Orthotics (Shoe Inserts): Change Your Posture + Gait At Your Own Risk

ORTHOTICS (shoe inserts) – should you get some, or ditch the ones you’re wearing? 

This is often a controversial topic because some people LOVE their orthotics and swear by them. 

I’m not going to tell you what to do. That’s not my style. Instead, I’m going to share a few client stories, and my opinion. I want you to make this decision for yourself. 

Most people get shoe inserts in an attempt to alleviate some pain they’re having. Typically it’s plantar fasciitis, knee or hip pain that sends people to a podiatrist (or the over the counter pre-made orthotics section at your local pharmacy or shoe store). 

Sometimes, inserting new orthotics into your shoes magically makes your pain (let’s say plantar fasciitis) disappear. It’s amazing! You’re sold! 

Then…six months later, you develop hip pain you never had before. 

This is a VERY common pattern I see in my private practice clients. They get orthotics for one reason, which the shoe inserts solve; but they develop an entirely new problem down the road. 

That’s because orthotics are another tempting band-aid solution that doesn’t address the root cause. 

When your body gives you a pain signal – such as plantar fasciitis – that’s usually because something is actually wrong and your body would like you to address and correct it.

You get shoe inserts which temporarily alleviates the foot pain, adds some cushioning which your feet seem to love…but the original problem is still there. 

Watch the full video to learn why my stance is strongly against orthotics in most cases, and what you should be aware of if you’re considering ditching yours. 

Unfortunately, removing shoe inserts can cause a reverse domino effect and a lot of people go through a painful re-learning curve. This is totally natural and part of the process, but I want you to be aware and take the necessary steps to help your body re-adjust. 

After you watch the full video, share your comments and thoughts on all things orthotics below! 

Then, consider sharing this with anyone you know struggling to figure out if they should or shouldn’t get orthotics, and especially if they’ve developed a NEW pain they didn’t have before. This often frustrates and baffles people who aren’t aware of what these shoe inserts do to change their gait and posture. Knowledge is power. Share the love 🙂

  • Dave says:

    I recently ditched a shoe insert of 10 years, correcting a lifetime pelvic tilt. Following you, and plenty of yoga based on the anatomy trains model, has corrected the tilt beautifully, just a twist to fix and all will be good. However, I have noticed a hip and opposite knee ache, joints re arranging into a proper position I’m guessing. On the whole, I much prefer my new posture, ditch the inserts!

  • Kim says:

    I’ve used them in the past. Made my foot hurts worse. I wear Birkenstocks now and SAS brands. Wish I could go bearfoot but no pad on the bottom of feet. Thank you for your help!!

  • Ann Marie Falkman says:

    Fifty odd years ago, when I was 12, I first noticed the first signs of Hallux Valgus. My wearing high heels was obviously not the cause..
    I think it must be a genetic weakness as both my mother and grandmother had terrible bunions on both feet.
    I believe I’ve kept pain and inflammation in my bunions at bay by for the past 20 years or so having worn shoe inserts supporting my arches aswell as a silicon toespreader between my big toe and the next one. It also stopped the pain I had begun to feel on the insides of my knees.

    PS. I have been meaning to ask for ages – I love the short burst of very catchy music before and after yr talks – what’s the name of it/ the musician??
    Thanks for all yr wonderful support and info.! Ann Marie

  • Diane Whalen says:

    Hi Diane hereI am presently doing Fascia puncturing in tandem with my phsiotherapist My physo wants me to get rid of my orthodics.I am totally in agreement with him but it will be an adjustment period because I wear orthotics in my sneakers but not in my regular dress shoes or thongs.I always have pain my right knee and hip after I have worn dress shoes and go back to my orthoodics It’s literally a pain but I am determined to get rid of them My physo says he feels I will not need them once he is finished with treatment with me.I have been going for fascia puncturing for 30 treatments Alot of yherapy tp get back in alignment.I am seventy and generally very healthy and healthy weight.I have had alot of stress in my life .Single parenting,going back to university in my forties combined with many years of housecleaning which played havoc on my posture ,Shoulders in particular.So I am on the mend and will look forward to a basic maintenance program once I get my alignment straightened and my fasciia repaired Nothing better than good health and I am determined to get there.Thanks for your video’s I really appreciate them .I have certaily learned alot about fascia .Alot of people don’t even know it exists
    Thanks for your support Sincerely Diane

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