Pain Relief is For People Pursuing Lives of Lack (Find Out What I’m Pursuing Instead)


I’m quitting the business of pain relief, and this video is my “coming out” celebration for the next phase of my life. 

I may or may not continue producing content here on Mobility Mastery. I haven’t decided yet, but perhaps you can help me figure that out by watching this video and letting me know if you’re on board with my new orientation to pain and freedom. 

Here’s what’s been on my mind lately: have we in the pain relief world unwittingly participated in the widespread numbing of humanity? Have I, with my private practice and online presence?

I’ve been semi-closeted for years around my real mission in life, believing it’s not sexy enough for me to make a living. I’ve been a coward, but I forgive myself – because I didn’t have all the puzzle pieces to feel at home in this new paradigm. Plus, my own trauma patterns around speaking my truth and wanting to belong still needed to change.

2020 shook me awake, and I finally have all the puzzle pieces and the courage to come out of the closet FULLY. 

Those of you who actually read my emails won’t be surprised by anything I’m about to share.

The truth is, promising pain relief – that sells really well.

I built a very successful private practice in Boulder, Colorado based on the promise of offering people “pain relief.” I charged $300/hr the last time I worked with a private client.

Since 2015 I’ve been offering the same promise of pain relief online here at Mobility Mastery.

And while I’ve almost always gotten great – even miraculous – results for my clients, and many people get results from my information online, this paradigm of “pain relief” feels like a dangerous one and I won’t participate anymore.

Because here’s what I know: the absence of pain doesn’t equal pleasure or freedom or joy.

The absence of pain = NUMB.

To anesthetize means “to induce the loss of consciousness” or “deprive someone from a feeling of AWARENESS.”

In our quest NOT to feel certain emotions and sensations (whether naturally, or via medical interventions like cortisone injections or even something as seemingly benign as acetaminophen or tylenol) have we dimmed our consciousness and deprived ourselves of the awareness of our own being?

Did you know that researchers at Ohio State University have proven that acetaminophen – the primary ingredient in Tylenol and 600 other “medicines” – has been shown to reduce negative AND positive emotions?

In a recent study by the same researchers who wrote the paper I just mentioned, it was concluded that acetaminophen also reduces RISK ASSESSMENT.

Well no shit – honestly, I’m glad this information is trickling out but do we really need a scientific study to prove this?

Science has already established that there are no such thing as pain receptors in the human body – there are nociceptors, which are nerve endings responsible for detecting potential damage to our tissues or possible danger to our survival, and they send messages to the brain which then has to determine if the threat is credible or not. Then there’s neuroception, which is our ability to sense if a situation or person we’re encountering is safe, dangerous or life threatening.

The sensation of pain is nothing more than the perception, by either nociception or neuroception, that we MIGHT be in danger. Our job, as the owner of the body, is to figure out if the threat is real or imagined.

This is why trauma is linked to physical pain – if we believe we’re in danger emotionally, the body doesn’t know the difference between that and possible tissue damage or threats to our existence.

We get the experience of pain either way, and our job is to figure out what kind of danger we believe we’re in. Either way, it’s worth noting that if pain is present, then at the nervous system level we believe we’re in danger. Isn’t that worth paying attention to?

Instead, we decide we don’t like this thing we call pain. We don’t like feeling headaches or jaw tension, gut pain or knee pain…so we pop a pill.

And apparently, you might be more prone to bungee jumping gleefully if you take Tylenol.

But in all seriousness, we need to talk about this. Because apparently 25% of Americans take acetaminophen containing drugs each WEEK – and it’s one of the MILDEST painkillers on the market! We’re not even talking about opioids and the addiction crisis we’re facing globally, or crazy dangerous sedatives like benzos.

Painkillers, by design, interrupt the communication of potential danger at the central nervous system level, so that we don’t FEEL that signal.


Of COURSE we wouldn’t have access to normal risk assessment when our primary threat detection system has been cut off or diminished. We need a study to tell us this…really?

But here’s what we’re NOT talking about that I’m committed to making clear in everything I do from now on:

When we pursue the absence of pain as a goal (whether with tylenol, cortisone injections or fascia release), we pursue lack: lack of physical pain, lack of emotional distress or trauma, lack of injury, lack of feelings we don’t like. In doing so, we inadvertently pursue less and less awareness of ourselves and our world.

We pursue senselessness.

And what about people like me who offer “pain relief” naturally? Well let’s really think about this for a second.

What IS pain?

We might think about pain as sensations or emotions that are uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Feelings like anxiety, depression, anger, headaches, low back pain, trauma, gut inflammation or stomach pain…it’s a massive list right? We also tend to make physical pain mean that we’re damaged or defective…but are we really?

Scientifically, as I mentioned earlier, pain is the nervous system perception that we MIGHT be in danger. Do we really want to be RELIEVED of that experience? What if we really ARE in danger? Do we want to skip that memo and kick that can down the road? A lot of people do, and they tend to end up in my office…but not before going through rounds of tissue killing cortisone injections, failed surgeries and years of PT that never worked.

Ok, so we have our definition of pain. Something we don’t want to be feeling.

When I looked up the definition of RELIEF, this is what I found:

alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain, distress,
oppression, etc.

money, food, or other help given to those in poverty or need.

something affording a pleasing change.

release from a post of duty, as by the arrival of a substitute or replacement.

the person or persons acting as replacement.

So basically, if you are someone who promises people “pain relief” – as I claimed to be for nearly twelve years OMG – you’re implying that the person in pain is experiencing something they need deliverance from and YOU are the THING that offers deliverance from the responsibility of tending to it themselves.

By using these words – pain relief – we’ve created a paradigm where our clients and patients are, even if unconsciously, the physically or psychologically impoverished, the physically or psychologically needy and oppressed…while WE nominate ourselves as those who will deliver them from the burden of FEELING something they don’t want to be feeling.


And let me be clear – I believe we can achieve numbness by any means, because the end results depends on the GOAL we set when we being. Whether we’re using painkillers or fascia release, either can be used as a weapon against the body to anesthetize, numb and render ourselves senseless.

