Lymph lives in the superficial fascia – optimize your lymph fascia pathways and detox faster

Did you know that your lymph system lives within your superficial fascia? The superficial fascia is the fascia closest to your skin, so it is the first to be contacted with any kind of compression or fascial release.

Lymph can’t move itself, so it relies on your muscles and fascia to contract and squeeze it towards nodes that collect waste and toxic material inside your body. From these nodes, the lymph needs to move upwards towards the main ducts that drain lymph into the abdominal cavity where it can be transported OUT of the body.

When your fascial system is restricted, not only will your muscles not function optimally, but your lymph system will suffer…

and you may become backlogged with toxins and cellular waste that can’t get out of your body.

One surefire sign that your lymph system is overburdened with a toxic load that’s just not moving out is if your fascia feels really TENDER when compressed. This is a different sensation than fascia that feels intense/painful to release. I’ve learned over the years by talking to clients and feeling this myself that the superficial fascia will exhibit a specific TENDER/sore feeling that isn’t the same as releasing deeper layers of fascia. If you’re working to detox your body, one of the BEST things you can do is optimize your fascia/lymph pathways.

What good are the best detox supplements and protocols if your fascia and lymph system can’t function well?

I recommend a specific ORDER for doing this, because otherwise you might dump a huge load of toxins into a system that can’t handle it. Have you ever heard of a “fascia release” flu? Your body can’t process a ton of toxins at once if the main ducts and pathways OUT of the body are blocked. So the toxins get recirculated and you get super sick.

Here is the order I recommend doing this:

1 – GUT FIRST. Release your gut fascia first, as this is the main area that needs to collect and eliminate toxins from the rest of the body.

2 – Work on your subclavian ducts and neck fascia/lymph pathways. These are the main ducts that collect lymph from your arms, armpits, breasts etc. and they need to be OPEN to allow that waste OUT. I believe this could be a reason breast cancer happens – if these pathways are clogged the toxic lymph waste backs up in the armpits and breast tissue.

3 – Release your arm and leg fascia GENTLY in motions towards the heart, upwards. You can do this with your hands, using fascial release LIGHTLY starting low to high (lower leg up, or lower forearms up).

If you try this let me know how it feels after! You don’t have to do all of it at once, just make sure you do it in the order I listed above. All relevant links to help you are posted below.


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  • Alex says:

    Awesome information, so helpful, inspiring and encouraging. Thank you and some more!

  • Nina says:

    Thank you for sharing ..

  • sherry says:

    this is GREAT!!! thank you…at 69 with all over super sensitive fascia..i didnt realize the protocol for drainage! REbounding & epsom soaks were my only choices

    • Hey Sherry, you’re welcome! This is such an often overlooked relationship between fascia and lymph, and most “detox” strategies focus on diet/fasting/juicing/supplements, while most lymph strategies focus on exactly what you describe, rebounding and exercise. Let me know how this works for you!

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