Nervous System Re-Wiring: What You MUST Do to Create Systemic LASTING Change at the Neural Level

This video was inspired by a few conversations with my online students recently, related to creating lasting change in their bodies that would translate into lasting change in their lives. 

The term “nervous system pattern” is something I’ve been using, and isn’t something you can Google. However, there’s a lot of online discussion around neural loops, myelination patterns and automated behavior. If you’re super fascinated by this topic, I suggest researching the first two in addition to neuroplasticity. 

I define a nervous system pattern as an automated behavior that your body enacts on your behalf to keep you safe, usually learned in childhood and ingrained so deeply most of us remain unconscious of these patterns until they cause us enough pain to make them conscious. 

Examples of nervous system patterns are not speaking your truth (for fear of rejection, shame, etc); giving your agency away, not trusting yourself, fear of dependency, fear of independence, self-soothing with food, sex, drugs…and so on. 

In this video I discuss what to do to create LASTING change if you’ve already identified a nervous system pattern and/or you’ve been processing emotions out of your body related to a certain nervous system pattern, and you want the change to ripple out into the rest of your life. 

Your body is actually the BEST place to identify nervous system patterns and automated behavior because it can’t lie.

You, on the other hand, are a master at self deception. We all are. That’s because the truth is scary; it’s confronting; it means we have to actually change; take action; become a different person.

Different is scary because it’s unknown. The unknown can send your brain spinning, grasping for the familiar because it’s predictable even if it’s miserable. The unknown could kill you. 

There’s only ONE sure way to make these kinds of changes stick. Watch the video to find out 🙂 Then, share your comments and questions below! I know this topic can feel vulnerable. I promise to create safe spaces where we can have these kinds of discussions. The more we share, the more we empower and inspire ourselves and each other. 

Important video/blog on the nervous system that will help you make sense of this if you’re new to the discussion of re-wiring your nervous system, neural loops or looking to change your automated behavior: Your subconscious lives in your body (understanding the human nervous system) You can also search the YouTube channel OR blog for the words “nervous system” to find related videos and blog posts.

  • Moneeka Lynne O'Sullivan says:

    So much here..so much I do not know yet. Knowledge I do have..definitely trapped emotions & belief systems exist in my body and mind in many layers. From an early age (5) experiences of sexual trauma perpetrated by family, family friends and one stranger, mental, physical abuse/misuse and various injuries and illnesses have formed many limitations – nervous system patterns.
    At 58, I am just now uncurling & learning about me as me – to open- and this scares me. I hate it & love it.
    And I haven’t even EVER used a foam roller yet????????????

  • Stacia says:

    I love everything you do. I’ve been releasing almost daily since taking your foam rolling course. My pain in my leg is no longer and issue and now I am discovering other areas in my body that need releasing as well. I never thought about the nervous system playing a roll in tight fascia. Now I will make it a point to pay attention to reactions and my body.

  • Meg Axelson says:

    Great video as always, Elisha. It is so true-working on the neurological ‘junk’ is just as important as the physical work but so often ignored. I love that you are providing a safe place to share. It is so helpful to feel the support of others when working through these things and knowing that you are not the only one going through issues.

  • Zee says:

    Hi Elisha – thank you for your videos! I really appreciate it that you put your work out for everyone to see. This video really resonated with me because I have a hard time speaking out and am constantly second guessing myself. Recently I have learned about the enneagram which is an ancient system of personality typing. However it is much more powerful than just putting a person into a category. It can help one to face her ingrained patterns and then offers a path to break free of those patterns. Not that any of this is easy! I’m sharing this because I think it parallels your message.