I’m here to help you feel MORE. Not less.

My mission in life is to help you honor and use ALL of your senses – and there are for sure more than 5? – so you can engage with being human fully, and interpret what your body, psyche and environment are trying to tell you about how to live well.

Because pain turned into PERCEPTION leads to wisdom that no one can ever take from you, and these superpowers can be built upon and grow.

That’s the real process I’ve always aimed to guide people through. But in calling my first business “Boulder Pain Relief” and talking so damned much about pain relief…I unwittingly perpetuated the paradigm I never resonated with in the first place.

I’ve always called myself a pain advocate – because pain is a communication from our body that might indicate tissue damage but might also indicate unhealed trauma.

Our bodies are so much wiser than we are.

Here’s what I’m all about: open communication lines between me and my body; transparency and accountability to every emotion and sensation I feel so I can SENSE my body and my world with uncanny perception, and live well as a result.

My mission is to help you do the same – if that sounds like a goal you want to set for yourself.

When we do this, pain dissipates into the background of our existence and in its wake we’re left with a myriad of diverse sensations, emotions and FELT EXPERIENCES…all of which tell us something useful about ourselves, our bodies or our world.

Since we’re exploring definitions, the definition of “to sense” is:

any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which
humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside
the body.

to perceive (something) by the senses; to become aware of.

to grasp the meaning of; to understand.

If you’ve been with me a while, you might know that I’ve always said that pain only goes away (at least naturally) when we MAKE SENSE of it.

I didn’t realize quite how POETIC that mantra of mine was all these years.

Freedom happens when we are in alignment – body, soul and spirit.

When we honor what we SENSE and seek to hone those sensing skills, we get to understand more, know more, grasp the meaning of…our own body and psyche, other people’s bodies and psyches and our world.

In celebration of my coming out, you’re invited to a conversation about human freedom, where we will discuss and engage with body-based practices for the pursuit of “the freedom to…”

The freedom to run, hike, move and play in ways that make us come ALIVE; the freedom to breathe easily, to feel at home in our bodies and know what they need to thrive; the freedom to pursue our passions and unlock our potential; the freedom to live without the fear of pain and develop the skills to help our bodies perform well; the freedom to truly know ourselves and fully experience this life, instead of living most of it on autopilot or worse…living in LACK. 

Pain relief is for people who want lives of lack. That isn’t me, and I hope it isn’t you.

The FREEDOM TO is a conversation that puts the power and potency back into our bodies, our minds and our spirits, instead of draining that power and potency by opposing ourselves to pain and enriching those who seek to profit from our ignorance of what we are capable of as human beings.

And for anyone I unconsciously impacted in a negative way in my previous role of “pain reliever” – I ask for your forgiveness. I forgive myself. I know better now, so I’m doing better and I’m DONE with that old paradigm. 

So you should probably know that I’m committed to this new paradigm from now on. You won’t hear me talking about or promising pain relief, on any platform from now on. If this means you unsubscribe, that’s ok. There are a lot of people online teaching pain relief, and I hope you get the help you’re seeking. And if you resonate with what I’m saying and you plan to stick around – would you be willing to do me a favor and comment below to let me know? I’m not sure if I’m going to continue on this channel or start a new one. Hearing from you would help me know what to do, because if enough of you actually resonate with this new message and want to stick with me moving forward…then I might keep working from this platform.

Thank you for watching. 

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  • Missi B says:

    I’m new to the game of fascia and EXTREMELY fascinated by this topic. I’m currently working through neck/shoulder pain, and understand that it is a relationship between me and those that are working with me. I have to be equally engaged in my dedication to better my situation. If I don’t participate actively in the process, I will end up back where I started.

    Unfortunately, everyone is fighting time, and there needs to be a shift in thinking. It is impossible to keep our bodies “young”. What we see as “youth” is only superficial/temporary. There needs to be a redefining – of a superficial standard of living mindset to a deeper quality of life existence.

    It is our responsibility to be good stewards of what we have. Optimizing our health – mentally and physically. The work is collaborative.

    Follow your gut! I think you are headed down an exciting path! If you ever choose to do retreats or something of that nature, I’ll be on the sign-up list for sure! Your curiosity has inspired mine! Keep going!!!

    • Hi Missi – Thank you for this beautiful comment! I love your self ownership, self awareness and the way you talk about being a responsible steward of your body! I would really love to do retreats. I was supposed to create my first one…then “2020” happened. Right now it’s all virtual. I actually just opened a new course today called The Fascia Way to Freedom. In case it’s appealing to you, here is the link to learn more: https://mobilitymastery.mykajabi.com/fascia-way-to-freedom

  • Kim – thank you for sharing this. I’m ever so grateful every time people like you share about their traumas being related to physical sensations or pain manifestations. People so often feel defective or abnormal with pain and trauma, when this is anything but (it’s an epidemic I think). I have been creating quite a bit of content lately about these connections – if you search “nervous system patterns” on my YouTube channel (or the blog), you’ll find some good stuff. Or my most recent 2 videos on YouTube address this as well.

  • Kim says:

    This attitude and understanding makes perfect sense to me. By holding in past traumas, not speaking up for myself has led to pelvic pain and continuous throat clearing… physical outcomes of psychological life happenings. I look forward to seeing your progression in this field. Well done for expanding any stepping out.

  • Lori says:

    RESONATES. I will continue to follow your honest journey.

  • Christina says:

    I will definetly, be sticking with you Elisha….. you have opened my mind up, like from a real drowsy, over medicated sleep…. that , until now, until you….. watching your videos, listening to you explain stuff, I have never been aware of….I finally get it!!!!!!!!🤔😊😉, and I am so, so very grateful, to you, for bringing about more awareness, and understanding, of how everything works….and how we can heal ourselves😊… big Thankyou to both you and Stefan…2 earth Angels😇😇😍😀

    • Hi Christina – what a wonderful comment to receive here, THANK YOU for sharing! 🙏🏽🌟💛 And I look forward to connecting more as we move forward 🥳

  • Michele Lesser says:

    I totally get it, and I agree. I definitely want to stick with you moving forward.

