Inner Jaw and Mouth Fascia Release – Relief for TMJ Pain, Jaw Tension, Mouth and Face Tension

For a more comprehensive solution checkout the TMJ PLAYLIST.

Today’s “how to” is best taught visually, so please watch the video and follow along if you have TMJD, TMJ pain/tension, mouth or face tension. 

Do you have TMJD/jaw pain? 

I highly recommend that you begin by releasing your SCMs, scalenes, your chest and your tongue before doing the inner jaw fascia release. Yes, I did just say tongue. 

The order you do things may make a difference in your results. If you go straight to the jaw without releasing the fascia in these other places first, it’s possible you’ll just rebound right back to a tight jaw. 

And there’s another aspect to jaw pain, jaw tension and clenching your teeth that I also feel the need to address:

If you’re anything like I was, you may clench your jaw because you don’t feel safe to open your mouth and speak your truth. You may have been conditioned early in life that expressing yourself only led to painful feelings of disconnection, invalidation or shame. 

To release your SCMs and scalenes, click here for a previous video/blog that will walk you through what to do and how to do it. 

You’ll also find a link to the chest and neck release videos in that blog post under “For BEST results…”

Click here to learn how to release your tongue fascia.

When you’re ready to release your inner jaw and mouth, all you’ll need is your own two (clean) hands. Your fingers become your primary fascia release tool here, and you’ll want to explore GENTLY at first. 

Please don’t be aggressive in this area. I don’t want you creating inflammation in your jaw and mouth. 

Take time getting to know this part of your body, what fascia release feels like here (it’s different than any other parts, in my experience). This area can “sting” more than most body parts, or create nausea. There are a ton of nerves inside your mouth and jaw, in addition to the lymph system and lymph nodes in your jaw…a lot of sensitive tissue here, so please be gentle with yourself! 

Let me know what you think after trying this by commenting below, or comment on YouTube. 

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  • Karen L says:

    Hello, Elisha,
    I tried this while watching and was quite surprised by a sudden draining sensation in my ears and nose as well as a relaxed feeling in my ears. Thank you so much!

    • Karen L says:

      *a relaxed feeling in my eyes

  • Marcy says:

    Hi Elisha,

    Thanks for this video. I tried this along with the pec minor, and neck fascia release videos and think hopeful that they might actually help me with my dental situation. I am currently in final stages of having my lower jaw moved forward (due to severe overbite and inferior mandible.. via dental appliances and very slowly..no surgery).
    In order to get to the final phase of treatment, my dentist is looking for signs of my temporalis and mandible muscles to activate as I open and close my mouth (while wearing appliance). After watching and trying your videos I’m curious if these exercises might help since I seem to be stuck in the current phase of treatment. I’m hopeful that maybe some fascia work might speed up my process. Can you recommend any other videos to try?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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