Kinetix Fascia Release

with Elisha Celeste

When Pain Happens...

It’s not uncommon for us to feel so much fear that we stop trusting our bodies and either we: ignore the pain and push through it (which can lead to worse pain later); dissociate and stop feeling altogether (sensation and emotion); or, shrink our lives in an attempt to abate the damage we assume has already been done.

There’s another way, and it seems so counterintuitive that few people do this without guidance:


In my private practice I help clients turn fear into trust and pain into freedom.

Turning towards pain

My mission is to help you learn to TRUST your body and lose your fear of pain. Kinetix can help you learn about your body’s mechanisms of communication, and then expand and FINE TUNE those capacities so you no longer resist pain but rather allow it to wake you up and hold you accountable. 

Accountable to what? 

Sitting in a chair all day. Unhealed childhood trauma robbing you of vitality. Environmental toxicity that is clogging your lymph, fascia and immune system causing anxiety, gut-brain disconnection and maybe even illness. Whatever it is - it is personal to YOU. 

If you're willing to take radical ownership of your body and life - you can not only get out of pain utilizing your own body's brilliant wisdom, you can expand your consciousness and free your human potential. 

What happens in a session?

When you come in for a first session, we will "map" either your upper or lower body fascia to find the imbalances that are the root cause of your pain or range of motion issues. Mapping is done primarily by releasing your fascia and then comparing the density and intensity of left to right and front to back muscle groups.

You may have muscles not firing or muscles that are unable to stretch (which is a big part of mobility and range of motion issues), or your nervous system might be screaming "danger" for some reason. Maybe your pelvis is unstable or your spine is unstable. Kinetix is an amazing tool for mind-body optimization while at the same time being a potent "diagnostics" tool.

What My Clients Say


“After nine months of being sedentary due to tendinitis in my wrists and knees, thanks to Elisha's help, I am finally becoming active again. I did my first bike ride last week and spent the weekend digging holes in the dirt to plant bushes. And yes, prior to Elisha I had seen many PTs, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons.”

Steven Herbert


“Swimming the next day after upper body work was unbelievable. I could not believe the increase in range of motion, ease, and efficiency of the effort. What a great surprise.

Thanks, Tom Padgett or if you like, Thomas S Padgett, MD, FACS”

Tom Padgett


“Last July I tweaked a ligament under my right foot and it was taking FOREVER to heal. After a second podiatrist apt where they told me orthotics would solve the issue (and I was skeptical), Elisha and I started working together. Today my foot feels fantastic, even after 2 hours of tennis. So excited and grateful for Elisha the fascia super sleuth.”

JB Brockman

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