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Problem solving neck pain: find the root cause and eliminate it for good

By May 20, 2019Neck Pain

Neck pain can feel like a dull ache or sharp shooting pain; it can limit your head and neck range of motion, and/or it can lead to or stem from tension headaches or migraines caused by soft tissue restriction. Because we do so much with our heads, and rely on eyesight and proper hearing for everyday function, neck pain can be especially debilitating if it impacts other functions.

Regardless of the “type” of neck pain you’re experiencing, there’s likely one thing you share in common with most of my clients: you’ve been attempting to find relief by massaging or releasing your neck muscles, getting chiropractic adjustments in the cervical spine or focusing on your “shoulder” muscles – aka, your upper trapezius muscles.

Unfortunately, these common tactics often backfire; they can feel really good and bring temporary relief, but often the pain comes back worse.

That’s because you’re not addressing the root cause, and rare is it in your neck itself (or your “shoulders”). Watch the video to find out what I recommend you do to solve neck pain at its root. I bet it will surprise you!

After you discover the dominant pattern that leads to neck pain (and what to do about it), leave a comment below and let me know you’re going to stop the quick fixes and go for total pain elimination.

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