This course is NOT a professional training. It's PERSONAL. I created this course for couples, friends and community members who have the gumption and grit to partner together for feeling their best - body, soul and spirit. I was inspired to create this course after my best friend Jess helped me heal my knees in 2011. She wasn't a professional or someone I paid - she was a friend who said YES to helping me run and hike again. This is my way of paying that gift forward to you.

If you are a bodyworker, personal trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor or other professional - you can join this course but please know that I've designed it for personal use. There are NO CEU's or credits available.

What I always tell professionals interested in my online courses is this: the best way we can help our clients is by going first. By getting to know our own body, fascia, nervous system, pain patterns and pain psychology so well that we can teach and guide from lived experience instead of building our practice on something we read in a book or heard in a course. Please only join this course I you want to use Kinetix for your own benefits FIRST. 

Hey, Elisha here.

Kinetix is a lot harder to do well than it looks. And I'm not offering any refunds for this course. So please be certain that you're fully inspired to learn Kinetix, with all of its challenges and opportunities. Take a look at my vision for Kinetix in 2021 and beyond (see below). If you resonate, then grab this course before it's archived forever and accept my challenge because YOU are the future of Kinetix. I'll see you in 2021!




This idea was actually Stefan's (my partner in life, business and Kinetix). And it's brilliant. To be honest, I was scared to step into this vision when he first proposed it in 2018. Nothing like this has ever been done before in the world of bodywork. I finally realized what Stefan knew three years ago: Kinetix is NOT a bodywork method. It's much more closely related to a martial art, like Jiu Jitsu - and just as hard to master. Below is our vision for bringing something new and exciting into the world, and if the world is ready for it...then it will come into being. We'd love for you to join us if you feel inspired! 

THE PLAN: FIRST, create Kinetix Kits that you can buy online if you are serious about learning Kinetix properly - with wood stacking blocks, a pole, a non-toxic mat and other accessories. NEXT, build community learning spaces online and offline, where Kinetix can be practiced as the complex discipline and art that it is. This method is for driven individuals who desire to come together in community for personal healing around our bodies, the way we communicate with ourselves and other people, to learn about partnership and the mind body connection and develop mastery over our own mind-body space to the extent that pain and freedom no longer scare us. This method is about developing freedom - body, soul and spirit.


We envision an in person Kinetix Academy that will open in 2021 as a monthly gathering for dedicated students who are committed to the discipline of practicing this method as it is meant to be done - in person, together, learning from each other under the guidance of a master teacher. We will implement a Jiu Jitsu stlye belt system for ranking skill levels in order to honor where each student is at on their journey. Beginner's will learn the foundations of the method either from Master teachers (right now that's me, Elisha, but eventually it will be others - maybe YOU!) or advanced students, while the advanced students will work towards their "black belt" (Mastery). Eventually, I foresee the Academy growing to include weekly (rather than monthly) classes, and in the future we will offer Master practitioners the opportunity to open their own Academy so this work can spread all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Kinetix isn't a bodywork method. It's an art form. It's a discipline. It's a lifelong practice as we help each other evolve, move beyond pain and the nervous system and once achieved, work together to maintain mind-body optimization. There will be NO pieces of paper or titles like "Certified Practitioner." I will not be the one deciding whether or not you work with clients via a private practice - that will be solely your decision. I will, however, provide coaching and feedback, and joyfully promote you through my online presence and in person networks when you demonstrate a high degree of skill and mastery. 

Your Kinetix Adventure Starts Here...


The most important thing: partnership. This will be a journey of self discovery as much as it is about listening to and working WITH someone else. True partnerships require radical candor and honest (sometimes painful) feedback. Kinetix is more like learning Jiu Jitsu than bodywork. If you approach Kinetix with the kind of discipline that martial artists apply to their craft, you'll succeed because you will be more focused on learning the art and craft itself vs any "result" or outcome. Kinetix will teach you about transparency in intimate relationships and how to build partnerships that last...starting with your relationship to yourself, and to your own body. 


