​Recommended Products

Kieba Lacrosse Balls

An essential tool in your fascia release tool kit. Kieba lacrosse balls are versatile and can be used with many fascia release techniques.

Om Roller + Cork Lacrosse Ball

Made with a handwoven cover, latex, & sustainable mango wood makes it a perfect foam roller for fascia release.

French Rolling Pin

A must have tool for releasing your calves. Helps with lateral knee pain and plantar fasciitis and allows you to target areas you can't with other tools.

25lb Barbell Weight

A great tool to use in combination with your lacrosse ball for the hamstring release.

Rad Roller

The perfect tool for releasing neck fascia. Allows you to reach the SCM's and scalenes in ways other tools can't. 

Women's Basketball

The size and added grip of the grooves on this basketball make it the perfect tool for VMO and adductor fascia release.


An amazing tool with the perfect grip for a wide variety of fascia release techniques from calves to biceps.