  • Lawrence D Bohler says:

    I’m with you elisha – I have followed your videos to gain a better understanding of my body, not for pain relief – I do tai chi, which is about feeling your body to the fullest extent. I like your change of focus and will be interested in finding how this works out for you and for those of us who stay with you. Tha k you.

  • Janice says:

    Yes-what you are saying really resonates with me! I suffered from a lot of “chronic” pain for many years, and getting relief really meant listening to what my body was trying to tell me. It wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, but my body was telling me it was time to leave my marriage, change careers, and start a whole new life. I’m now mostly pain free, and as you said, now have the freedom to live my life without the pain weighing me down so much. I’m excited to hear more from you about your new direction.

  • Sunday says:

    Turning our attention from “I want the pain to go away” to “I choose health and well-being” is a powerful one. The two paths to healing whatever is out of balance may have similar methods but the shift from the negative to the positive is a paradigm shift that can open us up to unlimited possibilities.
    Congratulations for your courage to speak out against the general and accepted thought processes.

  • Kristin says:

    Definitely still interested in learning from you! I have been a follower since almost the beginning and have greatly benefitted from your techniques and shared them with many many clients over the years. Looking at pain more holistically is so important in all our journeys. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa says:

    Seems like you already have a large following of people like me who benefit greatly from your technique and instruction; you’re still the Mobility Master so Mobility Mastery is an appropriate title. And I’d enjoy continuing to learn with a different twist in the message. You’ll still be helping us and isn’t that the end goal?

  • Solar says:

    More sensing, feeling and understanding, less numbing, avoidance and fear based solutions sounds great to me.

    Freedom to experience our humanity with tools rather than technics.

    Thank you for shifting and sharing


  • Erley says:

    Yes follow your heart and I will be right there with you.
    So glad I tripped on to mobility mastery, though only recently. The “exercises” benefit. Wonderful to perceive the fascia glide.
    In with the new paradigm, on with our new wings, continuing on the path of wisdom.

    Honey bunch, wonderous feeling in recognition of the “diverse sensations, emotions and FELT EXPERIENCES…”. Shivers and tears came, hearing the sharing of wisdom in reality.

    Let’s go~~
    Erley ~~

  • Jordan says:

    While doing your fascia release techniques I feel like I am actually PURSUING MORE in my life by activating flow and flexibility, alignment and opening lines of communication. Your techniques offer a way out of stuckness and numbing! You are an excellent teacher and your deep dives into research have yielded important gems that I have not found elsewhere. So I am definitely “IN” and look forward to hearing what you have to say about your new “paradigm”. Personally I hope you keep this channel and just expand it so that all of your content is available to your community in one place, no matter where they are on their healing path. Because when someone is in the grip of chronic pain they are just surviving and it can be difficult to fathom “pain as perception”. Your brilliant techniques are like an owners manual showing us how to tend to and treat our bodies so we can “adventure through life” overcoming the effects of “text neck” or car accidents or trauma so we can truly LIVE.
    Thank you Elisha!!!

  • Kerry says:

    I appreciate your honesty, dedication to the pursuit of freedom and your transparency. I will continue to follow you on this platform.

  • SJ says:

    Have learned so much from your videos! And really embrace the idea of moving towards freedom over escaping pain. Indiscriminately numbing pain signals is all too often a recipe for more pain! I’d rather experience all of life, including the pain, learn from it and move forward towards freedom so I look forward to this next venture.
    (you’ll probably want to change the text in your “make a donation” box so that it aligns with your new outlook :))

  • Erin says:

    LOVE this. I am here for this journey and I agree, I want to know what my body is telling me through all of the sensations and I do think we would all benefit from learning to listen, accept and whatever else we need to do to be free in life. Sometimes trauma even results in numbness and that means not even feeling the good things, which is no way to live. I look forward to this next phase…

  • Gloria Gardner says:

    Elisha, thank you for explaining your new way of thinking and planning. I like the idea of “freedom to” instead of dwelling on pain. However, I was not aware that science has established that pain is nothing more than the perception that we might be in danger. If you have time, could you give some references of scientific study. I believe in considering the whole person-spirit, soul, and body. I also believe that there is a God and that He wants freedom for us. So best wishes in your future endeavors and may you be led by the Truth.

  • Sally G says:

    I understand what you are describing as delivery of pain relief by means of numbing but I have never considered that is what you do.
    Perhaps it is what you do in your practice. But in your Mobility Mastery Series you have given us the tools of understanding and freedom so we are in charge.
    There is definitely no numbing.
    To me it is just a matter of changing your terminology to better explain what your methods give us.

  • Jane says:

    Yes! Resonating. Just heard about you within the past month. Videos have proven helpful. Wishing to stay connected.

  • Cheryl says:

    Very interested in staying with you and learning more. Keep up the good work

  • Sasha says:

    It definitely resonates with me and I do hope you continue this new channel, paradigmamd adventure!

  • Maxine says:

    Your on the right track sister. Be true to the wisdom and go for it.

  • Gillian says:

    This all resonates with me too. I’m in, whichever platform you use. Thanks for your honesty and integrity. I could see this coming for a while. I’m happy you plucked up the courage to be you. Thank you.

  • Lexi says:

    Love watching you grow and learn! And I love how openly you share with all of us. I would follow you either way. This new thought process seems quite beautiful and I’m so interested in trying to reprogram my brain! Thanks for everything you do! ❤️

  • Jim says:

    I took your Solving Pelvic Instability course this Spring after following your email and YouTube channels for years. What attracted me to that course was the idea of understanding how to release the Fear of Freedom that holds me back in all areas of my life. I feel that your “coming out” now relates to that idea. If web name is not ‘Mobility Mastery’, then maybe ”Freedom From Fear’ or ‘Fearless Freedom’ would be appropriate. I will follow along and wish you well on whatever path you travel. I admire your sense of responsibility and morality, and dedication to being honest with yourself.

