How to Uncouple Suffering From Pain

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Pain and suffering are NOT synonymous! If you’re in pain (physical, mental, emotional), it doesn’t automatically mean you’re doomed to suffer.

What is the difference?

Pain is simply information. If we’re talking about physical pain in the body, it is the sensory information our body is using to get our attention and ask for help. That’s it! Even using the word “pain” is a distraction from the truth, because most of us assume pain is bad. It’s not! We should all celebrate that our bodies talk to us via pain in order to stop us from doing things that could seriously injure or kill us.

Suffering, on the other hand, is the meaning we attach to the sensory information we’re receiving from our body.

The best possible way to separate these two is to fully accept and celebrate that pain is your body talking to you, and then foster an attitude of curiosity about it. What is your body trying to tell you, and ask of you?

Most of the time when we experience pain we go into panic mode and react emotionally with frustration or irritation towards our body (the very thing that is trying to helps us!)

What if we replaced those reactions with genuine curiosity? What might we discover?

About Elisha Celeste

Let me show you how to decode your body’s messages, listen to your gut, get curious about your pain and turn physical, psychological and emotional adversity into your best ally for finding freedom and joy.

2 comments to " How to Uncouple Suffering From Pain "
  • Teri Plitt

    I have been having trouble with my achilles and the stretch you helped relieve the pain. I also have tight hamstrings. What is the best way to loosen them up? Also my right hip gives me a lot of trouble right in the joint and soas mucsle in the front. What can I do for that? This is the first sight I have seen that talks about fascia. I know that is a lot of my problem but it is hard to release. Thanks for the videos.

    • Elisha Celeste

      Hi Teri – I’m planning to release a LOT more videos on fascial release for every area of the body, including the ones you mention. I have a full time private practice but am working hard to get the platforms in place that will help me help MORE people like you! In the meantime, I am making room in my schedule for Skype sessions with people who don’t live here in Boulder, CO. I would get a full health history from you, we would talk like I do with my clients in-office, and then I’d tailor some foam rolling methods specifically for you and show you how and what to do while we Skype. This is the best I can offer right now, until I can get more videos up! Be well and let me know if I can help!

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