I'm Julia Blackwell: Kinetix Practitioner + Corrective Exercise & Movement Coach.

My Story

My name is Julia and my passion for this work emerged from my own personal journey. 

I was born with Erbs Palsey, a nerve condition that affects the range of motion and strength in my right arm. I practically grew up in an occupational therapy office and thought that the stiff, limited movement in my arm would be my fate.  

I decided instead to work tirelessly to change that fate and live the life I wanted, and I even achieved a scholarship to play volleyball at Urbana University. I learned everything I could about anatomy and physiology in school, determined to figure out new ways to improve my condition. 

After moving to Colorado in 2010 my life took a turn when I met Elisha and discovered Kinetix. My right arm's look and feel changed more in a few months of fascia work with her than years of therapy. 

This was the missing piece I had been waiting for! I quickly pursued learning the technique and have been fascinated by the powerful results of releasing fascia ever since. 

I work best with people who have any of these challenges:

  • Athletic Injuries (of any activity or level)
  • Athletic Mobility Issues and Plateaus
  • Chronic Pain (such as low back, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis., etc)
  • Poor Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Recovery and Stress Management 

Why work with me?

I understand what it is like to struggle with limited mobility and pain. I had tried pretty much every other modality with little to no results.

Kinetix not only quickly improved my range of motion and the ability to use my arm more effectively--it changed my entire perception. After a lifetime of being told "what my limitations were" and how "it wouldn't get any better," I got to question these narrow-minded approaches and become curious.  

I was able to use this work as a catalyst to learn about my body and I became HOPEFUL again. 

I tried things I didn't think I could do because I no longer felt so trapped in my body. I became so much more adventurous. I started living without the excuse of a "limitation."  

If you want to really understand your body, take control of your mobility, and upgrade your quality of life, I'd love to help you on that journey. 

What to Expect

What You’ll Do Before the Session

When you book with me you'll fill out an intake form that will help me get to know you better. I want to work with you as holistically as possible, so the intake form is thorough. This will give me a better idea of what your challenges are and what you hope to accomplish working with me. 

What You’ll Do During the Session

I'll be going over your intake form with you and giving you a quick intro to fascia and fascial release. After we get oriented I'll be stepping on you while guiding you through specific ranges of motion to release fascia. Unlike most bodywork, Kinetix is a very interactive process that requires your active participation to work. 

What to Expect After the Session

After the session we'll be I'll be following up with you via email and/or text to check in on your progress. I want to know how you're doing, and I want to get feedback so I can learn how to work with you better. I'll also send you a link so you can easily book a follow up session, if you didn't book with me in office.