#Fascianista EP08 – Kinetix and Detox + Nervous System Pattern Identified

Last week I shared my experience of getting a 2 hour Kinetix session with my practitioner Jason in Boulder. It was super intense, AND sooo helpful in moving lymph and helping me detox. For about five days after that session I was really tender and sore in my head and neck lymph and there was a lot of drainage that happened as a result of that Kinetix session in combination with Glutathione and Bind supplementation.

After that 5 day period I started feeling WAY better. Stefan stepped on me and my fascia was a lot less tender/sore and I was able to handle a lot more weight. I have more energy right now and I feel like my hormones are finally starting to balance out again! This really reminded me of the importance of Kinetix for detox and I’m committing to doing at least one hour of work per week.

My call with Dr Mindy (who I’ve been working with to detox) is tomorrow so I only have a few quick updates on that front. I’ve been taking what’s called a “Prep Phase” for detox per Dr Mindy’s recommendations and I have some concerns about the probiotics in the kit. Right now I have a lot of discomfort in my gut and I’m curious if I’ve been having some adverse effects with the probiotics. That being said, it could be something that’s positive (like die off) but just temporarily painful. I’ll be talking with Dr Mindy about this and updating you next week!

Another huge piece of what’s happening for me this week is nervous system patterns and a specific nervous system pattern that’s been staring me in the face the last 2 years and really just came to the forefront of my awareness this past week.

If you watched last week’s video you know that I decided to stop talking with my family. I had a conversation with them about stopping communication and setting a clear boundary (rather than sending an email) which felt like a big step for me in terms of breaking a pattern. But it wasn’t until after I set this boundary that I really got clarity around the pattern that had been staring me in the face which was: “When I’m in integrity with myself that means searching for and trying to reveal truth (even when it’s really confronting), and when that isn’t welcome I retreat inwardly to try to understand and make space for my family at the expense of my natural truth seeking (and often confronting) nature.”

This nervous system pattern that was created in the context of my family has shown up in my friendships, intimate relationships, and almost every aspect of my life. I played out the same pattern with my mercury poisoning experience over the last two years even though I was aware of it and thought I was breaking it.

And… I finally feel really clear on what that pattern is and what I need to do to replace it in a healthy way. Simply put, I’m changing this nervous system pattern from “I will attempt to show myself and reveal who I am x number of times until it’s too painful for me to be unmet over and over, and then I retreat.” to…“I will embody my true nature (personal integrity and always seeking truth) even when it’s confronting or painful to others.”

This feels huge for me and I finally feel ready to stand in the truth of who I am and bring myself fully, openly and unapologetically to my relationships and the world.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on my nervous system pattern story and how your nervous system patterns are showing up in your life! Share your story/takeaway in the comments below and I’ll come talk to you 🙂

With Love,

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