How to Use Fascia Release To Problem Solve Pains and Injuries – 3 Step Formula

While some pains and injuries are complex and harder to solve, most are relatively simple and I want to share my 3 step “formula” for how to problem solve your pain with fascia release. 

You can apply these three steps to everything from plantar fasciitis to knee pain, low back pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain and more. 

These three steps are relatively simple, but they might FEEL hard to you if you’ve never never stepped outside your pain before and attempted to look at it through a more objective scientific lens. 

We tend to react to pain when it shows up, and our instincts are to touch, rub, massage and “hold” the part that hurts. Think: holding your lower back when it “goes out,” or reaching down to touch your knee when there’s pain under the kneecap; we roll painful feet on balls and water bottles and beg our partners to massage our aching shoulders and necks. 

But do these actions ever really make the pain go away? 

Most of the time, no. 

While these instincts are normal, they don’t help us SOLVE the mystery of WHY we’re in pain. 

You can use fascia release to solve your aches and pains, but you have to adhere to these three steps without deviating…and these three steps start with something that goes against your natural human instinct. 

Watch the video for full instructions on these three steps to problem solving pain with fascia release, and then share your thoughts below! 

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  • Sharon says:

    I need to learn how to release my fascia in my upper body. Mainly in my arms. But I truly have to change my lifestyle. That, I am coming to terms with more and more. Like being on my “phone” while in bed.
    I have neck pain, as well as nerve pain in my upper arms and I truly feel the root cause is my poor posture. I’ve been working on correcting my standing and sitting posture a great deal over this last year and I do believe it’s helped in a small way, but I have seriously come to terms (making sense) that my “sleeping” posture is a big factor in how I feel overall. I could go on, but I won’t. I know what I need to change but like anything, bad habits are hard to break. Here’s to a peaceful day!

  • Joanne says:

    I have forearm pain and have found that dp ing the fascia release on my forearms does relieve the pain when it is severe but the pain does return. Where should I focus on releasing? I do also get shoulder and neck tightness

    • Maybe try your biceps and chest too, but also consider that fascia release needs to be done enough to counteract anything that is tightening it up, like working on a computer or holding babies or whatever you’re using your arms for. So you may just need more consistent fascia release before the results last. Good luck!

  • Sherold says:

    Elisha I love your videos. I have a lot of fascia tightness from trauma – near fatal car accident in 2017. I had 5 abdminal surgeries in 15 days and a 6th major surgery 4 months later. So I’m rehabbing my body. I found you in Jeff Walker’s program.

    • Hi Sherold! I know exactly who you are, and have followed your inspiring healing journey for a while. Your story is an INCREDIBLE testament to the power of the human spirit and will (and the human body, which is capable of miraculous recoveries when the spirit and mind are on board). We’re actually FB friends (through Brandi Flittner I believe). I’m happy to see your name and face here!

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