Technically, Kinetix differs from other modalities because of the emphasis on precision in compression and shearing of fascial adhesions. This is a LOT harder to do well than it looks - you'll learn to compress fascia ONLY to whatever bone you're working on, vs pinning someone to the floor (or other surface). We're also stretching fascia like taffy a little bit, but mostly we're trying to unglue or unstick fascial adhesions or dense areas of fascia where the adhesive part of fascia has lost its water content, gummed up and stuck to itself. 


Awareness of this aspect of Kinetix is CRITICAL. Without knowing why and how we each react to being confronted (and we all react differently), we can re-trigger old traumas, further ingrain old neural loops and not even get results with the fascia release itself. You'll learn some BASIC principles in this course, but I highly encourage you to learn from my other courses in tandem with this one (available to you now when you join) OR join me in 2021 to explore this in depth. Please make sure to watch this part of the training before stepping on people.

You and your body ARE PARTNERS. FOR LIFE.


Pain is a sign that we are OUT OF INTEGRITY somewhere: physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You already possess - right now - all the elements necessary to bring yourself into alignment. My goal with Kinetix is to help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to know exactly what your body (or your partner's body) is telling you in any given moment - so you can give your body, soul or spirit what it needs and move confidently forward in life. 

Pain keeps us awake, humble and conscious participants in creating meaningful lives. Pain's purpose is to grant us WISDOM. Without pain, most of us would sail through life and always choose what is easy over what is hard. But it's really in the hard moments of life that we build character traits like courage and love, form deep bonds with other people (and our bodies) and decide what the meaning of life is. Without pain, most of us would never take the time necessary to learn how our body functions and just how brilliant it is at healing itself, naturally. You can help your body create its own endogenous self-healing elements, like hyaluronic acid, collagen and structured water. Then, you can take what you learn and go all the way to optimization. 

When we allow pain its rightful place in our lives, we can course correct quickly by taking the right action at the right time in order to create INTEGRITY wherever and whenever we begin to fall out of integrity.

Pain holds us accountable to live our BEST and most AUTHENTIC lives. 

We’ve become far too pain-averse today, and I believe it’s costing us our freedom.

We’re taught that pain is scary, annoying, something to numb, fix or get rid of as quickly as possible; or worse, something to ignore and push through (which sets us up for worse pain and injury later).

We're over-diagnosed and under-cared for. 


here's the truth

Pain is part of life. When you allow pain its rightful place in your life, you move THROUGH adversity quickly, gaining superpowers along the way: courage, confidence, wisdom, trust, resiliency, physical joy (felt as buoyancy), plus the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently help your body repair from the demands you place on it, becoming a self-regenerating organism.

You can choose to numb, ignore or seek quick fixes for aches and pains...OR, you can choose to give your body what it needs to REGENERATE at the cellular level.

Imagine a life where you're THRIVING - physically, emotionally, spiritually. 


 Get to know your internal landscape in an immersive - SENSATIONAL - way via your fascia, muscles and nervous system. You'll be contacting parts of yourself that may have been unconscious until now. These are called your SENSES. Your sense of bodily health and integrity. Your sense of self. Your sense of the world.

Get to know YOUR unique body and the key parts of your fascial and nervous system  that need attention. Your body's needs are unique to you and your past history of injuries and traumas, mindset and beliefs, daily habits and subconscious psychology.

If you're in pain, you can learn what your body needs and gain the skills to work with your body to regenerate tissues - tendons, ligaments, bursa, muscles  joints - at the cellular level so you can move through life with confidence. When you go a step further, you'll optimize your connective tissue with space, blood and fluidity, and...

Return your body to a youthful state where injuries are rare, recovery is fast and you feel like jumping from rooftops!


Thank you for offering this course online. As a personal trainer, I understand the way the muscles run and where a variety of people tend to get tight. I think that the body is an incredible self-healing thing, but you have to get out of your own way to let it!

I’ve had a real success story beginning to unfold and I wanted to share because this one is so juicy! I have a personal training client with a decade of hamstring attachment pain (sit bones). Yesterday her pain was at an 8 out of 10. We worked on TFL for the first time as well as chair calves (her feet are also a big pain area) and she reported her pain as A ZERO. From 8 to 0 in 10 minutes! I’m so happy to find the key to unlocking her pain as well as know that what we’re doing is so effective. I feel so happy to be able to add this work to my training—I feel like my value is going way up!

