Kinetix Apprenticeship:


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Learn how to use dynamic two-person fascial release to help yourself, loved ones and clients turn pain, injury and trauma into vibrant health, unshakeable confidence and lifelong resiliency.

Help people heal, faster. Evolve yourself. Grow your impact and income.

“The fastest way to re-wire the brain and heal anything is via the body’s fascial and nervous systems.”
lisha Celeste

Who is this for?

Kinetix Apprenticeship is for YOU if you’re fascinated by the human body, brain and spirit and want to learn how to take care of yourself and the people in your lives; and especially if you’re intrigued by the idea of neuroplasticity (or the brain’s ability to change itself).

Are you any of the following?

  • Two people coming together who want to work on each other at home, like partners/family members/workout buddies etc. Stefan and I love having this tool to help each other, whether at home or on the trail and nothing would make us happier than helping other people do the same.
  • Already established professionals who want a kick-ass tool to add to their skillset. Here’s looking at all you badass personal trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists, somatic therapists and coaches who want to learn how to help your clients even better 🙂
  • People interested in taking the first step towards starting a brand new full time career as a Certified Kinetix Practitioner. Would love to add you to this small but growing family!

Kinetix is a powerful tool for re-wiring the brain via the fascial and nervous systems, not just for fast pain relief, injury recovery or high performance optimization – but for everything else in our lives too. We’ll introduce you to the techniques and theories that allow Kinetix Practitioners to help clients re-wire conscious and unconscious beliefs, change limiting physical and mental patterns and reveal the raw potential we all possess for living our best lives.

You’ll go home with 22 techniques in your tool-belt for head to toe pain relief and optimization.

Whether you’re coming by yourself and want to use this work with your own clients (and plan to get certified as a Kinetix Practitioner) or you’re two people coming to learn how to take care of each other at home – this is where it all starts and we’d LOVE to have you.

Kinetix Apprentices are people who nerd out about anatomy, movement, healing trauma and living a life of freedom and integrity. You do not have to continue on to Practitioner Training if you come to this event, though we’d certainly be thrilled if you did!

If you plan to become a Kinetix Practitioner – this training is the pre-requisite. 

What’s included?

This course combines a 3-day in person weekend intensive training with six months of post-event online support and community.  You’ll get access to videos of ALL the techniques taught during the in person training inside the Mobility Mastery membership portal, which will allow you to relax during the weekend and not try to “memorize” them all. All materials needed for the in person course are included in the cost of tuition. Does NOT include airfare, food or accommodations. 

These workshops are designed to be visceral or experiential in nature. There will be no written manual or workbook, and that is very intentional. We want you to have a kinesthetic experience that will allow you to learn how to be intuitive (even if you don’t think you’re intuitive!) This is why we’re including access to the online membership, where all the videos of the techniques can be accessed and you’ll get the support you need to make the most of this work when it matters most – at home or with clients!

What is Kinetix?

Feedback-based bodywork:

How’s your relationship with your body?
How’s your relationship to your life?
What about your relationship to clients/self/loved ones?

Kinetix reveals what’s hiding under the surface….

…of your body.
…of your LIFE.
…of your relationships.

The focus of this method is on building effective feedback loops (aka healthy communication) between all of the above, bringing everything in our lives into “right” RELATIONSHIP: bones to muscles to fascia to nervous system; brain to body; you to your body and you to your life/relationships/spirit.

RESULTS – like fast pain relief, high performance optimization or rapid personal evolution – are the natural output of our efforts to face “what is” in our lives and relationships, open to real feedback.

What does this mean?

The freedom-expanding nature of (safe) confrontation:

Pain is critical feedback, an important part of life and holds tremendous power for us to harness; yet most of us inherited the modern collective fear of anything unpleasant – be it physical pain or the uncomfortable feelings associated with confronting ourselves and the people in our lives when things aren’t working.

We’ve learned to avoid pain at all costs, not realizing this can cost us our freedom.

Pain, injury and trauma are opportunities for us to experience how resilient we are as human beings:

  • The human body can heal rapidly (often in a matter of minutes!) when given what it needs. The trick is learning how to trust our bodies and interpret their messages. 
  • The human mind is capable of (re)directing us through tremendous difficulty into a meaningful purpose-driven life, if we listen to our inner compass and summon the courage to live in integrity to that guiding force.
  • The human spirit soars when we embrace life’s inevitable challenges and grow our confidence through obstacles faced with curiosity, grit and gratitude for the pain itself. Are you listening to the call of your spirit?

Kinetix helps us confront – and FREE – ourselves, fast.

Freedom comes from our willingness to face the hard shit in life; by confronting what’s most uncomfortable; by growing our tolerance for “being with” whatever we perceive as painful (whether emotional, psychological or physical) and learning to turn those experiences into…whatever we choose!

Kinetix helps us decongest our internal physical SPACE (by releasing restricted fascia) and expand our capacity for exploring everything that makes us human beings: pain, pleasure, nervous system patterns and subconscious beliefs; feelings, sensations, fears, hopes, traumas, triumphs; and our innate god-given ability to create whatever meaning we want out of ALL of it.


