How I Healed From Sexual, Psychological and Physical Trauma, Part 2 of 3: The Body Phase


This is Part II of a 3 Part series on how I healed from childhood trauma. If you haven’t watched my trauma story, you can do that by clicking here

Watch Part I of this series here. 

This series is NOT meant to be a “how to” or advice on how to heal trauma. This is my personal story, and I’m sharing it because I think the world needs more stories of healing trauma because the truth is: it’s really personal, there is no one way to heal, and yet we’re often told that trauma can only be healed in therapy, with medication, or a strategically crafted shamanic ceremony…take your pick. 

My own story has not at all matched the common narrative of “how to heal trauma.”

I believe we heal in relationships. I believe we aren’t as fragile as we’ve been led to believe, nor as inept at self-healing. 

I believe we’re all equipped to heal from even the most horrific life events, and the only reason we don’t is because we believe the modern narrative that trauma is differentiating, it makes us “other than” and “defective” rather than perfectly, beautifully, tragically (at times) human.

Part II of my journey is about coming home to my body. 

I am purposely telling my story this time rather than writing it. So please watch and comment with your thoughts, and share this series with anyone you think could benefit. 

I’ll look for you in the comments below!


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  • Wow, you really are putting yourself out there. That takes a lot of guts and risk because nowadays people seem to feel they can blast their opinion and sometimes it is obnoxiously rude.
    I can see similarities to my own injury and trauma in the broken spine, plus how hindsight allowed me to see why it happened. I am still in the process of healing on multiple levels since medications, genetics and injury all has produced profound issues which manifest in my body.
    I was fortunate when my back was broken to have spent nearly a score of years building my back muscles because for 3-1/2 years that was all that held me together so I did not become paralyses. The disk was gone (less than paper thin) and the facets had totally broken (I was told they were cracked by playing basketball in high school).
    Anyway, since the fusion it has been about 15 years and movement has caused a very similar condition in the area directly above the fusion.
    This is why I am trying to heal — I will never allow surgery on my back again. I had no idea a natural fusion could have occurred and had I knew I would never have gotten the surgery.
    So I have what I have to work with now. It is a constant goal to increase the strength of the muscles they cut to do the fusion plus the added issues of the four five inch long screws and two two inch plates which have caused massive scar tissue.
    According to western medicine I require fusions every 10-15 years, yet western medicine seems to be ONLY devoted to making money and keeping the issue, rather than healing any issues of any kind, so I constantly search for alternative methods for healing, which led me to you.
    I appreciate listening to your story because although I am male, I was subjected to emotional abuse for well over 10 years from my first wife. She blew out three disks trying to pick up two large babies out of a crib at the same time and seemed to blame me for her choice of home work, even though I was working away from home doing construction .
    I won’t go into details, suffice it to say that she desired for me to feel her back issues and beyond…yet I never knew why she would want to curse me with any affliction.
    That is not how you treat someone you truly love. Well he wishes came true when I was injured, since aside for the broken back it was discovered all my disks are less than paper thin…perhaps from the burden of working heavy construction.
    Thanks for listening to my rant and for telling your story. It is helping me to understand perhaps some of my injury and how to deal with healing it permanently (I hope).

    • Hey Michael – thank you so much for being here to witness my story and share some of your own. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I know you’re dedicated to your own healing, and I believe you’ll get there. Keep befriending your body!

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