Master this “crux move” when faced with physical pain, mental/emotional pain or any big “setback” in life and expand your freedom

Understanding the word ‘to heal’ via the framework I share in this video is (I believe) the “crux” of any journey to freedom, whether that’s physical, mental/emotional or any so called “setback” in life.

When mountaineers or rock climbers talk about a route, there’s always a “crux” move – the most challenging part of the climb that will test the climber mentally and physically, but – once complete – leaves the climber feeling relief and accomplishment, because the rest of the route should be easy in comparison.

The “crux move” in healing is similar – there’s a mental/physical challenge that will test your resolve, but once you move through this phase the path forward will feel a lot easier.

When injury, pain, trauma or any big life setback happens most of us tend to react with fear or anger or perhaps grief, believing the life we were used to is gone. We look back on the past with longing, as if the past is better than any future now.

I challenge you to adopt the OPPOSITE belief: what if this pain, injury or so-called setback is actually nature’s way of trying to grant you MORE freedom, more joy, more confidence? What if the future you – body, mind and soul – is going to feel WAY BETTER than any version of you in the past? What if this is all happening FOR you instead of to you?

If you approach pain or challenge believing it’s going to limit your life and make it worse than it ever was…chances are, it will!

When you approach challenges in life with the belief that this is going to make your body and life BETTER, then chances are…it will!

Embrace the learning, the lessons, the growing pains – and you’ll be rewarded with more freedom, more trust in yourself and your body, more confidence and more mind/body/spirit abilities.

What is ONE thing you can decide is a GOOD thing about whatever pain or challenge you’re experiencing? How is this going to help you have a better future? Share your story below and inspire someone else to look at pain with curiosity instead of fear.

  • Dave says:

    You’ve really lit a fire under my ass with many different things and I’m very much appreciative. The personal testimony which is brave and self revealing in addition to attenuating mental and physical alignments. Pain is weakness leaving my body was a mantra we used in the army. Foam rolling was not mentioned back then. Let alone my two ways in which to practice these inspirational and empowering gifts of yours. Either praying the most holy rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary and the chaplet of Devine mercy seems to connect the mind body and soul. Embarrassing probably I should be, the most effective way and thanks to a lady coach foam rolling and stretching nude work so very well

    • Hey Dave, thanks for sharing! I’m glad this lit a fire under your ass, ha! Are you working on a specific pain/injury issue?

  • I am currently taking “Bio-hacking your brain’s health,” as well as reading Joe Dispenza’s new book, Becoming Supernatural, I highly recommend these as you continue on your loving journey.

    • Hi Kara, thanks for the suggestions! I know of Joe Dispenza, I find his work fascinating…and I wonder if there’s an element of spiritual bypassing there. Nevertheless I think he’s doing amazing research and we can all benefit from learning about the power of the brain/heart connection in rewiring ourselves. Is the other book Dave Asprey’s or someone else?

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