  • Bethany says:

    100% – I am on the same path/journey and I knew you were also which is why I’ve stayed following…I knew it was coming. So happy you’re here!

  • Sylvia Heutz says:

    Hi Elisha,
    Thank you for your message. YES I shift paradigm with you!!!
    Thank you so much, Love Sylvia

  • Meg says:

    I would love to continue with you whichever platform you choose. Thank you for your honest powerful approach to being in this human body.

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you, Elisha, for your frank, open conversation. I have been following you since the beginning (since the “one stretch”…many years ago), and have been exploring myofascial release for quite some time now. It was eye opening to me when I first discovered it, and it continues to be mind-blowing now. I believe we are Created beings, beautifully and wonderfully made by God; mind, body, spirit all part of the whole. Every freckle, every scar, every trauma, is a part of a story that continues to be written. I resonate with what you are saying, because pain leads us somewhere. It can lead us to growth…or to bitterness. If we let it, pain can lead us to a place where we can thrive. I look forward to any updates. I have truly appreciated your expertise and insights, and I share it with my personal training clients often.

  • Hendrix, Marilyn says:

    I am on the same wavelength/journey as you. I just didn’t know how to articulate how I feel about this pain & what’s going on in my mind as well as u do. You are on to something. Keep searching & keep us informed.

  • Jerry says:

    Some thoughts on relieving pain.

    Pleasure is a wonderful thing, but many have concluded that the pursuit of pleasure ultimately has no meaning. Both pleasure and pain have a role in the whole dopamine scenario. Because of the down regulation of dopamine receptors I suppose that pain can also cause addiction just like pleasure can. I understand that running is a thing that gives you pleasure. There is also a physical benefit to your body. Give your dopamine receptors a break and feel nothing for a day or so.

    Thank you for the info sharing you’ve done over the past few months and helping me understand about fascia.

    Suffering always has meaning, if only to discover what will relieve the suffering.

    A prophet once wrote: ” He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
    Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
    All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
    He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken. he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
    Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand. ”

    Shalom, Jerry

    • Gloria says:

      Jerry, thank you for sharing this prophecy for all the world to know. I have heard that in the original Hebrew “sorrows” (mak’ o bah) is interpreted pain. Of course, Christians believe that “He” refers to Jesus. Shalom

  • Claire says:

    I really resonate with your thought process. It is so honest and truthful. I am onboard. Daily/weekly input from you is uplifting and inspiring to me!

  • Sandra says:

    For many years I have been chasing pain relief but I feel that I am not really understanding the root causes. I referred to Ibufrofen as vitamin I and took it daily. Now I realize that it is bad for my joints. I am trying to listen to my body and find that some pain goes away when I uncross my legs or stand instead of sit. I am not mindful throughout the day but I suspect that my body is telling me that is what I need the most. I suspect that is what you are saying, pain relief doesn’t fix the problem, it may make it more bearable so we continue to do the things our body is trying to warn us about. If I am so blind as to the cause of my physical health, where am I with my mental health and living in the moment? Anyway, that is what your video made me think of.

  • Sally says:

    Elisha, I’m with you and on board with your movement forward! Pain can be consumptive of one time, resources, emotions and brain power. Even for those who experience pain relief, the challenge and opportunity to fill one’s life with purpose, authenticity, meaning, and freedom still awaits. I’m delighted you’re taking this step and are willing to help those interested in this journey!

  • Laurie says:

    I understand where you’re coming from. Your message definitely resonates with me. Regardless of which platform you use, I would follow!

  • Charles says:

    Finally a unified approach to finding out what pain is there to teach. It can be a new and powerful transformation. Behind you 100%.

  • jenny merrill says:

    Wow! ON BOARD 100%!! Thank you so much for articulating something so beautifully I have been struggling with as well. I am a therapeutic Yoga teacher who has worked with older students for 15 years and have been perpetually frustrated that all my students want and will pay any amount of money for is pain relief! I am by no means a doctor, or physical therapist which I have repeatedly told them; but have been motivated to share my love of Yoga as a way of life because of the increased awareness and an understanding of the divine field of infinite potential and connection to all life that practice can awaken in us. My students are happy to hear me talk about meditation and listening to the body and spirit to create self healing, but never do the actual work on their own. They get cortisone shots and surgeries, fusions, whatever their doctors will give them so they can come back to class and do their “stretching” and relaxation. Of course for someone in private practice as myself, the money can become a trap as you know because people are willing to throw any amount at even temporary relief. To be with discomfort and take the steps to balance out your energy on a daily basis is far more challenging. This year forced me and my students to take a break and I haven’t been motivated to return to teaching because of the freedom I have been experiencing in my own heart from contributing to an unhealthy cycle for them and me. Not to mention a feeling of failure in myself as a teacher to not be able to inspire in them a deeper understanding of “being” in their bodies. This makes so much sense and gives me courage to release an old pattern and develop my practice in a new direction as well. I hope you continue to share your inspiration and findings, maybe the title changes to “self mastery” or “moment mastery” or “work in progress” !!! Anything you call it, cheers to exploring the great mystery! Namaste 🙂

  • Marnyka says:

    Sounds good to me. I found you for pain relief understanding that there is a deeper internal meaning for what is going on with me.

  • Dean says:

    I believe you have over thought this as you can be pain free and still feel movement. i do agree with your logic but can see how other ways of interpreting these labels that we put on things. such as we may be pain free however if we take our movement past our end range we will feel pain again to let us know we have gone to far. What i am looking for is a way to get my body to heal enough so that i can do “normal” things without pain so that i can assess what is too much and what is not

  • cheryl says:

    Maybe Love is the answer. let all you do be done in love. You were given a gift of wisdom and shared it. don’t take that back it was beneficial and meant to be shared. move on to the next part but keep yourself open and do it in love. Did $300 per hour feel like the right thing to do? Does the word Fuck feel like the right thing to say? is it professional? Is it beautiful? does it bring you peace? It Does invoke a negative vision. It IS a real attention getter. My intention is not to judge just the wanderings of my mind. and you asked for that. Peace love and continued healing to you.I will be excited to see your choices.