    • Thanks Zee! I love the Enneagram, I think it’s really useful. I’m a ONE, FYI 😉

  • alisa ditmar says:

    I would usually never really communicate to someone that they hurt me because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or I never would really stand up for myself. I would just kinda deal with it (stuff it) and try to restore the relationship. I have recently started speaking up for myself (not all the time) but when I did stand up for myself and the person tried to manipulate me into thinking it was all my fault I again stood up for my truth. I am realizing that I cannot have a deep relationship with anyone unless I am speaking my truth. I cannot have real connection if I am hiding hurt/resentment in my heart. I did feel my body tense and start to become painful again after a very difficult conversation so I rolled out and felt lighter. I am understanding that my feelings are valid and I cannot just push my feelings aside out of fear of hurting someone else’s feelings by speaking my truth.
    My loop is to freeze and endure… I am also realizing that I can remove myself from situations and I can even remove myself from unhealthy relationships. (I am just needing to learn which relationships are worth fighting for and which ones are ok to just let go for my own heart to be healthy).
    This is a fun yet difficult journey. It gives me hope for my future yet can be painful sometimes to really take a deep look and be honest with myself about my feelings.

    • Thank you for sharing this Alisa! Very brave and inspiring. You’re doing AMAZING work, and I’m honored you’re part of this community!

    • Catherine Cooper says:

      Love and resonate with your post, Alisa! You’ve developed great awareness; your honesty and personal integrity shine through very brightly. I agree that this path is difficult and sometimes painful, but also hugely rewarding and exciting when we discover and express previously hidden aspects of ourselves.

      It makes me squirm to admit it, but I’ve often not spoken up because I wanted people to like/approve of/accept me. Having this knowledge has made me wise, but taking action and speaking up makes me powerful and brings me peace. I prefer this version of myself, but I’ve been noticing that my old default pattern is strong and I can keep silent on things very easily without realising what I’m doing, especially when I’m feeling stressed. My goal is therefore to remain conscious and centred for increasingly longer periods of time.

      With best wishes

  • Catherine Cooper says:

    Thank you, Diane, for sharing such a great example of multiple modality healing. So glad you’re making terrific progress!

    I can certainly identify with you, as my nervous system was in flight or flight mode for the majority of my childhood, which has had lasting effects on my body and my relationship to others and the world around me. Among many avenues I’ve investigated, a therapy called Brainspotting helped me enormously in my inner world. I’m now working on the somatic level through fascia release (I’m an online student of Elisha’s) and I’m taking action to become more open and engaged with people and society in general.

    I’ve never heard of fascia puncturing….does your therapist pin a spot and then stretch your fascia from there? Like a very deep massage?

    With warm wishes

  • Diane says:

    Interesting.I didn’t,t do fascia puncturing as getting.touch with my story but the release has brought lots of previous memories forward that were painful psychologically.I am able to be with the memories the fascia presents because I have done lots of psychotherapy and understand the journey I have been on.I did the fascia release in combination with physiotherapy.The two practicineers are communicating with each other a recommend things to each other with my treatment. So I get the maximum of both treatments working in tandem so there is more release.I started fascia puncturing because it was my last resort from osteopathy, to chiropractors to acupuncture. I still could not get my arms above my head.Fascia puncturing is covered under medical for free in Canada.Physio is not.You must pay a percentage.I went to fascia puncturing because I had spent so much money with no results.Interesting about nervous system loops. I was so conditioned from years of pain that I was shocked that my physiotherapist got my arms above my head .I said How did you do that and I can’t .He said because I was so conditioned to thinking I couldn’t do it I was afraid to try. He recommended a pulley to pull up a down with both arms.Pull down with left arm and pull back down with my right arm..He said the noise of popping is ok just keep doing the exercises. So I do . My muscles in my arms have takin a lot of time to come back because the muscles have atrophied because of lack of use over time. We are making headway .It has been a long journey back. I think I had been in fight or flight reaction for years. My nervous system has calmed down considerably. I have developed an awareness of my thinking and I am not so startled as before over my whole life..My shoulders have come down and are more relaxed. as I I go forward. I feel my nervous system was shot from a lot of trauma . I had severe hormonal imbalance due to stress that has now subsided. So yes my nervous system had deep entrenched patterning. I am very aware of that and I look back on that and now feel like a completely different person just because my nervous system is not so reactive now. So I will continue on with more peace in my heart and mind. Hope that gives you some more insight to the journey I have been on
    Sincerely Diane????????

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