Pain Between Shoulder Blades, Quad Pain, Releasing Anger, Processing Trauma + More – October Q&A

It’s that time again! This is your October rapid fire Q&A, where I read your questions on camera and you get my unfiltered, unedited answers on the spot. 

This month we’re covering a lot of ground, from pain between the shoulder blades to sciatica and thigh pain to releasing anger from the body, processing trauma and more. 

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  • Derrick says:

    Knots in the back. What are they?

  • John Franks says:

    I have recently had some pain in the middle of my spine and when I went to a doctor, who took some xrays and said I had a little scholiosis but other than that he could not see anything wrong. I went thru 4 weeks physical therapy and PT said I had some wing out in my right shoulder blade and some weakness there versus the left side. He said he thought that the serratus muscle connects to spine and up to that shoulder area and maybe that could be the problem. I have done this one stretch he said to do and it has partially helped but the pain and lack of mobility remains. Also have had some pain in my knees for about 12 years and I went to a orthopaedic doctor who said it was maybe it band syndrome and I did some pt and it helped a little but recently this pain has gotten a little worse, especially when I do some physical work. I was wondering in these two areas what you may think? Thanks, John

  • Luvenia G Vaughan says:

    I have been sick and in pain for most of my life and find myself without any support from others. I am 66 and would like to know if there is any way to do this without any help from others? I have changed my diet, and try to work out almost every day but the muscles and joints still hurt and the FIBRO attacks can put me into bed for days if not longer. Is it possible for me to ever live a fairly pain-free life? I know there are others like me as I have read their comments online but none of them live closer enough to share our activities. Thank you for your time and you do great work.


  • Rachel says:

    I remember you saying in a previous video that regarding healing your knee that you would have a friend release the fascia, then you would go for a run/hike and when the pain returned (even while on the run/hike) you would repeat the treatment. I would love for you to talk about persistence with this because issues do (such as your knee) take time and many treatments to go away. I think this could encourage me and others to persevere when our fascia adhesions are stubborn.

  • Rachel says:

    I often wonder your opinion on products similar to voodoo floss. It wraps about an area and you then put it through active movement. Do you think it is releasing fascia? It feels like it is even if it is only temporary.

  • Becky J Parker says:

    I recently started following you. I believe in the body healing itself with the proper tools. My question is about my knees. They feel weak and I believe my kneecap popped out of place while exercising followed by inflammation. How can i repair and strengthen my knees?

    • Lisa says:

      So grateful to have found you. I think I have major pelvic fascia problems. DXd with interstitial cystitis 35 years ago.. trying to release pelvic muscles but I think fascia might be heretofore missing link for some relief. Thanks for any thoughts on this. I am going to try the basketball adductor release that you posted.

      • Hey Lisa, glad you’re here! Definitely start with that basketball technique. Let me know how that feels after! And then I’d recommend my self abdominal fascia release as well. But that high adductor is really powerful for pelvic floor stuff.

  • Julie says:

    My takeaway from this Q&A is how resilient our bodies are if we listen and trust them. Something has clicked about being partners with my body. Wow.

    My question concerns sitting cross-legged, or rather WANTING to sit cross-legged, and which fascia areas might need releasing, or what advice you might have? My right leg is fine sitting crosslegged, but my left leg is very painful. Also, trying to rest my left foot on my right thigh: can’t do it! I’d like to be able to do that action, too, for various reasons. 20+ years ago I tore the iliopsoas muscle area. I’ve been doing the quad, ITB, calf releases, and have added the abductor release (w/medicine ball) all of which have released so much pain in my left hip. Thank you for that!

    Am I expecting too much of my body? I’m feeling I CAN do these two things again some day. Thanks, Elisha!

  • Lifemax says:

    How to heal from meralgia paresthetica.
    I’ve had this over 10 years and doctors say there is no way to fix it.

  • carol says:

    My first issue was my left foot dropping as I walked and not being able to place it where I wanted when hiking down a mountain

  • carol says:

    I have found you at the right time!
    I was diagnosed with progressive ms back in 2002.
    Have spent $$$$$$ back and forth to NY for treatment, now truly believe I can heal myself
    Have believed that just The labeling of an illness kicks the brain into playing the game.
    Walking is a challenge, I want to replace this walker with my independent self.
    I wish to hike like I always used to before this diagnosis.
    What are the best releases to heal the spinal cord and brain and create new neural pathways.
    I feel this is a result of past trauma and fear.


  • Dear Elisha,
    Years ago while researching yoga and martial arts I found a breathing exercise which touched on a similar release to what you found with the “tone”.

    The way it advised to find that tone was to do your yel until completely out of breath, the final sounds being a way the subconscious gave release to pentup emotions from deep inside.

    It advised practicing the yell until breath was emptied of the body and noting the tones…after doing it for a while you will notice similar tone and when found, repeating the tone in the same method.

    Personally I discovered that the tones would amend as I repeated the exercise and, for me, it brought different releases each time.

    I hope this helps!

  • Johan says:


    My question is around an injury of hitting my big toe against someones heel during beach volleyball around 3-4 years ago. I got it xrayd by that time but they found no bone injury just a swelling in the area between the big toe and thebtoenbext tonit, approx 2 cm down between the toes. It has become a bump in that area about 0.5cm of height, like there is a scar there since the injury…but under the skin. Skin looks perfect on the surface. Inhave noticed the toe is öimited ik range and associated with pain with bending. Also since last 3 months there has come 4 pea sized fluid filled bubbles under the skin, and they are a bit sensitive when pressed. I dont know what to do here. I regularly do some stretching of the toe to regain the mobility since i noticed its still limited and assoxiated with some pain.

    So..what are those bubbles? Due to pressure frol running shoes? Too much running? Perhaps due to injuriy which didnt heal properly in the ligaments possibly?

    I know its impossible to answer..but i want to throw it out here. I have googled a bit and it seems worth to take a fluid sample to rule out an infection at least.


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