    • Gloria says:


      “Love never fails.”

  • Stella says:

    YES, I am with you. You are my inspiration. Please continue sharing your thoughts: freedomTO …….

  • Lynne says:

    Good on you.

  • Natasha says:

    Elisha, I think that you have ALWAYS been talking about INCREASING our experience of life/body. The name of your site – mobility mastery – reflects this. I think you might be going back to your origins rather than really shifting tacks.

    BUT – most people (presumably, I am representative in this case) become attracted to you because they are, indeed, looking to deal with their pain — in order to become more mobile. So ‘relief from pain’ is just the bait for dumb fish like me. You might have to keep that bait (to keep attracting clients). So: You can reel them in and then re-educate. Telling us that ‘pain is information’ was a VERY important realignment of my thinking.

    As for me – I am still in pain, but I’m dealing with it on multiple levels. Trying to not be frightened (I have MS), increasing my levels of activity, firing my glutes 😉 (or rather, hiring my glutes 🙂 ) and de-adhesing fascia any chance I get. I do however, only apply relatively gentle pressure and do a lot of jiggling of various muscles — this works better for me.

  • Hilary says:

    definitely sticking around. I love the shift!

  • Jayshree says:

    What you share is amazing. How you share it is so genuine. Your work in self mastery inspires me. Welcome out sister and know that i’ll be following you. A big fan!

  • Hallellujah! says:


  • Paul Vlagsma says:

    Dear ex-Ms Tylenol (only joking)

    The freedom to run, hike, move and play in ways that make us come ALIVE = mastery of mobility

    the freedom to breathe easily, to feel at home in our bodies and know what they need to thrive
    = mastery of mobility

    the freedom to pursue our passions and unlock our potential
    = mastery of mobility

    the freedom to live without the fear of pain and develop the skills to help our bodies perform well
    = mastery of mobility

    the freedom to truly know ourselves and fully experience this life
    = mastery of mobility

    living in LACK (= Less Awareness of Cognitive Knowledge)
    = NO mastery of mobility

    Mind Body Breakthrough = mastery of mobility of the mind

    I would keep your domain name and maybe put all the ‘freedom from pain’ stuff as an appendix section marked ‘Chapter 1’ or something …

    (PS: I don’t take pills,
    I refer to most medical doctors as ‘kwaks’,
    and I believe in maintaining my health rather than doing healing)

    • Natasha says:

      YEP! That’s what I think, too!

  • Meg says:

    You go girl! It has been such a joy to have watched you evolving and honoring your own transition from focusing on body, then emotions, and now spiritual. You have helped so many people in all 3 levels and have the incredible capability of being able to meet peoples’ needs wherever they are in their journey too. The comments above are a testament to the many lives you have touched and the love and support that is there for you. As you travel this path, know that it is great to have so many ‘on the same page’ as you are, but at the same time, coming from your current (and continuously changing and growing) perspective, you are able to help lift others to a higher level as they begin their pain journey. We are all on different rungs of the ladder and all heading up! So don’t lose the old stuff-it’s where we all began. But hooray for the new vision too! Looking forward to holding on and seeing what comes next-all good!

  • Tatyana Mironov says:

    Hello. I’ve just recently been introduced to you. Your stuff works and is great by the way:) I have been a massage therapist for 5 years. I have dabbled in many areas and am aware of the physical/emotional manifestations that we have from unresolved emotional or “spiritual” traumas if you will. I’ve also thought a lot on why we think we need to “fix” each other… or at least it’s prevalent in the health and wellness industry. We are not magicians nor should we think that it is up to us to figure someone else out and do the heavy work for them. I think it’s more of us evolving and being more connected and aware, and holding space for those that come and helping them with their awareness. This does resonate with me and I will stay on board. However, I suppose there is a part of me that is wondering about simply athletic people, or all people in general who have used their bodies to their fullest capacity and limit and over time, as we age, our bodies bring up those over used areas and muscular imbalances into our awareness. Structurally, everyone will have issues, big or small as we age. It takes dedication and awareness and educating oneself to know what is happening structurally and prevent the cycle of discomfort in that way. So in a sense, I do agree with you on many levels. But I also think there are two very different issues going on. One is pacifying or putting a band aid on the real issue that has to do with our emotions, our sense of connectedness and the other is purely structural as we age. Most people do not use their bodies correctly. Instead of us doing the heavy work for them and thinking we can fix them, perhaps we need to somehow educate them and take that responsibility off of our shoulders? I would like to know your thoughts.

  • Lorene says:

    I celebrate with you your conscious choice to reveal what is your inner calling, to follow your bliss where it may take you, to transform yourself and your healing practices. I am in full support of what’s next and I am intrigued. Please count me as one who wishes to continue to know you.
    May you thrive as you unfold your beauty and your gifts.

  • Ken O'Neill says:

    I’m more than in agreement having had similar insight, conflict, in closet/ghettoized for at least 50 years now. I’m writing by email – we communicated a few years ago about doing a podcast before a betrayal put that under.

  • Shari says:

    Moving forward YES… your help is needed on this or any other channel you deem appropriate

  • Kath says:

    I think it’s great you’re clear about your way forward. I really hope you’re going to keep the fascia release videos available as well though because they are extremely helpful and it would be great if you could add to them with your new approach rather than replace them. I think healing needs to attend to all areas mind spirit and body too. You are/were really gifted at intuitively knowing how the body works as a whole and how fascia release can play its part so don’t dismiss that entirely…

  • Bethany Cincotta says:

    It will be exciting to see where your new journey takes you. Way to go for walking in your truth. I wish you well, Celeste and thank you for all that you have done to help me in my own healing journey! I will watch for further notifications so I can follow you on your next path.

  • Jasmine says:

    It seems logical to stay connected to the base of interested followers that you have built up over the years without have to start again from scratch. I have found your new message be much the same as you have been teaching for sometime now. With the slight changes in language that you are now committed to adopting moving forward I think it will have a positive Neuro-linguistic programming effect which will help to aid positive healing and change.

