What is Kinetix?

Kinetix™ is a powerful method of addressing and healing pain and dysfunction within the fascial, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Kinetix™ Practitioners leverage a concept that provides powerful results quickly: we pin your fascia with some or all of our body weight (via the feet) and then ask your fascia to change itself (through movement) from the inside out. You are essentially using the practitioner as a tool to heal yourself, and the Practitioner’s job is to coach you through this process.

The reason this work is so effective is because we’re utilizing interoception, exteroception and proprioception (your perception of your internal environment, your perception of your external environment and your ability to detect your body in space and then move your body within that space) all at the same time, along with nervous system engagement to create change within the fascial matrix, and by extension – the body (muscles, tendons, joints, nerves) and brain.

The basis for this method lies in a belief that change cannot happen within the human body without permission from the nervous system. The nervous system, which we could say is the brain broadcasting its current state to us via the body, is regulated by the brain, which current neurosciences tells us is highly influenced by us: our thoughts, beliefs, habits (physical and emotional), reactivity and willingness to grow and evolve through life.

Kinetix™ combines ideologies of neuroplasticity (the idea that the brain can change itself), nervous system patterns and compression + movement based fascial release to create lasting change quickly.

Every “body” a ‘work of art?’

Kinetix™ was named in part because the word kinetic, which it stems from, means “a work of art depending upon movement for its effect."

The human body is an incredible work of art and our unique stories give these works of art their texture, shape and ability to move with freedom (or not).

The goal of every session (not just your first, since life is dynamic and you’re always changing) is to “map” your body’s fascial structure to find and release adhesions, areas of restriction and identify imbalances you may have left to right and front to back. We may talk about whether or not certain muscles are firing and what to do if they’re not, and if necessary we’ll attempt to identify any nervous system patterns that may be holding you back from healing fully.

This work can reverse decades of tension quickly, help you heal from trauma both physical and otherwise, and put you in touch with your body and its many messages in a powerful new way, allowing you to trust your body, stop fearing pain and move through life with confidence and ease.

Ultimately, this work is about FREEDOM:

  • The freedom to move how and when we want.
  • The freedom from pain, trauma and injury.
  • The freedom from patterns that no longer serve us.
  • The freedom to quite literally “re-mold” our soft tissue structures for resiliency, injury prevention and movement potential.
  • The freedom to re-wire our brains as necessary to erase old unwanted patterns (including emotional trauma stored in the body) and create new neural pathways.
  • Kinetix gives us the tools to create FREED UP POTENTIAL. What we do with that potential is up to us!