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Latest Update (Good News!) + My Trauma Story – #fascianista EP05

By October 17, 2019Trauma

Follow along with the latest in my own ongoing journey with health and healing. While I’m seeking specific help with detoxing from mercury poisoning, the themes I cover are universal: wanting to be seen and believed when we seek professional help for health; learning to trust our own wisdom vs when to defer authority to someone “who knows more”; using fascia release for healing from pain, toxicity and nervous system trauma/patterns…and so much more. 

This week I’m sharing my trauma story.

Many of you have been asking me to share more of my own stories, and this is my overview for you of the major events that shaped my life. 

As always, I’m not sharing these videos so everyone can take a stab at “diagnosing” me online. I’m sharing this journey because I believe the sub-topics and themes are universal, and I want to open a larger dialog about what trauma actually is, where it lives in our bodies, what real healing looks like and how trauma informs so much of modern life, from mental health to physical health, disease, illness and politics. 

I firmly believe we can do trauma healing differently…

…with more safety and space for everyone’s feelings to be heard, validated and honored; with patience for the messy bits (which is to say, most of trauma healing); with a lot of grace for each other, with fierce self-love, healthy boundaries and holding each other accountable to be our best selves – and if we do that, I believe the world would change so much for the better. We would have less dis-ease, more connection, fewer wars, more consciousness, more love…

Please share a takeaway below, a personal experience you’ve had on your own healing journey or anything else that feels helpful to this discussion. I love hearing from you!

Got a question based on this week’s video? Post it below, I’m always happy to answer if I can!

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