Thanks for putting it all together in this format so that I can be a better trainer.

Christine N.

  Personal Trainer

When I stumbled upon Elisha's YouTube videos I knew she had a unique and different approach to working on fascia. I so wanted to come out to CA for her in person course, but as a single mom, I just couldn't swing it, so when she offered the online Kinetix course I was so excited.

I think the course material is very useful, comprehensive and well put together.

Using Kinetix with my partner and self treatment following Elisha's YouTube suggestions, my back pain is the best it's been in two years, AND my glutes have calmed down as well, especially right side which has always been more troublesome. Maybe that has something to do with my RIGHT shoulder pain I've had since August, and foot stuff as well, which btw, is pretty much gone! I am so excited! This has given me so much hope that my pain is not something that I would just have to "live with" for the rest of my life. 

So happy to be a part of this family!

Nina L.

 Massage Therapist

Have you ever felt physical joy? 

Physical joy feels like lightness and buoyancy.
We knew this as children!

Sadly, most adults have forgotten what this feels like.

We allowed ourselves to get used to increasing dulLness. then as we got older, the aches, pains and feelings of "heaviness" crept in and piled on one after the other, until... 

we labeled this our "new normal" and call it "getting older."


At least...it doesn't have to be, because...


If you feel dull, achy, heavy, painful - it’s because you’ve tolerated a slow decrease in internal vibrancy without questioning whether you had a choice or not.

This is not your fault. 

But don’t keep reading unless you want to do something about it, because you’ll know better and there will be no more excuses ;)



Remember when you were a kid? If you were like me you jumped out of trees, maybe off your rooftop (didn't you want to know if you could fly?! haha) and sometimes it meant stealing your brother's skateboard and taking it down the steepest hill in town, only to wipe out at top speed, bare-kneed onto the cement. But you recovered so fast you barely noticed! 

A big reason we could do all that when we were kids is because our fascia (or connective tissue) had all the right ingredients to "absorb" those falls and REPAIR us fast. I'm talking about hyaluronic acid and collagen - the 2 primary regenerative ingredients within fascia that gives us a youthful appearance and resilience. 

The reason we lose it?

Mounting stress (mental and emotional), trauma (physical and emotional), daily habits and activities that create internal density (fibrous tissue) as we get older. Your body did its best to absorb all that stress for you, but it's not a bottomless trash can (we tend to store everything in our bodies without moving it OUT). By the time you get a pain signal, your body has done what it can and it's time for YOU to step in and CLEAN HOUSE. That's where Kinetix comes in. 


You can REGAIN a youthful interior environment that allows you to absorb the emotional and physical impact from your life and activities. You can get that "spring" back in your step - literally. You can make those same ingredients you had in abundance as a child that are necessary for rapid self-healing of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, organs and bones.



This powerful PARTNER method uses compression and shearing of fascia to squeeze out the waste, move trauma and stuck emotions out of your body, bring fresh blood back instantly, and stimulates the production of endogenous collagen and hyaluronic acid. These two ingredients mean you'll be supple AND strong, because your cells will contain a well of structured water (cellular hydration) and enough collagen to maintain elastic strength. Kinetix also creates more internal SPACE in a so you can move freely again. 

kinetix session with Elisha Celeste

Fascia (or connective tissue) is a soft tissue structure that you wear like a 6-D suit under your skin; it’s literally what holds you up! Without it you would fall to the ground in a pile of bones, organs and blood. There are many kinds of fascia, some dense (like tendons) and some more fluid (like the extracellular matrix which is responsible for your youthful SPRING). Blood is actually categorized as a type of connective tissue, and you have far more blood within the fascia system than anywhere else! What does every cell in your body need to repair itself? BLOOD AND WATER. What stops blood and water from flowing freely through your body? Fascial restrictions. 

Fascia gives us our shape and texture, and it directly informs how you move through life while being informed itself by how YOU are moving through life. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, life experiences, values and commitments are mirrored back to you by the shape and texture of your fascia, combined with your nervous system patterns.

Your fascia lives at the CONVERGENCE of your BRAIN and BODY, and is enlivened by you - your soul + spirit, or the unique BLUEPRINT that is you.

When you’re willing to CONFRONT YOURSELF, you can heal anything.

