Is Pain ALWAYS Related to Fascia?

Rather than simply “teach” today – I’d love for this video to spark a discussion. Please watch the video, then add your comments/stories/takeaways or questions to the comments section. Let’s have a conversation about this topic! 

Modern science can’t seem to reach a conclusion about what PAIN is definitively. I think that’s a good thing; however, it’s also confusing for anyone trying to problem solve their own pain, or frustrating for many seeking help within the medical model that loves to simply dole out painkillers or administer cortisone injections…but never really tell you the root cause of your pain.

Pain is nothing more than the perception of danger. That doesn’t mean it isn’t REAL. But this is where things get interesting…because YOU are the one that ultimately determines whether the pain “switch” gets flipped. This happens mostly at the subconscious level. (PRO TIP: you can gain conscious control of whether or not and to what degree you feel pain; this mostly has to do with gaining conscious control over your nervous system). 

The reason I love working with fascia is because it’s uniquely qualified to help you investigate your entire system at once (mind/body/spirit), including your sub-systems. 

Since fascia is the ONLY element in your body that touches ALL the other elements – you can learn about nearly every element in your body by learning to investigate your fascial textures, shapes, sensations etc. 

Using fascia release, you can assess your lymph and immune systems; muslces, tendons, ligaments, joints, even organs and of course, your nervous system. Not to mention your fascial system itself, which is one of the largest systems in your body and is literally everywhere. 

The short answer is: no, pain isn’t always related to (unhealthy) fascia. However, your fascia is the best place to look for answers as to WHY you’re in pain (aka, find the root cause). 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you watch the video! Please share them below 🙂

Blog post/video on fascia and PAIN science: https://mobilitymastery.com/fascias-role-in-pain-and-dysfunction-from-injuries-to-myofascial-pain-syndrome-and-fight-flight-freeze-patterns/