  • John Bedosky says:

    Here is my perspective. When I think about “pain relief,” I’m not just looking for the alleviation of symptoms but the correction of dysfunction that leads to the pain. I can get a rolfing session and the rolfer can rearrange my fascia so I feel better immediately. But unless I correct the habitual “misuse” of my body, I’m going to be out of balance again. So I need to be patient and do the work that is necessary to realign my body so that not only does the pain dissipate but so that it doesn’t recur. And I want the knowledge and awareness that keeps me connected to how I am moving so that I don’t fall into bad habits as a result of daily living. I agree that pain is a message that something could be wrong. If I alleviate the pain artificially without going to the source, then I may do something that aggravates the problem. At the same time, pain relief can be helpful if viewed from this, more global perspective. If that is where you are going, count me in. I admire you for having the courage to make this shift. Don’t beat yourself up because you were good at something the market rewards. If you can reduce pain and help people stay MORE in touch with their bodies, emotions, etc, I think you will attract a different quality of client, one that you will enjoy working with more.

  • Mary says:

    I’m glad that I joined you earlier in your journey, because I’ve had the benefit of you ‘light bulb’ moments. They match very closely with my own views. I have been down ‘false/confused paths’ as well. For a while I thought I’d developed a high pain tolerance because I was accepting and ‘comfortable’ ( I knew what is was and wasn’t scared). However, I realise now I was confused. Recently I had an, allegedly , non invasive facial surgical procedure( plasma fibroblast) which described as minimally uncomfortable. But, for me it was excruciatingly painful. Eventually, I realised that my pain was greatly driven by my fear. I can say without doubt I I believe you have helped me know me better. Thankyou for that, I would miss you. X

  • Margi says:

    I applaud your new awareness and transparency. It’s uplifting as well as resonates truth for me, so thanks. Wherever this awareness draws you next, I’ll stay onboard. But I must add, I appreciate just how much you’ve inspired me on fascia release over the last few years.

  • CLIS FENTON says:

    I concur.100% behind you. I have been exploring TMS and childhood trauma more than “pain refief” and in the process my pain is slowly subsiding as it mutates into from an angry monster to a crying child.

  • Deirdre says:

    Yes it’s resonating and I intend to stick around.

  • Karen says:

    I’m not completely clear on your new approach to pain but I’m sure you did a good job explaining and I just didn’t catch it. Keep me in! I’m always eager to hear what you have to say. I love your openness! I think I’ll go back and listen again….😳😉

  • Kay says:

    Yes totaly agree with you please keep going I’m in!

  • Johnnie Danger says:

    I definitely agree with your assessment of the disabling nature of the medicalized approach. As one of my teachers said to a group of us, ” If you have a hurting practice, you will have a hurting practice.” It’s a bit herard to grasp the significance of that when our conditioning is so oriented towards managing pain. Not sure about the “freedom to” or ‘from” idea. Freedom is mostly freedom to be yourself and allowing others the same privilege.

  • Romain says:


    Thanks for sharing your new awarness 😉

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m in!
    I’m an on line follower, I’ve never seen you in person. My experience is your offerings are empowering. They have helped me be free to do the thinks I enjoy and need to do. Thank you

  • Jo says:

    Yes very interested as I am dealing with pain in my body but very much aware of how emotional pain is at the root of it and how pushing down my emotions all these years has made me numb to them or feel overwhelmed by them.

  • Gayle says:

    What a great new way to be

  • E says:

    I love your new awareness! And am highly interested in continuing to follow you where your intuition is leading you. 2020 is a gift to all of us to reassess & evaluate where we are in life, what serves us & what needs to be upgraded. I’m with you chick!

  • I’d love to keep seeing your content says:

    I’d love to keep seeing your content

  • Leah says:

    I agree we need pain in our lives. I believe we should listen to it and not let it control and overwhelm us. Learning how it can guide us to a fuller life. I have done lots of emotional work and my life is so much fuller and that’s Tks to the pain being so strong I could not ignore it. Its hard sometimes to read the pain map- I’d love to stick with you and keep on this journey of living in reality!

  • Kerry Sanson says:

    Hi Elisha
    I’ve done several of your courses and love your work so far. This new progression is great and its also built on the foundation of what you have learnt, taught and shared so far. For that, I would love to see you continue on this platform. Wishing you all the best going forward 🙏

  • Helle Saniel-Nielsen says:

    Hej Elisha
    I will follow you at your journey and maybe go along with you. I have subscribed 2 of your painrelief courses and I am still using them, so I really hope that I still can attend them even if you change platform, ( I dont know really what that means).

  • Kelly Lazzara says:

    First off – you’ve been a fuel source for me since I found your videos in Jan 2019.

    Even if the thesis was unrefined (for your strive-for-perfection standards), your ability to articulate technique coupled with the energy you bring in your strive for perfection is a caravan of momentum.

    I know you don’t regret it, but like, don’t dwell cus every moment you do is a moment you do that and not something else. Focus now and be grateful for all of it.

    Going out on some limbs here:
    – the environment (mostly sociotechnical) is changing so rapidly and the rate of change is ever increasing. think of introducing a cat or dog to a new environment: it takes them a while to feel chill. as humans, much of our “environment” exists as abstract concepts in our minds which are influenced by our media exposure… not to mention the world we perceive with our eyes and hearts is changing too. we kinda gotta give ourselves as a break as a species here and realize it’s totally normal to get neurotic in a changing environment

    – with that being said, while our senses are telling us, “WOAH! things are changing, pay attention!” we need to assess the actual likely outcomes of our changing environment. something like predictive analysis within a state of change… humans are pretty good at adapting to comprehend environments without the needs of multi-generation sterile evolution, so it’s something we def can do. again, growing pains, let’s give ourselves a break. basically, understand that change doesn’t always mean threat.

    – which is why i can see why people wanna numb themselves. so much stimulus, potential threats, confusion… society itself has PTSD– both in the sense that members of society have diagnosed PTSD (and the psyche of society is made up of the psyches of its individuals), and in the sense that we’ve gone through traumatic shit as a society over and over again. tech has enabled us to sense the plight of other beings and our planet via motion picture and the internet more than ever before. it’s a bioevo survival trait to internalize the plight of others but, the thing is, the current systems of society (which are undergoing growing pains) haven’t been internalizing the individual’s plight and responding in the most productive ways.