If you’re willing to do the work - you can become practically superhuman. Kinetix can help you become super self-aware, make the unconscious conscious, reverse decades of tension and trauma and restore your interior landscape to a state of fluidity and freedom

The first steps on this path await you inside this course. I’ll walk you through what to expect when stepping on someone and getting stepped on; why fascial release is the most efficient way to move trauma and stress out of the body and how common pain issues (like hip pain, heel pain, carpal tunnel etc) can disappear as a byproduct of releasing fascia throughout the entire body.

If you’re in pain right now, consider this:

Pain is your brain and body’s only means of getting your attention when danger is detected. YOUR JOB is to figure out where the threat is coming from - body, soul or spirit?

SOMETIMES THE THREAT IS INTERNAL - if you're conflicted inside because you're not living your truth - your body will reflect that back to you with pain, anxiety or physical tension. The SOLUTION is to discover the truth of who you are and consciously create a more harmonious internal environment. You can discover who you are, interrupt neural pathways and rewire your brain with Kinetix. 

SOMETIMES THE THREAT IS STRUCTURAL - your pelvis may be unstable, a joint could be irritated from lack of blood flow, or maybe a nerve is compressed. Your job is to bring integrity back. Kinetix will help you do that, because fascia is responsible for most structural integrity within the human body (joints, nerves, bones, and muscle will all follow the fascia like puppets on strings). 

SOMETIMES THE THREAT IS PERCEIVED (DUE TO INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES) - maybe you're in an abusive relationship; you hate your job; you haven't learned how to love yourself or you experienced intense trauma in childhood that you haven't healed from. The brain and body don't know the difference between purely physical threats and threats to your well being on a more psychological level. Your body may be playing out perceived danger that has nothing to do with your physical structure. Kinetix can interrupt those old patterns and help you bring integrity to your mind body connection. 



When you take radical responsibility for the quality of your body and mind from the inside out -you can create an extraordinary inner light that no injury, accident or trauma can extinguish from that point forward. In fact, I believe when you get to know your body at this level and make a promise to take care of it - your body can become your most trusted guide in life and a limitless source of wisdom, energy, aliveness and freedom.


As an ultra runner you can imagine that I deal with a lot of tight muscles and minor aches and pains. Elisha's videos on new ways to get some pain relief on my own have been a big help. I am also a personal trainer and lead outdoor bootcamps so I regularly get people asking me how to address their own pain. 

I’ve been loving the Kinetix techniques Elisha teaches in this course. I’ve been using them with clients and have already had great success. I enjoyed the holistic approach she took before getting into the release techniques as it’s an approach I’ve taken since becoming a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach a while ago. I know its hard for a lot of people to get to the root of their pain and the emotional attachment they have to it but I’ve seen some great progress by just asking the right questions.

I would definitely be interested in becoming a Kinetix practitioner and helping spread the practice to the SF Bay area. I see myself eventually offering Kinetix professionally in the future and am very interested in the next course offering. 

Alex Ho

  Personal Trainer

I have to thank Elisha for her work. I did her self help videos and was already so much feeling better in my body, so being a part of her online course was a blessing for me! 

I was happy to see that she taught the philosophy as well. For me that is crucial to fully understand the method. I never did a course online, but Elisha did a great job. My compliments! 

I have done Kinetix so far with 8 different partners and all are very happy and out of pain. Even the pain they did not mention to me, but later on they say: this pain is gone!! Amazing results. I do full body massages, mainly for relaxing and have clients of 73+ till 80+. I have only 2 young people of 48. I am not afraid to step on the elderly. Were I much younger I’d love to become a professional practitioner, but I am very happy with the amazing results I am getting already.

I am very, very blessed to know Elisha and be a part of this course. 

Stella B.

  Massage Therapist


You’ll learn 20 Kinetix partner techniques for head to toe fascia release, injury prevention and optimization. Minor aches and pains can be addressed at the root level when you learn and get good at these techniques.

For example:

  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain
  • Hip pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tension headaches
  • and more!

Please note, if you have a very serious injury or illness, have had certain surgeries or multiple surgeries or have been in pain chronically for years or decades: you absolutely can use these techniques, but your results may vary and might require working with a professional too, so you can get to the root of the issue safely and effectively. Please talk to your doctor if you're unsure if this method is safe for you. 