Yes, Kinetix is a “fascial release” method…with a few twists:

  • As Practitioner (or Apprentice/partner) our job is to step aside and hand over the role of “expert” to the client, empowering them to heal themselves. We “pass the torch” so to speak.
  • There must be a “torch” to pass! Meaning: if you’re stepping on someone, you need to be aware that whoever you’re stepping on will likely experience results only to the degree to which you’ve already experienced them yourself. This is felt on the nervous system level by the client.
  • Whoever we work on (loved ones or paying clients) needs to be ready to do their work. No one can free or heal us but us. And – we don’t have to do it alone!
  • The Practitioner’s job is to hold space and become a skillful guide for their client/partner to identify and face whatever it is they must face in order to experience pain relief, emotional healing, expanding freedom etc.
  • Sometimes this means physical intensity while fascia is being released; other times it means letting emotion out; it always means seeing ourselves as we are AND as we could be; holding the paradox of accepting where we’re at while believing we can be(come) someone or something else (injury-free, confident, at peace…whatever that is for each of us).
  • This work requires both parties to dig deep. We can’t hold space for someone else unless we’ve been willing to go there inside ourselves. And…
  • We can help others only to the degree to which we’ve helped ourselves so far. Expand that, and we expand who and how much we can help other people!
  • Thus – Kinetix is a path that offers continual exploration of deeper and deeper realms of the human body, psyche, nervous system and life’s many feedback loops for BOTH Apprentices/Practitioners and our clients.

So we could call Kinetix:


Your training as a Kinetix Apprentice or Practitioner asks you to be willing to confront and free yourself first; only then can you help others do the same.

This doesn’t mean being perfect, or having yourself all sorted out. It simply means: be on the path; walk the walk; make freedom and a life of integrity your mission, and be passionate about helping others do the same.

Our mission is to create a small army of badass self-healers who are doing their work and want to help more and more people do the same, all over the world.

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Come play, explore and expand your freedom with us!


This workshop is an experiential way of learning about fascia, the nervous system and how quickly we can effect change in our bodies and lives.

There’s no substitute for the visceral knowledge that comes from direct experience as your own body and brain change (often in a matter in minutes!) Or experiencing what it’s like when your body and nervous system become a guide for someone else to have their own life changing moment.

During the live training you’ll learn:

  • 22 foundational Kinetix fascial release techniques covering areas from head to toe. This work is harder to do well than it looks in videos online, and being here in person means you’ll know exactly how it SHOULD feel by being on the receiving end and what to look for from the person you’re stepping on so you feel confident you’re doing each technique SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. This is the MOST valuable part of the training and you’ll draw from this experience after you go home for as long as you choose to do this work.
  • Nervous system reactivity as important feedback: what this means about our relationships to our bodies, to each other, our lives and our ability to heal and evolve.
  • How to use Kinetix for effective/fast pain relief and transforming challenging experiences into greater and greater levels of freedom.
  • How to “listen” to your body and that of your partner’s.
  • How to palpate the body’s fascial system for areas of density and hunt out adhesions.
  • How to be intuitive in your healing approach even if you believe you’re not “intuitive.”

Post-training you’ll receive six months of FREE access to the Mobility Mastery online membership ($282 value):

  • Access to video tutorials for all the techniques you learned during the weekend.
  • Self-help section so you can take care of your own fascia at home if you don’t have a Kinetix partner who can step on you.
  • Private Facebook group for all members, where we’ll hold each other accountable, ask good questions, learn from each other and support one another on the journey to FREEDOM and mastering our mobility.
  • Access to me, Elisha, every month via LIVE Q&A’s inside the Facebook group.
  • Recordings of all the Q&As inside the membership, if you miss them live.
  • Masterclasses added to the membership every month, covering topics that range from “pain patterns” (breaking down the main causes of low back pain, lateral knee pain or plantar fasciitis for example), to nervous system reactivity and how to work with this in yourself or with clients or partners …and so much more.
  • “Follow-along” routines added each month in the Kinetix and self-help sections for specific issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain or how to listen to your body using Kinetix techniques as a tool. You’ll be able to follow along with 3-4 techniques performed tactically in ways you can copy at home to get effective results.

What does Kinetix Apprenticeship cost?

Partners registering together (aka “bring a friend” discount):

$1099 each
(save $500 each!)

Single registrant:


Getting good at this work takes practice (it’s harder than it looks to do it really well), and it’s a LOT easier to practice with someone who learned with you so you can give each other good feedback.

We’d love it if every person coming to this event had someone attending with them from their hometown, because:

  • You will get better at this work faster.
  • You’ll feel supported and have someone to lean on when all the inevitable questions come up post-training. Plus…
  • If you’re drawn to this work it’s probably because YOU want it for your own needs! You’ll be “walking your talk” by getting this work done regularly, experiencing first-hand the many benefits and thus able to talk about it enthusiastically and inspire the people in your life to try it for themselves. Trust me – it’s no fun to work on other people while wishing you were on the receiving end with no one around who can work on you!

Is Kinetix right for you?

This work isn’t for everyone. That goes for receiving as well as doing the work. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of feeling a lot of sensation or coaching clients/partners through something hard to get a result – this work is NOT for you.

If you LOVE coaching people through something hard to get a result, you’ll be perfect for this work. And if you love solving puzzles – you’ll love Kinetix.

Got questions?

If you need anything before registering just email us at We’d be happy to answer your questions there or hop on the phone if it seems like a chat would help you decide if this is right for you or not.

I can’t wait to see you at a live event or maybe out on a trail somewhere beautiful!


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