    The body:
    – it’s the one environment we gotta make the best out of. even Musk can’t build us a rocket ship out of our bodies. we can choose to live brain in a vat style, drugged up, or in the swamp of distractions/addictions. i’m not feeling that approach though. the best drug i’ve ever had is pushing my cardio to the limits — and i’ve had a lot of drugs.

    – a realization of the infinite capacity of our bodies is something to explore. it’s really fun. Alan Watts talks about how much of western society perceives consciousness in the brain or somewhere around the face and chest area while [I don’t remember who] perceives it throughout the body. I’ve done exercises of perceiving consciousness throughout the body, e.g. baby toe! and it feels really healthy. Why isn’t that part of your body conscious?

    Pain, appreciation, and your mission:
    – if i had one wish to make the world a better place, i’d wish for something along the lines of every human spending 60 minutes per day minimum exploring her body in some capacity. yoga, any sport, dance, even sex, etc. so long as there is both variety in the practices and depth within each practice. but really just move your body and impress yourself with what you can do.
    – people have other forms of expression that are beautiful beyond something “athletic”, like singing, painting, dancing, playing an instrument, engineering really cool things — and i think having experience with those other forms of expression is great too and encourage people to do that
    – i look at body exploration as the best ROI right now for us as a species, for at least the individuals who live in societies of excess.

    – i read about Nepal making yoga mandatory in elementary schools
    – heard anecdotes about this yoga think happening in the UK too
    – my own perception is that people are working out more than in recent decades
    – i run a company and have ambitions of doing a physical / mental check in with my colleagues – do you have thoughts on how i should go about this?

    oh just wanted to add that in all the times i’ve had to recover from an injury — the best thing for my recovery was movement and strength training… not sitting still. i will say that i’ve been fortunate to have instructors guide me through these times. i bring this up cus rehabbing is always gonna be a thing…

  • karlicia says:

    Yes, I am with you 100%. Lyme Disease is something I have been dealing with for 15 years. I have the “body” Lyme which is very painful. However, screw the pain, I can deal with pain. I just work with it, which means I keep working, walking, moving etc. being mindful that many times activity helps move the pain along and out. I do take migraine meds, but usually I will try every thing I can that is natural for about 12 hours and if it is still there, I take something. That seems to be a mountain I have yet to get over. And yes, pain is the messenger…don’t kill the messenger!!! LOL

    • Joyce Cacchione says:

      Hi Karlicia. I’m Joyce. Elisha is such an awesome person. Her knowledge and path of thinking parallels the way I am. I too have Lyme Disease and have dealt with it since 2001. I turned to Elisha online for help and took one of her courses earlier this year. The knowledge garnered pushed me to a new level which I haven’t been fully able to execute due to Lyme shoulder issues. I am getting there slowly. If you would like to share info, my e-mail is [email protected]. By sharing we grow.

  • Shelley says:

    I think this is a good way going forward. Your mantra has always struck a positive chord with me.

  • G says:


  • Reba says:

    Yes!!! Freedom to LIVE! All this resonated 100000% x infinity. My favorite saying goes something like “Life doesn’t get better but we do… we get wiser, stronger, more courageous …we have the ability to stand up as a human Phoenix who has survived life.” I fully support your new direction. Whatever platform on which you stand to speak, I will be there with you!!

  • Judy says:

    I’m very interested in continuing to follow this paradigm shift and learn more about it! Thanks!

  • Claudine says:

    I like your message… focusing on what we want, not on what we don’t want is the way to go! I like your sincerity and I will keep following you. Thank you!

  • Jacquelyn says:

    Right on! I work in P.T. and getting out of drama triangle vs. Empowerment is a true healer!

  • Sally Dickinson says:

    You have helped me in many ways. I have felt your spirituality right along. I love what you have offered thus far. Most people look forward to your videos. You do give people hope! I cannot afford physical therapy as a healing way. I’m in mental therapy now and have tried numerous medications to make my life tolerable. I cannot get to the root of my thoughts. They plaque me constantly. Nowadays, many cannot afford grief counseling for aching souls. I try hard every day to find the thought, vision, or some form of contentment to see and feel happiness. I will follow your path as you are the real thing. Thank you🎊🎈

  • Fiona says:

    I love your posts and save them in a folder to share with clients or to refer back to. Wherever you are going with your new direction, I would love to continue with you. Good luck and well done being so honest, open and thought provoking too. You’ve given me something to think about as well, as my focus is also natural pain management.

  • Anne says:

    Hi, Elisha. I once attended the main info session on your Kinetix training program and didn’t enroll. One, I was not financially able to afford it. Two, I hadn’t realized exactly what the universe was asking of me, through me. I’ve since had that moment of clarity this year, just like how you described your breakthrough- and my journey in Chinese Medicine connects with what you are saying. Your clarity and words resonate with me. So, even if you switch platforms, I shall be a happy migrant hopping along for the ride. Would there be a way of following your decision on this matter so if a platform transition occurs, I may hitchhike?

    Thank you very much. Take care.

  • Michele says:

    Thank you. Yes, resonates. I have seen body work, as self care. Some of us did not learn what that looked like. Now I think it is the *starting* point to self love. How do we transition to self care, self awareness if we become reliant on our “caregivers” to *only* be the source of care? Will we always seek it from an outside source? Balance is both learning to accept the help from others and to also find out what our hearts/mind/body try to communicate to us about what we need. I love this video. It gave me something I wasn’t expecting. What does self love look like today as my body is aging? My pains grew loud, and I was feeling sad that this would be the new normal. I realized I have to do what I need to help myself. I am figuring that out. Listen to the aches/pains… they say hey, move your body more. Much more but you know. Your video confirmed it all. Thank you for your open heart and sharing your wisdom. If you continue, I would be open to viewing more videos on whichever platform seems right to you. Thank you!