The 20+ techniques you’ll learn inside this course are the foundation of the Kinetix method.

Minimal equipment is required, so you can get started right away. These 20 techniques are designed specifically for partners who want to learn how to take care of each other at home - whether you’re intimate partners, running or CrossFit buddies or friends who like to challenge and support each other to live your best lives.

Learn about fascia, the nervous system and WHY pain happens so it stops feeling scary and you feel empowered to help your body heal at the root level.

You’ll learn how to "map" the fascial system, how to structure sessions with your partner and how to be "intuitive" (even if you don't feel intuitive). I'll show you how to get RESULTS.

I’ll also provide you with my 5 Step framework for “How to Heal Anything” and how to use these 20 Kinetix techniques to expedite that process.

How Will you learn in this course?

  • You’ll be walked through all 20 technique videos step by step.
  • You’ll get comprehensive supporting material in video presentation form that will teach you how to do the work well, fundamental principles for all techniques, how to be present for your partner, nervous system reactivity, and much more.
  • I'll walk you through a video presentation MINI COURSE on how to heal anything. 
  • Access to Zoom call recordings - hours of Q&A, discussion and coaching between myself and previous Kinetix students.
  • You’ll receive a 60 page workbook to accompany all of the videos and help you go further to get the most out of this course.




I have chronic lower back pain that can be debilitating and had tried a multitude of things (Acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, physical therapy, everything!!) but none have been lasting or even close to as effective as Kinetix.

Elisha is incredibly knowledgeable and invested in making her students better. She goes above and beyond with her education and compassion.

Thank goodness for Kinetix!

Erica S

Erica S.

Initially I visited Elisha for knee pain that I had off and on for 18 years.  After a couple sessions my knee pain was nonexistent. I was so impressed I decided to learn Kinetix myself and ended up becoming one of Elisha's first students. 

Kinetix is a perfect complement to personal training and has given me an amazing tool to help my clients and make more money. 

Everyone can benefit from Kinetix. 

Jason Mcqueen

Jason McQueen

  Personal trainer


earning your freedom VIA KINETIX is arguably SOME OF the hardest work on the planet.


It's also (in my opinion) the most rewarding. It’s an investment in partnerSHIP, IN yourself, your body and your future.

This course will work - if YOU do.


You want to learn about your body, what you're made of (physically and emotionally) and how to take care of yourself so you can perform at your best. 

You want to become more self-aware, discover key patterns that have been running your life from the background and rewire your brain via the body. 

If you want to feel fluid, buoyant and physically JOYFUL - like a kid again!

You're committed to your own health and vibrancy not just as a quick-fix for now, but for a lifetime. 

You believe you can heal anything. 

You want to stop being afraid of pain and learn to get yourself out of pain (whenever you can). 

You're willing to face the hard stuff in life - whether physical, psychological or emotional pain, injury and trauma - and you're willing to do whatever it takes to THRIVE.

SECTION 1: Start Here

SECTION 2: Intro to Kinetix

SECTION 3: Mind Body Convergence

SECTION 4: Mastery Starts Here

SECTION 5: How to Heal Anything

SECTION 6: Kinetix Techniques - Upper Body

SECTION 7: Kinetix Techniques - Lower Body

SECTION 8: Parting Thoughts

SECTION 9: Bonus Material



Can I join this course if I don’t have a partner?

You mention that Kinetix is intense. Does it have to be? Is pain necessary for healing?

How does Kinetix rewire the brain?

How long does it take to get a result?

Is there any reason I shouldn’t do Kinetix? 

Can I do Kinetix if I’m not a bodyworker?

Can I do this work if I don’t know anatomy?

How long does this course take?

What materials do I need to join this course?


Usually I like to offer a money-back guarantee on my online courses. However, due to the proprietary nature of Kinetix and how steeply discounted this course is combined with my warnings NOT to join if you aren't serious about actually putting in the work...Iwill NOT be issuing any refunds for this course. Please ONLY join if you're serious about learning Kinetix, and I hope you'll join me in 2021 to deepen your practice with my guidance in a community setting. 

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