Non-toxic, sustainable eco friendly fascia release roller – my new FAVORITE tool!

This is a new kind of video/post, but I am really excited about this. I’ve been wanting to do some gear and tool reviews, and this one just fell into my lap.

Stefan found this small company based out of Portland, Oregon called Lanna Rollers. They make sustainable fair-trade rollers that are my new absolute FAVORITE roller for fascia release. Click here to buy a Lanna Roller for yourself.

Please know if you do decide to buy one of these Lanna (OM) rollers through my link, I will get a small affiliate commission. But I would be singing the praises of this roller regardless, and it’s the only one I use now.

Reasons I love this roller:

1. There’s NO plastic. It’s made from sustainably grown mango wood in Thailand, and the wood is smoke cured so there are no toxic chemicals here. The mango wood is covered in natural latex foam, which in turn is covered by a hand made beautiful tapestry that is a work of ART. Seriously – these are SO beautiful!

2. The wood closely resembles the density of human bone, making it a really complementary tool to use for fascia release.

The human body tends to reject non-natural objects being forced into the tissues (like metal scraping tools and plastic PVC pipes etc).

3. The natural latex foam allows your fascia to be absorbed gently, while the wood underneath creates the pin or compression necessary to shear fascial fibers and/or stretch them effectively. This means the Lana roller is gentle, but actually more effective than a traditional roller.

4. The textured fabric on top means you’ll get a great “grip” on your fascia, instead of sliding off a metal, plastic or rubber object. But it’s not too grippy…so you won’t stick to it.

5. The company itself is committed to being sustainable, eco friendly and pays the artisans in Thailand living wages. It’s a small company, and I love supporting companies like this over big giants that make their products in huge factories in China. This is one of the few companies out there making tools for fascia release that align with the values of myself and Mobility Mastery.

Help me support this company! You’ll be supporting me as well, and your fascia will thank you.

No toxic chemicals or micro plastics here, and the combination of wood, latex and textile means you get an awesome result from your fascia release efforts.

Gentler AND more effective? Yes please!

Want to buy a Lanna Roller for yourself? Click here. Your purchase helps artists in Thailand, and it also allows me to offer free content every week here on the blog and YouTube channel.

Let me know if you’re “in” and ready to get a Lanna Roller for yourself by commenting below! Share your pic on social media. Let’s support this company. Thank you.

  • PJ Stambaugh says:

    Jordan – Thank you for sharing your first-hand experience of the OM Roller you recently purchased. I am THRILLED you are happy with your purchase and can support Elisha’s enthusiasm for the product. May you continue to find the tools and methods to work with your body, and not against it! Well said.

  • Jordan says:

    I LOVE the OM Roller!!!!!!
    It is even more FABULOUS in real life!
    It is EXQUISITE and the craftsmanship is exceptional!
    Beyond its beauty, it just feels good to use it.
    Other rollers cause pain and trigger my nervous system, but
    The OM Roller feels natural, like it is working with my body
    Not against my body.

    Thank you Elisha for introducing us to the OM Roller.
    Rarely have I been so thrilled with a purchase.

    • Hey Jordan, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the OM roller! I love it too (obviously), for the same reasons as you. I appreciate you taking time to comment and share your experience using it!

  • Mi says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask how do I practically buy one of these Lanna rollers through your link so you’ll get the small affiliate commission?

    • Hi Mi – if you click the link in this article and follow it to their website, whatever you decide to buy will give us the small commission I believe. While I am so grateful for anyone wanting to purchase through our link, mostly I just want to support this company and contribute to ending our plastic dependency. So even if you decide to purchase not through my link it would make me happy!

  • Stella says:

    Hallo Elisha,
    I ordered to day the 5 nesting piece. I am very glad that we can order now in the Netherlands, because some month ago we were not able to do that.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Love, Stella

    • Oh wow! Amazing Stella. I am planning to order some of the other ones as well. I am so happy to hear you could order in the Netherlands!

  • PJ Stambaugh says:

    Elisha, I have tears in my eyes after reading your blog post and watching your video review about our eco foam rollers. You get it!! I don’t have much to add! You so eloquently explained the product, how it was made, how it feels, and even about my company. You do your research!

    You helped us with our new tag line for Om Roller: “Our rollers feel like Elisha walking on you with her hydrated fascia!”

    Why not have your no-plastic roller be beautiful enough to be a part of your living room? Did you hear about the discovery of a new form of plastic pollution they call “plasticrust”? It is coating rocks on the shores of Portugal preventing natural algae and such to attach and grow. We must do our part and not contribute! #NOPLASTIC

    Thank you for the thorough, heartfelt and honest review. TBH, more orders would be a happy problem to have!

    With gratitude,

    • Awwww – yay PJ! I’m just SO happy you’re making these rollers. Love your new tagline, haha! I’m so with you on ending plastics use, it’s horrifying what we’re doing to the planet and especially the oceans. I’ll keep singing your praises and hopefully send a lot of people your way. I’m now recommending your roller to my online students as well (people who join my paid courses for fascia release). Thanks for all you do!

    • Loula Athans says:

      Hi PJ!
      Wow- what a small world.. we met in Chiang Mai, many moons ago on a visa run to Laos. I remember our impromptu and incredibly healing yoga play outside the embassy on the lawn, and being inspired by your photography and sense of adventure.
      I am ecstatic for you that Elisha has found and shared the love for your stunning Lanna (Om) Rollers. Two ground-breaking, life-changing forces coming together.. meant to be! Your rollers truly are the way forward both in the preservation and conservation of our beautiful planet AND the renewal of our fascia via Elisha’s techniques.
      Ordering mine asap!
      All the very best,

  • Helle Saniel-Nielsen says:

    I also think its beutiful, and maybe I am going to buy one. Is it the same size as your normal foamroller,. It seems smaller??
    And– I would like if you could present other tools that you use. I am from Denmark and maybe we dont have the same tools here, so I have to find similar tools. Do you use balls?? I have signed up for your 3 courses. Is there any specific tools other than foamroller?
    Namaste Helle

    • Hi Helle – there are a few options for sizes of the Lanna/Om rollers. The one I used in this video was the Classic, which should work for most fascia release work using a foam roller that I recommend and teach. I will be doing more of these gear reviews in the future. I’m searching for better tools like the Lanna Roller that Arne’t plastic (like balls), but they are harder to find. For now I still recommend lacrosse balls. There’s a Tools section inside the courses you joined that will help you!

  • PJ Stambaugh says:

    Kathnell – We are excited you are excited to receive your all natural roller set! Please allow for a few more days of wondrous anticipation before your good-looking roller is in your hands! We shipped your rollers out on June 19, two days after you placed your order on June 17, so two weeks from June 19 is July 3.

    Thank you Elisha for educating on the benefits of myofascial and using non-plastic products to do it with!

  • Hi Elisha–I ordered a roller from PJ who works at the Lana roller distributing company–I did tell him that you highly recommend their rollers..I am tracking mine–I paid for the two week delivery–as of no it has been sent but is still in Thailand–it looks like a good investment–Thanks–really enjoyed Mobility Mastery and am going to get started on course “1O1–Kathnell

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