  • Penelope says:

    You’ve been so authentic in your journey of mobility, fascia release, and body communication. I’m on board and want to continue both with my journey and yours. I love the comment, A wise woman once told me that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Please continue and allow me to join along!

  • Erika says:

    I totally love this new paradigm!!

  • Frank Hernandez says:

    Do what makes you happy. I’m still trying to watch the courses I purchased but I definitely am benefitting from what I’ve learned and applied. Thank you!

  • Matt says:

    I do agree with what you are saying but I am unclear as to what this practically means? Would you carry on doing fascia release teaching?

  • Maggie Grant says:

    YES. I’m on board!!!

  • Charlene says:

    I will subscribe to your new way of addressing life’s challenges. I see this as a rebranding of your talents and awareness. You’re correct that too many of us want to numb ourselves to what is causing the pain which results in the repeating pain. I like your new way of looking at one’s pain with the idea of freedom to act differently! Start afresh with a new platform and link the old one should people be interested in looking at it.

  • Adjeley Akwei says:

    Hiiiii. I’m with you on THE journey and I hope you’ll decide to stick with this platform where I certainly have learned so much from you as you receive more and more pieces of the puzzle and the language to share it.

    Now, I get where you’re coming from where folks have been using various forms of medicating or pain relieving products. But people who come to me for body work understand and I take time to help them understand where their pain comes from, why they have pain, how the pain developed, and how I will work with them to alleviate the pain BECAUSE they want to engage more fully in their lives and daily activities. And yes, some of the results have been amazing and miraculous.

    I’m not sure “lack” is a word I understand in this scenario. I do think you’re onto something as so many, many want to NOT feel their pain, or understand where it might be coming from or hear that it could be related to choices or experiences they themselves made or initiated consciously or in most cases, unconsciously. And I think it’s sometimes OK to be numb and hide away from the pain until such time as one is ready and is guided and supported to look at the pain honestly and compassionately.

    I think as body workers, our primary goal is to help our clients get in touch with and pay attention to their body whether it be about what feels good or what draws their attention to what does NOT feel good. I think….


  • R says:

    A wise woman once told me that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. We disagree that relief from pain is for people who want lives of lack; yet we do agree that pain is definitely our body communicating with us. Have you considered that you have been relieving people’s suffering so that they might then be able to deal with the root of their pain? I view the constant adjustment to acheive the alignment of the mind, body and spirit as part of our journey and not the destination. Wishing you the best in your new endeavor!

  • Mary says:

    It’s never good to numb feelings. I like your message that we need to learn to tune into all our senses. That said, there are good techniques to overcome nerve pathways that perpetuate pain that I’ve learned from a very good PT. Focus on living a full and healthy life is a reasonable expectation for us all.

  • Kelly says:

    I am thrilled to join you on your new journey. It is a journey isn’t it.

  • Joe says:

    Your new direction makes a lot of sense to me. I’d love to keep hearing more

  • Virginia says:

    Yes yes yes, I may not always like this truth but I believe it and it addresses a lot of personal struggles, please keep this open and allow us to follow along on your journey and continue our own!!

  • Jennie Walsh says:

    This resonates with me. Whether you continue here or somewhere else I believe what you’re teaching does allow people the freedom to…. rather than numbing. Certainly your recommendation for me all those years ago to go see Viktor for my knee (since you were too far away) allowed me freedom to live my life again (after 6 months unable to really walk or use my knee normally). I never considered using medication of any kind to try to address that problem. But fascial release fixed it – so whatever platform you end up working on I would follow you and still be very interested in what you have to say, no matter how you feel you need to frame it. Your work has allowed me years of normal knee functioning! My choices at that time were continue doing nothing for it except limping along and try not to use it or get surgery. You provided an option I could be aligned with. It was extremely painful to work with Viktor. But it did restore mobility and then pain was decreased later. Now when I feel any pain in my knee I know I just need to do some fascial release, so I do use it as an important indicator that something is out of whack.

  • Matt says:

    I would be more than happy to continue following you on this platform. I totally understand your thinking and am interested in hearing what you have to say. I don’t believe you need a new platform to put that message over. But if you chose to, I’ll be there too.

  • Shoshana says:

    Please continue as you have time and energy to post your videos. They are extremely helpful and I could always tell your intentions were very pure.

  • christy says:

    looking forward to your teaching of another path!

  • Beth Rutty says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us. It is totally resonated with me. I have been teaching yoga for years and in terms of yoga therapy I get it! What I do when teaching yoga and in working with one on one for people is to create more awareness and believe that in creating the more awareness we can develop more understanding around sensation period. Thank you so much for sharing this and for your honesty. I love it and I’m going to watch it again to you pick up all of the nuances that you shared.

  • Natalie says:

    I’m on board for your new venture! However, I have found that using your fascia release techniques has freed me from never using pain killers. So I hope you’ll keep the videos accessible. You have taught me so much, looking forward to what you have to offer in your conversations Freedom To.

  • Leann says:

    I am SO excited to see where your journey takes you! Keep being authentically you!!! 🙂

  • Caroline says:

    Do what feels right! Looking forward to what you bring forth next.

  • Lisa says:

    I’ll continue to subscribe. All my issues come from emotional trauma, I’m sure. Fascia release was the first thing to make sense, but I find the release only comes when I release from the inside first, mind body and spirit. X good luck and I’ll be interested the learn more.

  • Thomas says:

    You are a very brave woman. Opposing the devil. I am with you.

  • Carol Swanson LLC says:

    TRUTH: All healing is self healing. My clients are informed that they must be totally proactive in their healiing process. illness is cocreated!! in my business, I conduct Deep Cellular Emotional Release/Meridian therapy. There is no magic wand and it is the responsibility of each to maintain open and flowing chi/meridians. I can only assist them so much. I coach them on how to create greater spiritual authority in their lives. Awareness of these spiritual tools makes a difference in their lives. Blessings to you in your new path! Carol

  • Nadia says:

    Wow, so thrilled you’ve taken this turn. I’m 100% with you.

  • >