thing that will ever stop us is ourselves. If the external or internal environments aren’t where they need to be, it is solely our decision to take it into account and nominate ourselves as the responsible party that will make the necessary changes to get us where we want to go. 

Finally, having said all that – I believe in honoring “what is” and “what was.” I believe in honoring our bodies vs dominating them with our mind over matter mindsets. I believe in partnering with our bodies, instead of seeking to conquer them with our will to win what is pleasurable, without holding ourselves to account for that which is necessarily uncomfortable – recognizing that if we’re experiencing the opposite of freedom, it’s because we imprisoned ourselves….and only by honorably shouldering the burden of that responsibility can we earn the freedom we seek. 

If you haven’t yet watched my video on trauma getting stuck in the body, and how decisions we made as children are at the root…please click here to watch “The Body Keeps The Score – How My Physiology Mirrored My Unconscious Psychology (Trauma in the Body).

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  • Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have had knee pain for 10 years and I really resonate with your feeling of fear. My knee is painful or uncomfortable almost daily, not just when running, and I am afraid of anything that involves moving my body. I know I have to change this feeling of fear but I just can’t seem to shake it. I’ve had so many experiences of being unable to walk and care for my kids that I am terrified of being in that situation again. Every time I do some exercise or receive any type of treatment I have fearful thoughts running through my mind “will this hurt?” “will I be able to walk tomorrow?” “should I be doing this?”. You say that we should move away from being fearful and I know that this is right but do you have any other tips on actually how to do that? I can’t seem to just “stop” feeling fearful, it’s just so deeply ingrained. How can I stop being fearful and adopt the right internal feelings? Thank you

    • Hi Emily – I don’t think there’s one right answer, since we’re all fearful of different things. For me, I had to reverse engineer my fear of being broken or defective, and adopt the belief that I am capable of healing, capable of wholeness and then look for proof to back up that belief. If you read or listen to this story again, you could extract a formula for what to do yourself. You have a similar story of relating to your body, to pain itself and to early childhood experiences that is causing fear. If you can reverse engineer that and begin focusing your creative mind on looking for any and all proof that you ARE (fill in the blank….whole, strong, capable, free, etc) that’s how you rewire yourself. It’s easier said than done. I have courses that help with this in a more step by step manner and really dive deep into all the pieces. It’s hard to answer on a blog. I also sometimes do online consultations, so if you ever want to do that with me (I LOVE helping people with these kinds of things) please email [email protected]

  • Gilles says:

    Great story. I am much older than you and have pain almost constantly. I do yin yoga almost daily and it helps to a certain extent. My latest issue is feet and ankles. Orthodics are making it worse. They say the arch across the toes has fallen. It seems that standing on a firm foam roller and rolling back and forth helps. Anyways, I think I will try your philosophy and look for freedom to do things like bike, walk or run( running hurts my lower back) rather than freedom from pain. Perhaps it will motivate me some.

    • Hi Gilles – glad you liked my story and found some motivation here! Hope your “freedom to” quest is moving you towards more freedom 😊

  • Bonnie Bloom says:

    Spot on. Mind within matter.
    Btw: why have you said in past not to roll out Glute med?

    • Hi Bonnie – there’s a video on that (well, several) on YouTube if you search “glutes.” But the main reason is that it rarely is the cause of pain, and releasing them can backfire and cause more pain.

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